The smallest planet in the Solar system

If to consider the sizes of all planets in the Solar system, it becomes clear which one has the smallest size. This is the closest planet to the Sun mercury.


The story of the name

Of mercury people had an idea since ancient times, but a few were wrong, thinking it was two different planets. This was due to the fact that the appearance of mercury in the sky occurred at different times of day and from different angles from the Sun. But it gradually became clear that this is still one planet, and it was decided to give her a name. People have decided that it will be associated with the gods of Ancient Rome – in ancient Roman mythology, mercury was the God of trade, which is rapidly flew using the sandals with wings And since the motion of mercury is really connected with the flight towards the Sun, it is the name of the planet is ideal.

The Features Of Mercury

The atmosphere on mercury is almost entirely absent, as very sparse. Brought to the planet different atoms (potassium, hydrogen, sodium, helium, argon, oxygen) that have a small lifetime (no more than 200 earth days).

You’ll be mercury huge temperature swings. The temperature can be plus 350 degrees Celsius, and at night – minus 170 degrees. This is just due to the fact that there is no atmosphere. Affect rapid temperature swings and proximity to the Sun and slow rotation of the planet around its axis. However, scientists assume (even despite the sharp temperature ride) that on the surface of mercury is present in the ice. They suggest that lands on the planet with the comets that are falling here.

The Features Of Mercury

Scientists found evidence that mercury occurred in the same way that other planets related to earth group. This is the smallest planet in the Solar system has a composition of crust, similar to the structure of meteorites, appeared on the basis of the remaining parts of the matter that was used to «build» the Solar system. Therefore, the researchers concluded that mercury is the brother of Earth, Mars and Venus.

Mercurian day, which takes place on the planet for two years, be 176 earth. The explanation for this is: around the Sun mercury flies quickly, and relative to its axis moves so slowly that you can compare this movement with a snail’s pace. Thus, mercury is capable of around the Sun to circumnavigate twice during one rotation around itself.

Parameters Mercury

The circumference of mercury is 4879 km, which Is less than the circumference of the small-sized satellites. However, despite its small size in diameter, mercury more of their mass due to the presence of a huge core. Its mass is 3 kg. 3h1023 the Average density is slightly less than the density of the large size of the Earth (5,43 g/cm3), indicating the presence of a large number of metals in its territory.

Parameters Mercury

What secrets does this planet have not been revealed?

Despite the fact that scientists have been studying this planet, yet some mysteries remain unsolved. For example, on mercury the amount of sulfur is greater than in the earth’s crust. But why? Because of very high temperature sulfur should disappear.

No explanation from the scientists yet as to why the density of the planet is very high. Because this parameter is directly dependent on the mass of the planet. Available in the composition of the planet’s substance shall be xpressbeats under the force of its weight. On mercury the gravity is three times smaller than the earth. And this mystery has yet to unravel.

Also interesting is the fact, where does the magnetic field on mercury, and as this planet has a huge core. Scientists have yet to find answers to many questions, for example, find out everywhere whether there is a magnetic field or it is inherent only in some parts of the world.

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