The smallest tree in the world

Nature constantly presents us with interesting specimens of plants and animals. In a forest can grow tolstostennuyu, powerful, durable and even the smallest height of the tree. For example, its small dimensions it is known tree, called «Dwarf willow (Salix Herbacea). It is this tree-like plant, also called the «Willow herbaceous», is the smallest tree in the world.

The size of the dwarf willow

The smallest tree in the world-Willow herbaceous

This plant usually reaches a height no more than 7 centimeters. But the height of seven centimeters will make willow herbaceous the real «giant» among her kind, because, as a rule, it does not grow more than two inches. Because of these small sizes is the smallest tree in the world is difficult to see under moss, where it is simply buried.

Take notice of the plant only a couple of leaves sticking out. The leaves are round and shiny green. And the length and width of the leaves only reach a few centimeters. Such tiny dimensions of the trees due to the conditions in which the plant grows, being close to the ground, it’s hiding from the strong winds, as well as it enjoys all sorts of shelters in rocks and soil, which is necessary for the growth of trees warm.

The grassy leaves of the willow are round

Where is this plant found?

This is the smallest tree in the world can contemplate in the North Atlantic (Canada, Greenland) and in the Northern ranges of the Appalachians. Even her place of residence is the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Bulgarian Riva. Here you can meet her relatives – Arctic, Arctic and Magadan willow, surpassing the height of the dwarf’s only slightly. As a rule, the place of her residence located on 1500 meters above the sea level. However, local residents successfully grown plant and at lower altitudes.

Grassy willow grows to a height of 1500 meters above sea level

As the living conditions of the smallest tree in the world is quite severe then it has a superficial root system. Therefore, the propagation of plants is in the active layer of soil that is not frozen. Dwarf willow used to grow very close to each other, to perfectly preserved the warmth between individual trees.

A plant or shrub: the ongoing debate scientists

Scientists have long debated what is a grassy willow – a tree or shrub. It may be noted that these arguments are not meaningless. And all because of the signs willow doesn’t quite fit into the classical description of the tree. According to standard terminology, it is known that it should have a stiff outer layer, a Central stem that grows upward, the thickness of the Mature instance at the level of the man’s chest 7.62 cm and have a long development cycle.

Grassy willow is the smallest tree in the world

On the basis of these descriptions, it is clear that willow herbaceous really hard to call a tree. However, it is proved by the fact that the plant belongs to the family Salicaceae. Besides, this the smallest tree in the world there are female and male catkins (first red and second yellow). Therefore, the plant can justifiably be attributed to the tree, despite its tiny size and lack some of the features of the wood.

Huge role of small plants

Dwarf willow is able to grow very fast, it has elastic stems and is able to recover fairly quickly under favourable conditions. And it is a small plant that is related to tree-like, in the cold latitudes plays a very important role – it is food for insects, provide shelter for them, and may even be used as a building material to create nests, which the birds that live in these conditions.

The creation of the artist Malaysian

Karlikova tree artist AMC Ti Tongu

It is impossible to ignore the smallest tree in the world, which was created by Malaysian artist AMC You Tongu, which is used to create small trees jelti and water Jasmine for bonsai, which consists in growing a bonsai. More than two years, the master raised the plant, which ultimately reached only 12 millimeters. For such a tree he was offered a lot of money, but he refuses to sell his creation. And now he has set a goal to produce a plant that will have a kind of tree, but in the form of shells or beast.

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