The sights of Rostov-on-don

The history of the founding of Rostov-na-Donu is rooted in the eighteenth century. At that time, on the right Bank of the don river on the orders of Empress Elizabeth established customs. Developed strategic facility began to receive settlements that contributed to the rapid expansion of city boundaries. In 1761 there was built a fortress that protected Russian lands from the enemy troops. Since then, centuries have passed and the small settlement became a major modern metropolis, which is popular with tourists. Numerous sights of Rostov-na-Donu is able to captivate the visitors of the city with magnificent views and a rich history.

The sights of Rostov-on-don

Bolshaya Sadovaya street

The city is famous for its many beautiful squares and avenues. The journey on this modern metropolis should start with the Big Garden street. During the walk, tourists can see many historical and architectural monuments. Looking at today’s Big Garden street it is hard to imagine that in the early nineteenth century it was the outskirts of the city. Over the centuries along it was erected many magnificent mansions that today are striking in their architecture. Currently, a Large Garden can be called one of the main streets of the city.

Bolshaya Sadovaya streetBolshaya Sadovaya street

The building of the city Duma

Architectural attractions of Rostov-na-Donu is a building which houses the town hall and seat of the city Council. It was built in the late XIX century on the project by the architect A. N. Orange. The building is designed in eclectic style. It has twice carried out work on the reconstruction. The first time it was restored after a fire which occurred in 1922. Following restoration work it took after world war II, as the building suffered damage during the fighting. Today, it is in excellent condition.

The building of the city DumaThe building of the city Duma

Mansion Margarita Chernova

In the late nineteenth century on Bolshaya Sadovaya street merchant Paramonov Elpidiphoros Trofimovich was built a magnificent house for the actress Margarita Chernova. At that time the house was located on the outskirts of the city, and Paramonov could secretly visit his lover. Designed a beautiful mansion by the architect N. A. Doroshenko. The building was equipped hall with a stage and even a balcony which could accommodate the musicians. Margarita Chernova often staged noisy balls, which was going to the Beau Monde of the city. After the October revolution, the estate became a state property, and the actress was evicted. The building first housed a theatre Studio, and then it was home to the city Prosecutor’s office. In the years of Nazi occupation, the mansion was substantially damaged. In the early 2000-ies of the best architects of the country the building was reconstructed and gained its original appearance.

Mansion Margarita ChernovaMansion Margarita Chernova

The house of Stepan Akimov

To imagine how the looked, Rostov-na-Donu even a century ago, enough to go to the house of Stepan Akimov. This residential building is recognized as an architectural monument and is under state protection. Impresses the facade of the building, richly decorated with stucco. The ease of the house give the arches above the Windows and simulation on the walls of the notched columns. The building was recently renovated and is in excellent condition.

The house of Stepan AkimovThe house of Stepan Akimov

Mansion Suprunova

Tourists should also see the beautiful mansion I. A. Suprunova, which is striking in its beauty. Its construction was carried out in the early twentieth century. Rostov millionaire saw the house project at the exhibition held in Brussels in 1910. He decided to build a mansion for himself and his family. Although the building was constructed of locally produced materials, Suprunov constantly claimed that the house, which had previously been in Italy, were dismantled and re-built in Rostov-on-don. After the October revolution Suprunova and his family was evicted from the mansion. The walls of the building housed a kindergarten. When battles with the Nazi army top floor and roof were destroyed. It was repaired but in its original form preserved only finish the first floor.

Mansion SuprunovaMansion Suprunova

The Cathedral Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Many tourists, who arrived in Rostov-on-don’t miss the opportunity to admire the main Cathedral of the city. Its construction began in 1854. The building was constructed under the project by the architect K. A. Ton. 6 years later the Church was consecrated, and after 15 years he erected a four-tiered chapel. In 1937 the Cathedral was abolished, and its territory gave the city zoo. During the Nazi occupation of the upper part of the chapel was demolished. In the postwar years the temple was restored. Restoration of the interior began in 1988. By the end of XX century the surviving projects was restored and a chapel.

The Cathedral Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin MaryThe Cathedral Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Old believer Cathedral of the intercession

In the list of cultural heritage of the city is Pokrovskiy old believer Church, which is frequently visited by visitors. Its construction was completed in 1913. The building project was designed by the architect of St. A. Pokrovsky. The temple of neo-Russian style is large, but draws attention with its beauty. In 1930 the Church was abolished. More than 16 years in the walls of the building housed the radio workshop, but then the Cathedral was returned to the Church.

Old believer Cathedral of the intercessionOld believer Cathedral of the intercession

Iversky women’s monastery

The town is the monastery, built in the early XX century. The temple was erected under the care of the merchant S. V. Fedorova. The design of the building was carried out by the architect N. Maxim Sokolov. During the First world war, the monastery became a shelter for orphaned girls. After the October revolution, the temple was re-registered as abbess in the agricultural artel, which was supposed to protect it from closure. But in 1929, the monastery was abolished. Within its walls for a long time housed the warehouses, operated a children’s club. Only in 1991 the Church was returned to the Church. After the reconstruction is sit nuns.

Iversky women's monasteryIversky women’s monastery

The Church Of St. John Of Kronstadt

In honor of St. John of Kronstadt in Rostov-on-don in 2010 was erected the magnificent temple. Shine its Golden domes and magnificent architecture attract the attention of many tourists. The building project was designed by the architect G. Ivanov. The temple is decorated in neoclassical style, differs slightly from other city churches. It also impresses visitors and parishioners beautifully decorated interior.

The Church Of St. John Of KronstadtThe Church Of St. John Of Kronstadt

The Church Of The Ascension

Good impression among visitors to the city will leave visiting the Church of the ascension. The appearance of this Church have contributed to the tragic plague in Rostov-on-don in the late XIX century many people died, buried in the brethren cemetery. On the initiative of several merchants of the city in the territory of graves began the erection of the temple, which was conducted under the guidance of architect G. N. Vasileva. In 1913, construction was completed. Under Soviet rule the Church was closed and served as a storage facility. During the great Patriotic war service recommenced. In 1946, the temple was re-consecrated. At the end of XX century it had a restoration.

The Church Of The AscensionThe Church Of The Ascension

Old-intercession Church

Visitors to the city should visit the Old-Pokrovskaya Church, built in 2007. This new majestic temple has a rich history. In the place where it was erected in the XVIII century was situated the Church of the intercession. In the early XX century built a beautiful near Novo-Pokrovskiy Cathedral, and the old Shrine was demolished. Under Soviet rule the Church was closed, and in 1930 dismantled. Only in early 2000-ies, the question was raised about the restoration of the Church. Visiting the temple, tourists can admire the beautiful monument of the Empress Elizabeth, which stands on the square before the Church.

Old-intercession ChurchOld-intercession Church

Soldiers ‘ synagogue

Interesting attractions of Rostov-na-Donu is the Soldiers ‘ synagogue. Its construction was carried out in the second half of the XIX century on the initiative of retired soldiers. Since its construction the building was rebuilt several times. Large-scale reconstruction was carried out in it after 1905, when the anti-Jewish pogrom in the synagogue were on fire. In 1935 the temple was abolished, and gave it to the city. Only after the liberation of our lands from Nazi invaders in the synagogue began to conduct prayers. The last renovation was done in 2005.

Soldiers ' synagogueSoldiers ‘ synagogue

The Church Of St. Karapet

One of the oldest temples of the city is the Church of St. Karapet. It is often visited by tourists, visiting interesting sights of Rostov-na-Donu. This Armenian Church was built in 1881. Its construction was carried out with funds donated by the noblewoman and Akulina Udalovoy. The Church was built on the site of the Armenian cemetery. When her bequest was Udalovoy nursing homes. The temple remained in force even during the Soviet era. Today it pleases parishioners and tourists with its beautiful architecture, which can be traced to the Armenian motives.

The Church Of St. KarapetThe Church Of St. Karapet


Landmark is the great mosque, built on the outskirts in 2003. Tourists can admire the magnificent white building, which looks great on the background of the surrounding Park area. Near the main building there is a beautiful minaret with a height of 27 m. First, for the construction of the Muslim temple was allocated a plot in the Park «Builders.» But soon because of recurring conflicts, it was decided to erect a building on a hundred-meter distance from houses. The Church held the Saturday and Sunday classes in Arabic language.


Paramonov’s warehouses

Close to the river don is a monument of Federal value – Paramonov’s warehouses. From built in the mid-nineteenth century, the areas remained only ruins, which today is a historical monument. Warehouse space for their purposes used of different owners and firms. The last owner was a merchant Paramonov, after whom they were named. The building was designed in laconic classic style. Their architecture was also present features of Romanesque architecture. The building survived during the Nazi occupation, but began to deteriorate in the postwar years. This contributed to frequent fires and dismissive attitude of the authorities. Only in 1985 Paramonov’s warehouses began to be protected by the state.

Paramonov of skladiParamonov’s warehouses

Mansion Paramonova

The list of the most popular sights of Rostov-na-Donu is a mansion owned by the publisher Nikolay Paramonov. The building was built by architect L. F. Öberg at the beginning of the XX century. In 1918 the house was nationalized and was at the disposal of the various agencies. During the fighting against the Nazi occupiers in the building caught fire, but the facades have survived. After the war, the city authorities decided to reconstruct the building. Head of restoration works was appointed L. F. Oberg. Since the building is at the disposal of the Zonal scientific library.

Mansion ParamonovaMansion Paramonova

Museum of fine arts

Tourists who decide to visit the Museum of fine arts in Rostov-on-don, have the opportunity to see a rich collection of paintings and sculptures, as well as to admire the architecture of the building, which was built in the late nineteenth century to lawyer A. P. Petrov. The permanent exhibition contains more than 6 thousand works of art. The collection began to take shape long before the official opening of the Museum. Many wonderful paintings went to the Museum after the nationalization of the mansions that belonged to noble persons. In the Museum you can see works by Russian and foreign artists and sculptors.

Museum of fine artsMuseum of fine arts

Interactive Museum of science Laboratorium

A visit to the interactive Museum of science Laboratorium will be interesting to people of any age. Here you can not only enrich their theoretical knowledge of physics, but also test them in practice. In the Museum there are many different instruments that can be used for experiments any visitor. Here you can get acquainted with optical illusions. In the science Park often hosts various interesting contests. For children there are organizing exciting workshops.

Interactive Museum of science LaboratoriumInteractive Museum of science Laboratorium

Museum of railway machinery

In 2003, the city opened a Museum where visitors can see about 50 different types of railway equipment. The exhibition uses more than 2 km of track. In the Museum you can see the old railroad locomotives. Visitors can examine the exhibits from the outside and climb in them. Some of the rarities of the Museum are unique, so are of great value.

Museum of railway machineryMuseum of railway machinery

Museum of cosmonautics

In Rostov-on-don, tourists should visit the Museum of cosmonautics. It was founded on the basis of the enterprise «Kvant», which has been involved in space instrumentation. The initiator of the Museum was a Director of the company V. N. Motin. The exposition contains various space-related technology, things that belonged to the astronauts spacesuits. In the Museum you can see models of devices that are placed on satellites. Especially popular among visitors to enjoy the model space ships.

Museum of cosmonauticsMuseum of cosmonautics

Gorky Park

Guests and residents of Rostov-na-Donu can spend time relaxing in the Central Park named after Gorky. It was founded in the early XIX century on the territory that was donated by the city mayor Andrey Yashchenko. First, the area was divided between different clubs, who were engaged in its improvement. Soon there appeared the magnificent gardens. After some time, they were United in one city Park. In this place laid a neat track that contributes to a pleasant stroll, and a place to stay. Often the Park hosts a variety of festive events and concerts that are going to a lot of citizens and tourists.

Gorky ParkGorky Park

Name Park on may 1

Many tourists after a walk through the historical centre of Rostov-on-don headed to the oldest Park named after 1st may. It was created in the mid-nineteenth century to the desolate territory, which remained after the destruction of the ancient fortress. The layout of the Park was carried out by the architect from St. Petersburg Peters. In 1901 in memory of the demolished fortress was built in the Park a beautiful rotunda and equipped pond. The original layout of the Park has been preserved until the present time. In the shadow of perennial trees is very nice to relax in the summer hot season.

Name Park on may 1Name Park on may 1

Revolution Park

A great place for families is the Park of the Revolution. There are areas where you can hike. The Park has a large number of interesting sculptures, fountains. There is also a pond where you can see and feed a variety of birds, including exotic species. The Park has rides that allows young visitors have fun time. Popular Ferris wheel. Of the booths you can see a wonderful panorama of the city.

Revolution ParkRevolution Park

Botanical garden of southern Federal University

Among the popular sights of Rostov-na-Donu is a Botanical garden that belongs to the South Federal University. The creation of this picturesque place in 1927. In it, visitors can see a variety of collections, which collected a huge number of plant species. Very popular are the arboretum and tropical zones. In the Botanical garden you can see the Orthodox relic – a mineral spring, which was named in honor of St. Seraphim of Saratov.

Botanical garden of southern Federal UniversityBotanical garden of southern Federal University


To arrange for the whole family holiday, residents and visitors travel to the Dolphinarium, which was built in 2009. In a specially designed building has three swimming pools which are home to dolphins. Here you can explore the charming and intelligent marine animals, look at the bright view. Contribute to a pleasant stay and beautiful scenery in the building. Dolphinarium takes visitors throughout the year.


Touching zoo

To get a lot of pleasant impressions and to get acquainted with representatives of the local and exotic fauna, tourists are advised to visit the touching zoo. In this place guests can pet or pick up an animal, to feed him. On the first floor of the zoo are enclosures with the inhabitants of the local farms. On the second floor you can see and touch exotic animals. Facility staff accompany the visitors and explain in detail about each inhabitant of the zoo. This place is a real delight in children.

Touching zooTouching zoo

Bascule railway bridge

Many guests of Rostov-on-don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the swing railway bridge. The current structure was built in 1952. Earlier this place was connected to the Bank of the don river drawbridge, which the people call «American». During the great Patriotic war blew it up to block the path of the advancing Nazi army. In 2001, the current bridge was closed for restoration. In the course of the work, which took about 2 years, mine was strengthened by massive cross beam.

Bascule railway bridgeBascule railway bridge

The Stele «To The Liberators Of Rostov»

Many tourists leave the Central square, to admire the beauty of built here of the stele «to the Liberators of Rostov». It was opened in 1983, though the idea of its construction came right after the victory over the Nazi army. The construction of the stele has long been postponed due to lack of funds in the city budget. In 2015, around the monument was a highlight. In its rays floating goddess Nike, which is branched on the top of the structure, this looks amazing.

Stele The Stele «To The Liberators Of Rostov»

Kamienski memorial

In Rostov-on-don, tourists can see a huge number of monuments and sculptures. One of them is Kamienski memorial. It is located on the territory Kumzhinskoe groves next to the main alley. The complex is dedicated to the soldiers of the Soviet army who died during the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders. Here was erected the stele pylons and monument «the Storm». The complex also has a commemorative plaque on which are engraved the names of the fallen soldiers.

Kamienski memorialKamienski memorial


Will pleasantly surprise tourists and sights of the Rostov region. Near the village of Nedvigovka located 35 km from Rostov-on-don, you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Tanais, which was founded here in the III century BC the city was First discovered during excavations in 1823. But upon further archaeological research has failed to find anything that would indicate the historical value of this mass. Only in the 1970-ies the territory in which were found the ruins, was named the reserve and included in the list of sites protected by the state.


Every tourist who is in Rostov-on-don will be able to see a lot of interesting and exciting places. To verify this, it is enough to see photos with a description of the main attractions of the city, placed in the article. There are all conditions to make good impressions ended with a tour of metropolis for people of different interests.

The sights of Rostov-on-don on the map

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