The smallest ocean

In the Northern hemisphere of our planet is the smallest ocean, has its own distinctive features which dream to thoroughly study the researchers. This is the Arctic ocean located between Eurasia and North America.

For our planet it plays a very important role, as its waters warm large areas in the Northern hemisphere. Unlike other oceans, the Arctic is tightly surrounded by land.

The Arctic ocean

Of the history

As an independent (albeit small) ocean was highlighted in the mid-seventeenth century. At the time, its in different countries was called differently, including in Russia, he had several names. Arctic it became known only in XIX century, when a «name» he came up with Navigator Litke. And currently in our country, this is the smallest ocean is called so. But to foreigners it is more familiar as the Arctic ocean (Arctic Ocean).

The size of the ocean

The Arctic ocean lies in the center of the Arctic, from the coast of North America to Eurasia. Its area is about 14.75 km2, accounting for only 4 percent of the entire World ocean. The depth is not too large – the deep depression, which is located in the Greenland sea is 5 527 m. Different layers of the ocean are characterized by different temperature and salinity.

The size of the ocean

Climatic conditions

From the name of the ocean shows that he is very cold. Constant low temperatures, the dominance of cold Arctic winds, lack of sun, little precipitation and long polar night – all this makes the climate a little of the ocean is very strict. The lack of heat through the surface of the ocean is replete with a huge number of ice masses.

The ice cover shields the ocean from the negative effects of the atmosphere and solar radiation. The ice, called «ice fields have different sizes. It may be small pieces that you can take in hand, or a huge, suitable for the whole settlement.

The ice under the action of wind and currents is in constant motion. Over the ocean studied by scientists at least. This is due to the large amount of ice and heaps of great danger for ships to merznut in the ice. However, the solution was found – scientists have tracked exactly where drifted the ships that were stuck in the ice.

Ship in the ice

Due to the harsh climatic conditions of the ocean differs a small amount of vegetation and wildlife. But still, the flora and fauna here are seals, whales, polar bears and even a giant jellyfish-centenarians with a diameter of 2.5 m.

The inhabitants of the ocean


Despite the fact that this ocean is significantly different in size from the Pacific ocean (the largest in the world), he’s not far behind him in the number of available here of the Islands. For example, here is the biggest island on the planet – Greenland.

The main problems

Over the last few decades as a result of warming climate, the area and thickness of ice in the Arctic ocean decrease rapidly. For the local nature it threatens to big problems. For example, it is difficult to survive would be walruses, and polar bears. Global warming may cause the water from melting glaciers fall into the ocean, and it will contribute to sea level rise.

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