The solid wood

Probably, many people know that hard wood differ in such woods as oak and ash. However, if we talk about the solid wood, then this is the «iron» tree. And in different countries of the world by the «iron» consists of various species of trees differ so solid and durable wood, which is often these indicators are able to surpass the iron. This means that the wood of these trees are very heavy to handle, does not hold water sinks and can also be used for the manufacture of nails, and even structural elements of machines. So what are the world of plants have well deserved title of «the hard wood»?



This is the solid wood is in the forests of Azerbaijan and Iran. In terms of hardness it is many times stronger than iron. If you want to go through the thickets of these trees will very soon realize that this is not possible due to the lack of flexibility of their trunks. Very often such trees are used to perform the hedge, which is growing every year and becomes stronger.



It is the hardest wood among the «iron» found in the forests of Northern Ireland and the Caucasus. Wood black has an unusual structure, very durable and resistant to impact various insect pests. Due to the high density of wood parrotia it is successfully used for the production of wind musical instruments, parts for cars and various art products. This tree is included in the Red Book.


Thousand or nejnoi tree

This representative of «iron» trees not only has a heavy-duty wood but does not rot, for which he received the name «nejnoi-tree.» Found in the Caucasus and the far East. Early wood «nejnoi-tree» produced nails, and it was used for the construction of structures located underwater or underground.

Amazonian and African «iron» trees

Amazon iron tree

In Africa, you can see the tree that refers to «iron» – it is called Adobe. In Brazil grows like a tree – Amazonian «iron» wood that has excellent strength and hardness of the wood.

Schmidt’s Birch

Schmidt's Birch

It’s the most solid tree, growing in the protected forest under the name of Kedrovaya Pad (Primorsky Krai). Strength exceeds the same parameter of iron by 1.5 times. You can even shoot the birch of the gun the bullet will just bounce and will not harm her gun. The wood of this tree is successfully replacing metal. Lives a rare tree for about four hundred years, which is quite a significant period of life, because neither the birch is not such longevity.



The wood of this tree, grows up to 8 meters have been used for the production of parts for watches, buttons, rifle ramrod, parts of textile machines. As spears or arrows, which were made from the wood of a dogwood, didn’t wear.


Solid wood of Ulin

It bornasco «iron» tree is extremely difficult to machine due to high hardness of the wood. Smooth texture and nice color Ulin makes it particularly attractive in the production of parquet, solid wood and furniture. To cut this tree one can, however often you have to sharpen tools. But to be the product of Ulin will be long enough.

The locust

Locust (wood)

This tree has wood that we have in the country is considered one of the solid. Attractive texture, rich color, excellent strength, high rigidity, excellent resistance to decay are the hallmarks of this wood. Moreover, it is very easily polished. Used wood of acacia for the production of furniture and parquet.



Is also called «Brazilian cherry», but to the sort of «cherry» is irrelevant. Wood with a high hardness it has a wide crown and grows to a length of forty feet.



The wood of this tree, which grows in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia, difficult to machine, but well polished. Also wood Sucupira not susceptible to fungi and various insects. Among the trees, with strong and solid wood, there are ebony, rosewood, and Cumaru. All these trees easily sink in water and are resistant to rotting bark. So, get out of their wood boat will not work, but you can make beautiful furniture.

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