The smallest bird in the world

Beautiful creation of nature, clad in the iridescent plumage – today we will talk about the smallest birds in the world – a Hummingbird. Place of residence of these Champions – America. Their natural habitat stretches from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Residence Colibri


There are more than three hundred types of hummingbirds, usually the body length of these amazing birds does not exceed 10 centimeters. But there is a gigantic Hummingbird, he’s the only one whose length is 19-22 cm, weight – 19 grams. More than three centuries ago, Europeans considered these birds as nothing more than insects.

The vast majority of types of hummingbirds live in the New World, the most densely populated area is in Central and South America, in North America these birds can be found only in its southern part.

Most of the birds settled, the only exception is the ruby-throated Hummingbird – their habitat extends to the Rocky mountains. The harsh climate makes birds make seasonal flights to warm countries – for this they have to travel 5,000 km each year.

Flying Hummingbird


The movable maneuverable birds are able to develop a flight speed of 80 km/h. In one second the smallest bird in the world makes 50-80 strokes, and if the male wants to attract the attention of females, and all 200. Members of the genus Colibri larger species flap their wings much less frequently – up to 10 times. When the bird flies, its flight accompanied by a buzzing sound – this sound is due to rapid movement of wings and clicking of the beak.

The smallest bird in the world capable of performing in the air miracles to fly backward, up, down and sideways. Hummingbirds can fly up and land in a vertical position. This maneuverability can be explained by the structure of the aircraft birds the wings are attached to the body only at the shoulder joint.

When the bird is at rest, its heart beats at a rate of 500 beats/min, during exercise the heart rate comes up to 1200 shots.



The distinctive feature of these feathered creatures is the ability to hang in the air. It happens in a strange way – a bird, dying near the flower, so fast on the wing that the human eye they seem static. Meanwhile, the trajectory of the wings is a figure eight, it is this range of motion allows the bird to maintain balance in the air while she slowly drinks the nectar.

Wrong to think that the food of birds consists exclusively of nectar. Basically, these little creatures feed on small arthropods – they are looking for them in the flowers and on the leaf surface. Can feast on insects that got stuck in the web. Despite his small height, these birds are very voracious – the day they fly around 2000 flowers and drink nectar from them dozens of times more than their body weight. Everything is explained super-fast metabolism.

Hummingbirds are diurnal – they are constantly in search of food, which you can profit. Mostly a lonely existence.



Flying from flower to flower – the smallest birds in the world doing anything other than pollination. Pollen from one flower, settled on the feathers of birds, then gets on another. This Role is difficult to overestimate – some flowers have such a structure that pollinate them only small birds. There is a flower named dope is to get out drink on forces only machackova Hummingbird, the length of the beak which reaches ten centimetres.

Beaks and feathers


Each of the types of hummingbirds the shape of the beak and tail are very different. The beak of the smallest birds in the world can be both long and short, pointed, and may be bent in an arc.

The length of tail, these birds boast unlikely they have usually short, like a cut. Wings birds have long, pointed shape. Birds can fly another mode of transportation they do not know – feet, even though they are present, it is not designed for walking.

The plumage is here where nature has not stinted on the paint – a bird characterized by bright colors and shimmering luster. The boys from the girls can be distinguished on the original form of the feathers of the head and tail. Birds are another feature is their tail every time a new look. If at first glance, the bird may appear greenish in color, while the second tail can sparkle purple shades is a feature of the refraction of light.

Parents and children


Northern species of hummingbirds breed only in the summer, unlike their tropical brethren that do it all year round. Moreover, the care of posterity falls on the females, they nest, hatch the eggs and raise the offspring, the task of the male — mating and subsequent protection of nesting areas.

Their nests Hummingbird view on the trees, and put them on leaves and rocks sticking housing saliva. For the construction of the house fit the most delicate twigs, fiber, moss, cobwebs, wool.

The offspring of a Hummingbird or two miniature white eggs, of which 2-3 weeks appear weak and helpless nestlings. The female feeds the babies nectar, brought in its beak. Fed babies often need, otherwise the Chicks will be weakened to such an extent that the opening of the beak does not remain forces. Due to the increased feeding, the Chicks develop quickly and to your three weeks of age they are ready to start independent life and to leave the family nest.


The main danger for the existence of the smallest birds in the world is man, iznichtozhayut wonderful birds because of their beautiful feathers. Direct enemies hummingbirds have tarantula and tree snakes.

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