The smallest woman in the world

Jyoti, Amge known as the smallest woman in the world. 20-year-old record-breaker lives in the Indian town of Nagpur, located in Maharashtra state. Her height is only of 61.95 cm, corresponding to growth of 3-month-old child. His title of «the smallest» she received in her birthday on 16 December 2014. Its uniqueness helped the young Indian woman travelling around the world and participate in hundreds of different shows.

the smallest woman in the world

Life Jyoti

The girl’s mother – Ranjana at the very beginning of pregnancy, suspected that something was wrong. During the first ultrasound, the doctors were unable to see the fetus, so they decided that the baby is dead and the woman was advised to carry out an operation to remove the baby. But, the woman felt that the baby is all right and refused surgery. As a result, at 10 months pregnant, Ranjani spent a caesarean section and the light appeared perfectly healthy girl, which failed to reveal any abnormalities.

However, happy young parents did not last long. And after a few years, it became very clear that they have no ordinary daughter. In 3 years Jyoti was significantly different growth from its peers, as its growth after birth has not practically changed.

the smallest woman

But, despite the problems that the Girl went to school together with normal children, which for her was made miniature Desk. She found herself friends.

Health problems

Stunting is not the only problem Jyoti. She was diagnosed with severe calcium deficiency, resulting in fractures to both legs. The difficulty lies in the fact that her bones cannot knit. So the girl had the ability to move independently, for it was made a special splint to fix his legs. The doctors have offered her to do the surgery, but her parents against it. After all these operations, yet nobody did, so there is a high risk of negative consequences of surgical intervention.

the least

What is the reason for little growth

In childhood Jyoti was diagnosed with achondroplasia. This disease affects the human skeleton. As one of the manifestations of this disease is dwarfism. Unfortunately, achondroplasia is not currently treated, it means that the girl is destined to grow.

But, even despite such difficulties, the girl did not give up and continues to live a life of an ordinary person. She claims that already had complexes about it and even considered himself handicapped disabled. And today, thanks to its active life, it sure has a lot to do and no different from their peers.


After participating in hundreds of entertainment shows, among which the popular Indian show «big spending» she realized that he wanted to become an actress. In 2009, she was already on set when they filmed the documentary «Shocking the body».

the smallest in the world

But most of all Jyoti Gorlitsa shooting in one of the seasons of the series, which was released under the name «American horror story».

Interesting facts


  • Is Jyoti, Amge not the smallest of women in history. 150 years ago in Mexico, there lived a woman named Lucia Zarate. Her height was 43 cm and only 2 kg.
  • The nearest rival girls is an American Brigette Jordan, which is only 7 cm above of our heroine.
  • Jyoti works closely with other Champions and on account of its several photo shoots with the highest and lowest men in the world.
  • In the period from 2011 to 2014, its growth increased by only 0.85 cm
  • Disease achondroplasia suffering 1 person out of 50-100 thousand.
  • She has created a charitable Foundation that aims to help the elderly and children who remained without parents in his native country.
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