The Sights Of Russia

Russia is an amazing country, which will join the collection of the most interesting places seen by any tourist. The beauty of its open spaces, many of the great monuments inspired the works of famous world writers and artists. In Russia there are many parts of nature, which strike to the core of its beautiful scenery. It is also a country of skilled craftsmen who have created masterpieces of architecture, preserving for centuries their grandeur and beauty. To enumerate all the sights of Russia is very difficult, because each region of this largest state in the world has many unique places. Still, the most popular and visited places can be allocated. Photo with the names and descriptions of the main attractions will allow you to appreciate their beauty and awaken the desire to visit such impressive most beautiful places.

The Sights Of RussiaThe Sights Of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin

The hallmark of the Russian Federation and its capital is Moscow Kremlin, which is worth a visit for every tourist. This wonderful place has evolved over many centuries, so that in the present time is striking in its beauty and versatility. The powerful walls which were used in ancient times to protect the city, there is a huge number of temples that were built in Medieval times and survived until today in excellent condition. It will be interesting to visit the assumption Cathedral is the main Church of Russia. Within its walls took place the coronation of the emperors of Ivan the terrible and Peter I. Striking in its beauty the Cathedral of the Annunciation, decorated with numerous Golden domes. There preserved the icons were made in the XIV century. On the territory of the Moscow Kremlin is the residence of the President. This valuable historical monument listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Moscow KremlinThe Moscow Kremlin

The winter Palace in St. Petersburg

Located in the Russian Federation sights should pay attention to the Winter Palace in the Northern capital of the state. Built this architectural masterpiece to Elizabeth. On creating the project of this beautiful building were talented architect Francesco Rastrelli. By the beginning of XX century the Palace was the main residence of the Russian emperors. Today in its walls opened Hermitage Museum, which houses over 3 million works of art. The winter Palace impresses not only with its unique exterior. Will surprise any visitor is extremely rich the decoration of the premises. In front of the Palace decorated, great area, decorated with the Alexander column, built to commemorate the victory over the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The winter Palace in St. PetersburgThe winter Palace in St. Petersburg

Red square

Every person arriving in Moscow, goes to Red square, where there are a huge number of attractions. The formation of the architectural ensemble of the square took place over many centuries, so here you can see the temples, erected in the XV century, and structures built several decades ago. The most popular place in red square is St. Basil’s Cathedral, which charms you with the amazing architecture and beauty. Tourists try to visit the Red square at noon or in the morning and evening: at this time you can hear the chiming clock located on the Spasskaya tower.

Red squareRed square

Tretyakov gallery

Russia has always been famous for talented artists, clearly evidenced by the exposure of the Tretyakov gallery. The formation of its extremely rich collection began in 1856. It was then that the famous Moscow merchant Pavel Tretyakov began to collect paintings of domestic and foreign artists and sculptors. In 1892 formed the gallery was donated to the city and immediately became very popular. It was named in honor of the famous founder of the Tretyakov gallery. The main building of the art Museum designed by the famous Russian painter and artist Vasnetsov. In his yard is a monument to the founder of the Tretyakov gallery.

Tretyakov galleryTretyakov gallery

Novgorod Kremlin

One of the oldest monuments is the Novgorod Kremlin, on the territory of which it is possible to visit a huge number of ancient temples. Its construction began during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. The Kremlin walls defended the inhabitants of the city against assaults of enemies. In the XIV century was built the first defensive towers, and in the XVI century the wooden walls were destroyed and built of brick. Many sections of the walls of the Kremlin for a long time the existence of the historical monument was destroyed, but reconstructed them, keeping the technology of the ancient masonry. Today the Kremlin is in excellent condition and waiting for its visitors.

Novgorod KremlinNovgorod Kremlin

Lake Baikal

A real gem of natural monuments of Russia is lake Baikal, surrounded by snow capped mountains. This pond is located on a huge area, the length of which is 635 km and width 80 km. the lake Water is famous for its purity, allowing you to view the inhabitants of the pond to a depth of 50 m. it Affects the rich flora and fauna of lake Baikal. Here you can admire rare species of animals and plants listed in the Red book.

Lake BaikalLake Baikal

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Listing the main attractions of Russia, is worth to mention St. Isaac’s Cathedral located in St. Petersburg. This amazing building is one of the most beautiful churches of Europe. The present building was preceded by two primitive structures: the St. Isaac’s Church, which was dedicated a huge barn, and the second temple of stone, whose construction took place under the leadership of Emperor Peter I. for the erection of the present Cathedral began to think in the early nineteenth century. New project of the temple was entrusted to the best architects of Russia. In 1858, St. Isaac’s Cathedral was consecrated and opened for parishioners. Today it operates a Museum of art and conducted daily services.

St. Isaac's CathedralSt. Isaac’s Cathedral

The Solovetsky Kremlin

The best example of military fortification is the Solovetsky Kremlin. The walls of the fortress, built of stones, polished by the glacier and salt water that makes them unique and harsh. On the territory of the Solovetsky Kremlin is a huge number of ancient shrines, which in Soviet times was used as a prison. Here was incarcerated the priests and intellectuals. Only in 1974, the architectural complex was declared a unique monument of history protected by the state. Thanks to the professional restoration work of the Solovetsky Kremlin were restored.

The Solovetsky KremlinThe Solovetsky Kremlin

The castle «swallow’s nest»

Very popular with tourists is the castle swallow’s nest, built in 1912. It is located in the southern part of the Crimean Peninsula, on the Aurora cliff. This amazing building made in the Gothic style, stands directly above a 40-metre cliff. Due to the small space allocated for construction, the castle is large, but it surprises with its magnificent architecture. Near the Palace are magnificent gardens that can be admired by tourists.

The castle The castle «swallow’s nest»

Peter and Paul fortress

To the oldest historical monuments of Russia the Peter and Paul fortress. It was designed by the founder of the city of St. Petersburg by Peter the great and French engineer Joseph de Gerena. The fortress walls have a hexagonal shape, due to the contours of the hare island. In this architectural complex of the ancient temples, which are also included in the list of historical values of Russia. The majority of visitors of the fortress trying to get on the tour in the afternoon, when done daily shot from a cannon at the Naryshkin Bastion.

Peter and Paul fortressPeter and Paul fortress

Livadia Palace

The Crimean Peninsula is an extremely rich variety of attractions that are frequented by tourists. One such place is the Livadia Palace. It’s a beautiful white building surrounded by beautiful parks, was built in 1911 for the Romanov family. It was a real inspiration for many writers and artists. In Soviet times the Palace was used as a sanatorium for workers. Here also conducted business meetings at the highest level. Only in 1993, Livadia Palace was given the status of the Museum.

Livadia PalaceLivadia Palace

Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

One of the most ancient monuments of the Russian Federation is the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. It is considered the historical center of Nizhny Novgorod. His mighty wall, built to defend the city, have a length of more than 2 km in its original form 13 powerful round towers and rectangular in shape. In the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin one can admire the temples built in the Medieval period. There is also the residence of the local leadership.

Nizhny Novgorod KremlinNizhny Novgorod Kremlin


Many tourists are in Russia, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Exhibition of achievements of National Economy. The complex was first opened to the public in 1935. Erected buildings were struck by its beauty and scale. During the Second world war the exposure and the library was evacuated. In the postwar years, the pavilion was in need of renovation, which ended only in 1954. Over time, the Fairgrounds has expanded considerably. Today you can visit a variety of exhibits, great Botanical garden and Park «Ostankino.



One of the most beautiful attractions is the Peterhof. This is an architectural complex that includes the Palace buildings and beautiful parks with many spectacular fountains. The founder of this amazing place is considered to be the Emperor Peter I. This countryside residence of the reigning monarchs expanded for over two centuries. During the Second world war, the buildings and parks of Peterhof were damaged during the fighting. The architects managed to fully recover, and today it pleases the tourists with a beautiful view.


Nevsky Prospekt

Residents of St. Petersburg are proud of one of the most beautiful places in the city and across Russia – Nevsky prospect. The beginning of its construction dates from XVIII century. After the construction of the Alexander Nevsky monastery, the monks began to build a road connecting the temple with the city. Along the road on the orders of Peter I began to build up in the alleys. All structures that are erected along the Avenue, was to complement the architecture of this place. Today the Avenue goes about 240 buildings, each of which deserves attention of tourists.

Nevsky ProspektNevsky Prospekt

The Kazan Kremlin

The tourists will be extremely interesting to see the beauty of another historic sights of Russia – the Kazan Kremlin. On site, surrounded by powerful protective walls you can see many unique churches and the Presidential Palace. All the buildings are in excellent condition and can clearly demonstrate the features of the architecture of the XIX century. The advantage of this location is the beauty of the surrounding nature. Here you can admire the picturesque landscapes of the surrounding area.

The Kazan KremlinThe Kazan Kremlin

The Izmailovo Kremlin

Clearly demonstrates the characteristics of ancient wooden architecture, the Kremlin is in the Eastern region of the capital of Russia, Moscow. The construction of all buildings took place in early 2000-ies. The wizard is clearly adhered to the ancient methods of construction, with all buildings of this place completely imitating Medieval constructions. Now the Kremlin has plenty of museums where you can get acquainted with the most popular in ancient Russian crafts.

The Izmailovo KremlinThe Izmailovo Kremlin

Mount Elbrus

A lot of climbers from around the world heading to Russia to climb the world’s highest mountain – Elbrus. Here you can also admire the beautiful landscapes of the Caucasus mountains, the enchanting snow-white peaks. On the slopes of the mountains are constantly being built shelters and the cable car, which allows even people who don’t know the intricacies of mountain climbing, to visit the Elbrus, though not at the very top. The view from such homes, is striking in its beauty and will remain forever in the memory of each visitor.

Mount ElbrusMount Elbrus

Uspensky cave monastery

Lovers of unusual architecture is worth visiting the assumption monastery, which was built in the gorge Maryam-Dere, not far from Bakhchisarai on the Crimean Peninsula. This ancient Shrine was founded around the VIII century. According to scientists its construction involved the Byzantine monks. For many centuries of its existence, the monastery experienced times of prosperity and decline. In Soviet times there was even opened the clinic for the mentally ill. Only in 1993 began the restoration of all buildings of the monastery, which is now open to the public.

Uspensky cave monasteryUspensky cave monastery

Rostov Kremlin

To visit the magnificent attraction it is possible and in Rostov. Here on the shores of lake Nero, is the Rostov Kremlin, which is a historic reserve. This architectural complex was originally conceived as a residence of the Metropolitan, so there are many temples. They were built at different times, so a clear indication of the architectural features of different time periods. Most attracts tourists assumption Cathedral, whose dome is visible from distant parts of the city.

Rostov KremlinRostov Kremlin

Nikitinsky Botanical garden

Another attraction of the Crimea deserves attention – the perfect Nikitinsky Botanical garden. Its creation dates back to 1812, when by order of Alexander I in the Crimea was founded the Imperial garden. Every year a number of rare plants collected from all corners of the planet, have increased and today the number of species exceeds 15 thousand. Tourists who have visited this wonderful place, the opportunity to walk through the alleys of the Park and admire the decoration of gardens.

Nikitinsky Botanical gardenNikitinsky Botanical garden

The monument «the Motherland calls»

Many tourists arriving to Russia, travel to Volgograd to see the magnificent sculpture, erected in honor of soldiers who heroically defended Stalingrad during the great Patriotic war. The statue towers above the ground at 85 m. For the manufacture of the sculpture took about 8 years. To a large monument was steady beneath him did the Foundation, buried in the ground for almost 16 m. After the construction of the sculpture made it into the Guinness Book of records as the tallest at that time, the monument.

The monument The monument «the Motherland calls»

Air force Museum of Russia

The technology enthusiasts will love the Museum of the Russian air force, which presents a huge number of different interesting exhibits. Browsing all represented in the expositions of planes and helicopters, it is possible to trace the development of the aviation industry in the Russian Federation. Here you can also see domestic and foreign aircrafts of the Second world war. For the location of all the collected exhibits, the Museum was given 2 huge hangar, 6 halls and a significant area under the open sky. The Museum has a workshop where the restoration of new exhibits and the renovation is already in the possession of the Museum of flight technique.

Air force Museum of RussiaAir force Museum of Russia

Tsarskoye Selo

Of particular interest to tourists is the Royal village, is located in Pushkino. This is a wonderful Museum where you can admire the beauty of majestic palaces and parks. It covers an area, which area is equal to 107 ha. the Pearl of the Museum is the Catherine Palace. The authorship of its architectural solution belongs to the famous master Rastrelli. Under his leadership the building was purchased by the richly decorated facade. Now on the territory of Tsarskoye Selo, there are many museums.

Tsarskoye SeloTsarskoye Selo

The Museum of the World ocean

The pride of Russia is a Museum of the World ocean, which is located in Kaliningrad. It was founded in the end of XX century and in such a short time have collected a huge number of unique exhibits. The Museum is situated not only in the main building. Some of them are on ships and even a submarine. The Museum also has a library, which contains works by the most famous scientists and a huge number of educational books.

The Museum of the World oceanThe Museum of the World ocean

The state Russian Museum

Wishing to learn the history of Russian art and features of development of various directions nearby State Russian Museum, established in the late nineteenth century. It collected more than 400 thousand exhibits. The most valuable items of the Museum created in the X century. When visiting the Museum, you can admire the Grand architecture of the Mikhailovsky Palace, the walls of which is located the main exhibition.

The state Russian MuseumThe state Russian Museum

Ostankino TV tower

Guests of Russia rarely overlook the Ostankino TV tower, which is located in Moscow. Built in 1967, she at that time was the tallest structure on the planet. The most popular place of the tower there is a viewing platform from which you can admire the beauty of the capital of Russia. It is located at an altitude of 337 m above the ground. Near the Ostankino television tower you can walk to beautiful parks. Especially beautiful here at night when the neighborhood fills up by lanterns and spotlights.

Ostankino TV towerOstankino TV tower


Another popular attraction of Russia is the Sparrow hills that rise on the banks of the Moscow river. In the XIV century there was a settlement vorobiove, which determined the future name of the mountains. In the XV century the village became property of the Moscow princes. There was built a Palace which was used as a summer residence of the kings. On the territory of the Sparrow hills built their country estates of the richest people of Moscow. Today you can see magnificent buildings and a wonderful Park area.


Cableway «Miskhor – AI-Petri»

Lovers of beautiful nature just can’t ignore the opportunity to see the beauty of the landscapes of the southern part of the Crimean Peninsula from the height of bird flight. Make it allows a cable car runs from the village of Miskhor ay-Petri plateau. In special booths can be lifted to a height of 1200 m, from where you can see all the most beautiful places of the area. The length of the ropeway – 1670 m, during which you can enjoy the feeling of free flight.

Cableway Cableway «Miskhor – AI-Petri»

Vyborg castle

Abound with attractions and lands of Karelia. Here you can visit the Vyborg castle, which was built in the XIII century. This magnificent building has for many centuries protected the inhabitants from the attacks of the enemy troops. In the XVIII century by order of Emperor Peter I the walls of the castle was reconstructed and fortified. They have kept their original appearance until the present time. Over the years suffered a little internal layout of the Palace, but the architects managed to partially restore and now the building is used as Museum.

Vyborg castleVyborg castle

This is only a small part of the attractions that can be admired in Russia. Throughout the country there are many interesting places, visiting which will leave an unforgettable impression. Photos of landmarks placed in this article will allow you to imagine what unique historical monuments, natural scenic spots rich Russian land.

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