The smartest man in Russia

Quite often we have to hear people call each other smart and talented. Such compliments like everyone, but very few thought about the essence of these expressions. The term «smart» has many interpretations.

Smart peopleSmart people

But what should be done to ensure that people you called: «the smartest people in Russia and in the world?». This title may own not only something that brings the world of various new ideas, but also one who is well settled in life. To obtain such a status can people with different talents and abilities that are very rare and are very rare. Therefore, although the concept of the intelligent man can be interpreted in different ways, but all these people have one property that separates them from the General mass of humanity is a high level of intelligence.

Anatoly Aleksandrovich Wasserman

The post-Soviet space can boast that one knows intellectually developed person – Anatoly Wasserman. This man has become a finalist of exciting shows, including «What? Where? When?» and «jeopardy». Thanks to big victories, he managed to gain popularity only in the territory of Ukraine, but also all CIS countries.

Anatoly Aleksandrovich WassermanAnatoly Aleksandrovich Wasserman

Besides all this, such a talented man has lived an unusual life with lots of interesting facts. His fate is very ambiguous. Therefore, biography of a genius a lot of people gives you the inspiration to great deeds and new discoveries.

The Life Of Anatoly Wasserman

Such a talented person comes from a Jewish family, lived at that time in the city of Odessa. On mother’s Wasserman virtually no information. But his father knows quite a lot, as he was Teplofizika, and was one of the best specialists in the country. The father was a real example for his son, who wanted to be like him in everything. So as a boy, Anatoly took up the study of science.

scholar Anatoly WassermanStudent Anatoly Wasserman

From the story of the genius we know he is already three and a half years, could read. And at the time when he was the twelfth year, he several times to read the Handbook on mechanical engineering, which had fifteen volumes. And at the age of fourteen he was already able to tell from memory. This research has contributed to the childhood pain of young talent. Why he did not attend together with their peers in school and learned at home from parents. In General, the learning mode Wasserman was able to move only in the second grade.

To high school Anatoly stronger health, but now started having problems with peers in the group. In different sources there is information about what Wasserman was constantly pressed by the bullies out of class, which he not just gave a copy of the control, but also their own homework. For this reason, the boy quite often passed from one school to another.

Programmer Institute Programmer Institute «Timepromptwait»

But soon the trouble began with the teachers, whom Wasserman was corrected during the lesson. That is why in school he was not a student, as constantly proved to the teachers that they don’t know your subject. Special problems with teachers of history. The subject Anatoly knew best, and had unique knowledge that is learned from the pages of the encyclopedia.

The torture stopped only when the last school bell rang. After the issuance of the diploma, Anatoly decided to connect his life with the refrigeration industry. So he enrolled in the UNIVERSITY in the direction of thermal physics engineer, after which went to work in the NGO «kholodmash», and three years later he was transferred to the Institute of «Timepromptwait».

The rise of Anatoly Wasserman to the stars

All-Union television has provided people of Anatoly Wasserman, one thousand nine hundred ninety-sixth year. Then he became the winner of «What? Where? When?» after passing all the obstacles. After such a turn of Affairs, Wasserman appears in the famous program «brain-ring». Becoming a finalist, he goes to the next project, a victory which earned him the title of best player of the decade because here Anatoly has won fifteen times in a row.

Aware of his intellectual prowess, the now-famous scholar is involved in other projects in this profile. Gaining victories in all competitions, he is gaining popularity and universal recognition. His personality becomes «property of the people.» Now he began to lay down their jokes and stories. The talent has never resisted the will of the people. And in two thousand and eleventh year, he starred in one viral video, commissioned by the Russian Internet shop.

Extraordinary appearance.Extraordinary appearance.

But, in addition, that under the influence Wasserman was mass culture, he became an active participant in political journalism. Talked about it not only by the press of Ukraine and Russia in particular. Anatoly gave a Frank recognition about the fact that «Marxist» views on the structure of society. Also he has repeatedly spoken in favor of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia. Serious repercussions among the people his statements about the Ukrainian language, which he described as a «Russian dialect».

It is possible that this political position made all the plans of Wasserman. When he is in one thousand and ninety fourth year was to stand for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, failed to gain the necessary rating. After this newspaper reported that Anatoly was going to take the place of the mayor of Odessa, but this information was not officially confirmed.

All the walls in the apartment Wasserman busy bookshelves.All the walls in the apartment Wasserman busy bookshelf

Until the mid-nineties, Wasserman decides to move to live to Russia, where he began working as a political consultant. He even tried to release their own magazine in two thousand and eighth year. But this idea failed, and two years later, Moscow ceased its issue.

What is now engaged in Anatoly Wasserman?

Recent years, such prominent intellectuals are in the normal operating mode. He found a place on the TV channels NTV and REN-TV, which broadcasts «Wasserman» and «Conversation with Anatoliy Wasserman».

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