The smallest animal in the world: photo

The animal world of our planet’s amazing and diverse. Some animals are large, others are able to run fast, and others are so small that they cause a great desire to protect them. We offer you to see the smallest animals in the world and view their photos to understand why they are strange, moreover, that have small size.

Svinonosogo bat

Svinonosogo bat is the smallest animal in the world

Until comparatively recently, about the species of bats nothing was known. But after svinonosogo bat was discovered by a biologist from Thailand (1973), she rightfully received the title of the smallest animal in the world, a photo that clearly shows its small size. Adult specimens of this species in length and grows only to three inches, and it weighs a bat only about two grams. So just take a look at photos of the smallest animal in the world and evaluate how this bat looks like in human hands, and immediately becomes clear that it really is very small.

Svinonosogo letuce Misha in the hands of the person

Svinonosogo bat even often confused with some species of insects, although, of course, near is immediately evident that it was bat. She has long and broad wings, large ears but no tail. Svinonosogo the mouse is called the nose, which is very similar to the snout of a pig. Nearly one-third of the length of the amazing representative of bats represented by a large skull. Teeth on this one small animal only 28. This is the smallest animal in the world, a photo that shows his gorgeous gray or brown back and white color of the abdomen, it is easy to put in a matchbox.

Svinonosogo bat has a gray or brown color

The habitat of the animal is a national Park of Thailand. Also there is information that was able to find several such instances in Myanmar. Today, scientists have not too carefully studied the life and behavior of these «crumbs», and it is known very little. Day such mouse asleep in a small-sized cave, a small group of relatives, hanging upside down. And at night they hunt for food. Animals feed on insects that sit on the branches or leaves of various plants. Scientists, comparing them with other bats, suggesting that females of these bats a year bring on the baby.

At the moment, the sight of these bats is an endangered and therefore included in the Red Book. In General, today there are approximately 500 species of bats.

Dwarf mnoGoSearch

Dwarf mnoGoSearch

This animal belongs to zemleroynoy and can compete with svinonosogo bat for the title of the smallest. Length Mnogotochie without a tail is equal to 3-4 cm fully grown Adult usually weighs 1.5-2 grams. This is the smallest animal in the world, a photo of which the following is a predator – it the main treats are the insects, and sometimes frogs and lizards. The main feature of mnoGoSearch is that she needs daily to consume food in excess of the weight of its own weight in 2 times – otherwise the animal might die. Place of residence is the a lot of continents of the world, you can find mnoGoSearch in our country (although very rarely).

Dwarf mnoGoSearch in the hands of the person

This animal has grey color that is slightly lighter in the area of the abdomen. Generally mnoGoSearch very similar to a mole. Burrows, stumps of trees, ruined buildings – all this can become a real home for this animal. In the daytime the place of residence, it tries not to leave, but comes out of it at night to get their food.

The little frog

The smallest frog Paedophryne

Among terrestrial animals, characterized by small size, you can still select the frog Paedophryne. The maximum length of an adult can reach 11 mm, with females usually larger than males. Thanks to the brownish color of these frogs are able to camouflage in the leaves or trunks of trees. Such small dimensions of this animal are due to its peculiar structure.

The little fish

The smallest fish Paedocypris rrogenetica

This is considered to be the fish Paedocypris rrogenetica, at length grows only up to 10 mm. you Can meet her in Indonesia (wetlands, with the gutter). Quite interesting is the fact that the fish belongs to the carp family.

A little bird

The smallest Hummingbird is the bee

It is also called «Hummingbird bee». In length it grows to 7 inches and weighs about 1.5-2 grams. Eats this little bird nectar. Its amazing feature is the rapid pulse – the heart per minute makes 300-500 beats.

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