The smallest musical instrument

Musical instruments people invented and perfected, they also tried to increase and decrease their sizes. But if the smallest musical instrument can make sounds, wanting to meet him is a lot.

The little piano

Company Sega Toys» in 2006 released a miniature piano, which weighs 2.5 kilograms. This is the smallest keyboard instrument on which to perform a piece of music. The width of each keys — 4 mm, and a total of 88.

The little-piano

The smallest guitar

At Cornell University in new York, at the Department of nanotechnology was established guitar made of silicon with a 10 micron in size (this is the length of red blood cells). It contains 6 strings, each with a thickness of 50 nanometers and it is even possible to play, though a laser beam.

Samaja-a small guitar

The smallest accordion

The company «Hohner» since the beginning of the XIX century mass produces harmonicas in the key FOB. It’s called «Little Lady» contains only 4 holes and has a range of 1 octave. Its length is 5 cm, width -15 mm.


World’s smallest violin

Here artists from around the world staged the whole competition and the record is constantly changing in the lower side. Chinese master Chen, working for 7 years, created a 2-inch violin, and before that was tool 3.5 cm long. It is made of maple and is fully working, all parts made with this technology — just hard to understand how it is possible to play. But those who are fond of active sport can learn the rules in airsoft — clear, short, fast and to go play your favorite game.


American miniaturist David Edwards beat him to it, creating a violin with a length of 1.5 cm.. It is a copy of the works of Stradivari and costs just £ 1,000.


Ukrainian master Mikhail Maslyuk from Zhmerinka in 80 years has manufactured a violin with a height of Only 11.5 mm. on the penny, the coin will accommodate 5 pieces.


Nicholas Cradily, a resident of Kiev, constantly competed Butterfish and created a violin that fits in the eye of a needle and has a size of 3.5 mm. It is a close copy of a famous Stradivarius violin, and consists of 50 pieces.


The smallest balalaika

Balalaika was the same story. First, the butterfish has manufactured musical instrument the size of a poppy seed. Cradily put a balalaika in case, and poppy shell. Zhmerinsky «Lefty» performed musician who sits on a chair that plays the balalaika and looks at the music stand — all in poppy shell.



In the Dutch Trent University of Enschede, a group of students invented a device technology device chips. The tool consists of strings, each of length up to 1 mm and a thickness of a few micrometers (which is ten times thinner than a human hair). Fast recorded a small comb and weights. Driving them from the computer with the help of electrostatic forces it is possible to sound vibrations.


The vibrations of a length of only several micrometers, but the computer amplifies the sound so that the human ear can distinguish. Each chip contains a certain tone, and a few hundred able to recreate a musical band.

The students performed a special song «Improvisation for Mikronika». When you create the smallest musical instrument in the world tried to achieve complete sterility, and then the device was placed in a vacuum so no dust particles did not affect the sound quality.


In addition to the world records «the smallest musical instrument» this instrument can be considered the beginning of nanotechnology era in music — any sound generated by the tool, is not devoid of interference and linear distortions in the recording, but born in a vacuum will be playable on the order cleaner.

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