The smartest man in the world

Always smart people were valued by weight of gold and has got great respect in society. Even in our century of computer technologies the mind is much appreciated, after all, to make the machines work for the people, it is very important to have excellent mental skills. But how do you know how strong mental potential? And who can rightly be called the most intelligent? For this reason always argue. And that though as-that to define smart people was coined by IQ level, although he is not able to assess all abilities. But still, relying on this option, we will tell you what the most intelligent people in the world amaze with their abilities.

1 Marilyn vos savant

Marilyn vos savant

This American made to pages of the record Books with the title «the smartest man in the world». Figure her IQ is 230. Marilyn said that for the first time this test has been passed it is still at the age of ten. The writer was born in 1946., taking the name of matter. Later she married the scientist G. Jarvik. At the moment, the wisest woman worked as a financial Director in the company of her husband.

2 Terence Tao

Terence Tao

Already from an early age Terence had special abilities from the age of two he already improved in the Commission of the arithmetic operations. At the age of nine he began to attend mathematics courses at the University, and for twenty years became a doctor with a scientific degree. At 24 years of age he received the title of Professor of the University of California. This is the most intelligent person on earth, who is the author of over two hundred and fifty scientific papers, has an IQ of 230.

3 Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata

The resident of America at the age of fourteen could become a student at the technological University in California. At the age of sixteen he was invited to NASA. At 22 years of age he had to obtain a doctorate in astrophysics. His IQ level is 225.

4 Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong

This Korean man is the owner of IQ is 210. Reaching the age of four, he began to read in four languages. In three years became a student of the University, and at the age of seven he was invited to become a NASA employee. Complex tasks «obeyed» of this reasonable person already at the age of four.

5 Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Among the most clever people today, undoubtedly, we can distinguish physicist Stephen Hawking. Among his works there are many laws of the Universe. This man lives quite a difficult life, and all because of his illness, which progressed and led to the paralysis (he cannot speak and walk). However, the mental abilities of physics, which equated to a ratio IQ of 160, is not affected. He communicates with others using a computer.

6 Kim Peak

Kim Peak

This American is also rightly can be called the most intelligent. Phenomenal it was that he had a special memory, which allowed him to memorize a lot of information. Read all of the information he was able to remember 98%. For his 58 years he read 16,000 books, which he knew by heart. At the age of seven American quietly quoted sayings from the Bible. Phenomenal features of Kim’s Peak was associated with traumatic brain injury and the lack of the corpus callosum.

7 Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet

This velikobritanets has completely different abilities – in his mind, he easily solves a complex mathematical examples. He is the master of numbers, consisting of more than one hundred characters. He also knows eleven languages and is an example that proves that to learn a foreign language in just one week.

At the age of four Tammet easy to perform division and multiplication of numbers related to the complex. This phenomenal feature appeared he after suffering an epileptic seizure, and then in his brain, something changed. Tammet notes that visualizes the numbers (some images), that allows it without too much difficulty to perform complex calculations.

8 Perelman


This is the most intelligent man in Russia who was born in 1966. A well-deserved title of the most intelligent he went for the proven theorem Poicare. For this scientist was even awarded the prize, which he refused. The attraction to mathematics Gregory felt in high school. In fifth grade he attended the mathematical centre, where there were only gifted children. Today the scientist lives is closed, does not like to communicate with anyone and also refuses of different kinds of bonuses, preferring to live in humility and with a lot of time mathematical science.

9 Arran Fernandez

Arran Fernandez

This «nerd» in England came to light in 1995. When he «knocked» for five years, he has received the certificate about school education, having passed relevant exams. Mathematical College, he came in 2010, impressing with their youth and talent. Teachers could not even remember what the walls of the institution when I came a young student. In 2003. he beat the famous mathematician George.Ball in the game show is quickly and accurately carried out the computation of the roots of the fifth degree of the large numbers.

10 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Impossible when considering smart people to get around this German physicist who was always among the top ten smart people. Einstein became famous for his theory of relativity and he has written over three hundred scientific papers. In the result he is considered the founder of theoretical physics of our time. During the life of the scientist was an honorary doctor of twenty prestigious universities, and for his work he was awarded the Nobel prize.

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