The smallest country in the world

The curriculum for geography involves the study of interesting geographical facts our planet, because the world is so interesting: colorful beaches, huge and small countries, lakes, high mountains, waterfalls and more. Many children do not have a desire to travel and to admire this beauty in person.

If I could find a giant country simply, to detect the smallest country in the world practically impossible. Perhaps many will be surprised that the smallest state in the world recognized by the Vatican. The whole country covers an area less than 0.5 km2, and the length of the border within Italy, is 3.2 kilometers. The country is home to less than 1,000 people, many of them represented the papacy.

The Vatican

Runs the country the Holy see, the only sovereign of this monarchy – the Pope, his cardinals choose to indefinite period of time. Its jurisdiction extends to all branches of government. However, leading this state a midget administrative body headed by the appointed Governor.

The Pope

The tiny size of the country did not stop her to have a private economy, however, mostly non-commercial. The Vatican receives income primarily from donations of Catholics. Also a lot of profit the Vatican bring tourists, some of them are willing to leave quite a decent amount. Usually tourists buy lots of Souvenirs and various gifts. The tiny size of the state is not prevented to acquire their currency, the Vatican Euro.

Here are world famous architectural masterpieces. The most well-known attractions include the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Vatican library and the Sistine chapel. The library has an incredible number of manuscripts of the middle ages, plenty of literature and of the Renaissance. There are more than 1.5 million books, many coins and medals, 150,000 manuscripts and 100 thousand maps.

St. Peter's Cathedral

In this tiny state even has its own railway branch line, though its length is only 700 m. It is connected with the Railways of Italy. The construction of the station was completed in 1932. But a private airport in Vatican city is missing, even with a strong desire it would not be easy where to place it. But in 1976 they built a helipad to be used for communication with the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino.

The Vatican even has its own domain .va. But sites hosted on it very little.

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