The smallest monkey in the world

In the jungle lives the small and furry animal, the size of a cat – the whole day is the creation of a large Mongoloid eyes jumping from branch to branch. It is the smallest monkey in the world pygmy marmoset.

pygmy marmoset

The adult reaches fifteen inches in length, not counting the tail it is about twenty inches in length. This baby weighs no more than a hundred ninety grams, and an average of 124 grams. It was first discovered in the early nineteenth century in South America – the place of her stay was the area of the Amazon, Western Brazil, and Northern Peru and Ecuador. They can be found in the jungle do not live in trees more than eighteen metres, at the forest edge. Sensing danger, this little creature with a very meaningful look, hiding in the letter. The main part of the life of a dwarf monkey is in the trees. Monkeys this pastime is not at all difficult – they are well developed and easily jump from branch to branch with ease jump distances up to two meters.

General characteristics

pygmy marmoset

The little monkey has a lovely coat – her fur is soft, dense. Color brown, gives reddishness and interspersed with yellowish-green hairs. Due to the fact that the hair on the head longer than the rest of the body, creating the effect of a mane. The similarity with the king of beasts is over. A tuft of these hairs usually dark in color. General colour of the monkey builds a comfortable life in the trees – she’s got great camouflage. Hind legs longer than the front, tiny fingers of the monkey crowned with sharp claws, only the big toe is a flat nail. The tail of the monkey is not grasping reflex.

Basically, monkeys have three molar teeth, marmosets only two of them. Have long incisors that they gnaw through the wood of trees. The small size of the skull, but the brain in it is relatively large. Lead a day life, the night climb up in the hollow.


pygmy marmoset

Eat the smallest monkey juice of trees having made the teeth of the hole in the tree, tamarins eat that seep through the nectar. On the juice flock of butterflies – and then become prey to small predators. Can eat crickets – it’s their favorite treat, which they even capable of risk – to come out of the tree. They do it rarely and reluctantly. Don’t forget to enjoy a spider or a toad. From time to time send to the mouth of the lizards, snails and other insects.

These babies drink a lot of water to find her, they have to explore flowers and shoots. In zoos, monkeys are fed wet food, the larvae of flour castaneum. You can buy grapes, apples, bananas. Sometimes employees are added to the diet of toddlers boiled eggs, meat. But still in captivity monkeys uncomfortable – they do not tolerate unnecessary hassles, although in themselves very active and sociable.

pygmy marmoset

Small body size make the pygmy tamarins great sacrifice, they face danger from predators animal and arboreal snakes. The main eaters of the dwarf monkeys are birds of prey. Noticing the danger in time, tamarins off in groups and try to attack a predator, sometimes they are able to lead the enemy to flight. Otherwise, lay low until the threat has passed. In nature some rare species live up to 10 years, in captivity up to 18.

Lifestyle and reproduction

pygmy marmoset

Live the little monkeys groups, reaches up to 12 individuals, and these are all members of one family, the male, the female and their cubs. Moreover, males and females have no other external differences except genitals. The pack can accommodate up to four generations. They are fiercely fighting for its own territory, a small increase in them without hindrance. If anyone dares to encroach on the defined area runs the risk of not only being scolded, but also earn a couple of blows from the leader of the pack. The limits of the chosen plot indicate a special secret. When in a group at a time are two males, one dominates and restricts her access to the female. Expressing location, male pygmy tamarins shows the lady of his heart, the genitals.

pygmy marmoset

Pregnancy females occurs about 4.5 months, usually the light appears the twins. In rare cases, it appears the triplets. How many of them did not have one survives. Newborn babies are naked, blind, weigh only 16 grams. In the first days after the birth of a helpless pygmy tamarins – the first three weeks they need constant care. The first day the kids are hanging on your mother and then move to the back of his dad or other females, and they teach them the tricks of life, to the mother’s return, when it comes to feeding time and the monkeys required procedures. Thus, the young mother can recover and rest, and the young individuals receive the opportunity to learn the skills of motherhood.

Twenty days after birth the female is ready to mate. In the group dominated by one female, her body released a special hormone that suppresses ovulation in other females. Scientists still don’t know the exact answer – or the female mate with multiple partners or monkeys inherent in monogamy. It is possible that in monkeys, as in humans, all strictly individually.

pygmy marmoset

Three months later, the grown children become independent. A year and a half they come into sexual maturity, however, to participate in reproduction at the age of two years.

It is impossible to calculate how many of these monkeys live in South American forests – this prevents the small size and camouflage coloration, and high speed movement.

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