The smallest cat in the world

The people always like cute and funny cats. Every person prefers certain species. There are many fans of miniature animals and exotic species. They currently often are Pets. Which of the cats is regarded as the smallest in the world?


The smallest breed in the cat family is officially recognized as Singapore, took pride of place in the Guinness book of records. The weight of an adult animal is only about 2-3 kg. Diminutive stature is the main feature of the breed, but this does not indicate any health problems.


Beauty cats of this breed are highlighted with unusual colors: sable or ivory shade. Despite its small size, the body of these cats is dense and very muscular. By this time, they are among the rare animals. Their main difference – the short, silky hair. Singapore with pedigrees are sold at several thousand dollars. If the animals without pedigrees, that they can spend about 700 dollars.

In 1997, the smallest cat in the world was in America. This Himalayan-Tibetan cat Tinker Toy, who along with the owners were living in the United States (Taylorville, Il). It weighs 681, height is 7 cm, body length – 19 cm

The Bob

However, in the world there are species of the cat family, which are much smaller than Singapore. This, for example, a tiny toy-Bob. Another name of this exclusive breed — SKIF-the-don. Even the title refers to a toy the size of these animals. As dwarf cats, they are visually reminiscent of small home kittens at the age of about 4 months.

The Bob

But in adulthood, their weight barely reaches 2 kg. of cats breed good health and a great immune system. Because they are derived in a fairly harsh climate.

A bit of historical facts

Cat breed of the Bob is experimental. Its name comes from the place of occurrence of the first kitten. Derived the smallest cat in the world in one of the nurseries, a Thai Bobtail in Rostov-on-don. Externally, the animals are like miniature Thai kittens. The founder of a unique breed – a cat named Stubby, who was born in 1988, When the cats were in America, they became known as «the Bob.» And under this title unique dwarf cats were recorded in TICA.

The appearance of Bob

Cats of the breed-Bob, of interest and admiration for its miniature appearance, very strong muscles, the small, rounded head; a fairly large, slightly slanting eyes; prominent and upright ears. They have a short, but relevant trunk, small limbs, neat paws oblong, small (3-7cm) flat tail that resembles a shaving brush. Wool is not long, but thick, has a undercoat. Small animals, generally, seal point coloration. Allowed still white spots on the feet. This gives the cats personality and their own «flavor».

The appearance of Bob

The nature of the Bob

This cute group of cats, despite his small size is an incredible playfulness, agility, courage, trust and goodwill. And also, the skill is very easy to learn, easy to learn and remember a variety of commands, generally, for dogs. For example, to bring a small ball or a mouse for them, as for most dogs, quite an exciting experience. Affection caused by cats, perform commands such as «lie», «give paw» etc. Being in the age of small kittens, they give even sounds similar, to some extent, dogs. Adults, on the contrary, have silent. Representatives of the Bob is not shy in front of a fire, easily photographed, absolutely not afraid of the camera flash.

The pros and cons

One of the advantages of the breed-Bob is the complete absence of typical cats odor. Because such persons do not mark their territories. The disadvantages can be attributed only to one thing: the smallest cat in the world a very small breed, and, accordingly, its members are quite expensive.

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