The soft metal

About what the metal is soft, you can talk for quite a long time considering various options. For example, many people know that gold in its pure form is a very soft metal. It’s very easy to scratch with a fingernail or make several grams of the metal thin wire.

Gold is one of soft metals

Thanks to the extreme softness of gold can be produced from it any form of precious items, which is used by jewelers. However, gold is not the softest metal. But such confidence can be called gallium.

Gallium: features

This item is a very ductile metal, which is silver in color and has a bluish tinge. Is the softest metal in the world in the periodic table at number 31. In nature, the metal occurs in its pure form, but get it from zinc ore or bauxite containing gallium in large quantities.

The soft metal gallium

However, hardly gallium the soft if he is under the influence of low temperature regimes. In this case, it is very hard. However, once the temperature to rise to a mark plus of 29.8 degrees, as the gallium begins to melt. To melt a metal, can only put it into your hand.

Gallium melts in the hand

And if a spoon made of gallium will be in the hot tea, the melting process will go even faster. At a temperature of 500 degrees, this metal is becoming so aggressive that they are able to corrode many metals (exception is the tungsten). For example, if heated to a temperature drop of gallium will be on the Bank out of aluminium, then after about thirty minutes the structure of banks weakens and she crumbles like thin ice from mechanical impact.

Spoon of gallium melts in hot tea

There is the opportunity to observe, as gallium resembles a heart that beats, runs the experiment, when a representative of the most soft elements begins to make active movements and even reminds when it is completely unknown form of life. And there is this molten gallium in the form of one droplet is in contact with the tip of a nail. The first drop continues to melt, and then, when the contact ends, again going. The result is a rather spectacular sight, which want to observe and observe.

Use soft metal

For the production of microchips used gallium

The special role from the biological point of view, the metal is not. But from the moment when it first was discovered (1875.), gallium is used in microelectronics. Widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. In our time, to create microwave circuits and infrared applications use gallium arsenide.

In addition, this metal is recognized as the softest, it is still expensive. For example, in 2005 for 1000 kg of the metal, customers had to pay a little more than one million dollars.

Other soft metals

It is possible that some comes to mind to oppose of Gaul mercury, because it initially is a liquid metal, and thus also has the right to be called the most soft. However, there are still a few elements from the periodic table, which also can be considered one of the mildest. This cesium, potassium and rubidium.

The liquid metal mercury

Most soft element at room temperature is cesium. It is an alkaline metal has a silvery-yellow color. In Latin «cesium means «sky blue». And all because caesium has two bright blue lines in the emission spectrum.

Found only in compounds with other elements, potassium is an alkaline metal that has a silvery-white color. He is able to instantly oxidize in air and to quickly get water in the chemical reaction that turns the lye.

And one of the most soft can be called rubidium, which is an alkaline metal. This element is a simple metal, a silvery white color.

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