Sights Of Veliky Novgorod

The sights of Novgorod on the map

In Russia there are many cities with a huge number of attractions. But the pearl among them can rightly be called Great Novgorod, where preseve monuments of history. There are created all conditions so that guests could get acquainted with the rich heritage of the «Father of Russian cities». Veliky Novgorod has not experienced significant damage during the numerous battles, making the most of the built in this land of magnificent temples have survived to the present day. Today, almost all the historic monuments of Veliky Novgorod is included in the list of historical monuments UNESCO. In the city tourists can see interesting places created in the past. Photos with names and descriptions of all the unique places in Veliky Novgorod will allow travelers to appreciate the beauty of the city and cause the desire to visit this wonderful area.

Sights Of Veliky Novgorod

Novgorod Kremlin

A symbol of Great Novgorod is the Kremlin, towering on the left coast of the river Volkhov. Not yet managed to find the exact date of construction of this historical monument. For the first time it is mentioned in the ancient Chronicles, which tell of the events of 1044. At first castle walls were wooden. In the XV century by order of Moscow Prince Ivan III the walls of the Kremlin was built of stone and arranged the towers in which it was possible to place artillery weapons. In the XIX century the wall of the Kremlin, located close to the river, collapsed. It was restored, making it more subtle. It was arranged a niche in which were stored the archives of the exchequer. During the great Patriotic war the building was used as barracks for German soldiers. Today the Kremlin is in excellent condition. Restored the wall, which collapsed in 1991. Flock here all tourists arriving to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Novgorod KremlinNovgorod Kremlin

Yaroslav’s Court

Will delight lovers of historic monuments of architecture of the ancient complex of Yaroslav’s court, where there are numerous sights of Veliky Novgorod. It is here that the fate of the land of Novgorod the Veche meetings. In the XV century, Yaroslav yard was given into the possession of the Moscow Prince Ivan III. In the XVI century, it began to erect new buildings. On the Yaroslav Courtyard was built a huge Gostiny Dvor, where he took foreign merchants and noble guests. During the German occupation, almost all the buildings were able to survive and was undergoing renovation. After a few years of work, Yaroslav’s Court acquired its original appearance.

Yaroslav's CourtYaroslav’s Court

Arcade of Gostiny Dvor

Gostiny Dvor, Veliky Novgorod occupied a rather large territory. It in the XI century was located the Prince’s Palace and the area where you are going and the chamber. Many of the buildings of Gostiny Dvor was destroyed during the war with the Swedes. Was damaged and arcade. Its restoration began in the 1680-ies. Significant reconstruction of the arcade were carried out in the XVIII century. Since the appearance of the building has not changed. Arcade is considered an example of the old facades.

Arcade of Gostiny DvorArcade of Gostiny Dvor

The clock tower

Above the walls of Novgorod Kremlin towers are another attraction of the city – the clock tower. This is a high tower, on each side of which is placed a large clock face. The first tower on this place was built in the XV century. In the XVII century it was dismantled and built anew. The clock tower was damaged in the Second World war: its dome was demolished, and in its place made a regular roof. In the 1970s, this historic monument began to reconstruct. The clock tower of today pleases visitors and residents with its stunning views.

The clock towerThe clock tower

Alekseevskaya tower

Almost every tourist who arrived in Novgorod the Great, does not miss the opportunity to visit Alexis tower, located in a suburban area. It is the only such structure that managed to survive and survive to the present time. The thickness of the walls of the building reaches 4.5 meters. The inner part is made of stones, and as the veneer used brick walls. In the walls of the towers are made with special Windows that during the fighting it was possible to make artillery shots. The tower consists of three tiers, which are connected by stairwells.

Alekseevskaya towerAlekseevskaya tower

Episcopal Palace of facets

Being in Veliky Novgorod can go on an excursion to the Palace of facets, built in the XV century. Based on the records of the Second Novgorod chronicle, the construction of this amazing structure was entrusted to the craftsmen who arrived from abroad. This is also evidenced not typical of other buildings the pediment ends, arches, vaults finished. In the house were held the meetings of the court and the Assembly of representatives of the local elite. The facade of the building was altered frequently. Present form it acquired in the late nineteenth century. Interior rooms have retained its original appearance to the present time.

Episcopal Palace of FacetsEpiscopal Palace of facets

St. Nicholas Cathedral

One of the oldest temples of Veliky Novgorod is St. Nicholas Cathedral, whose construction took place in the first half of the XII century. Near this temple was conducted in the chamber. The Cathedral often hide the people, aroused the indignation of the people. Being in the Holy place, they could avoid punishment. The Shrine of Kiev as an example of traditional architecture. After construction it was decorated with many frescoes, which are almost not preserved. Today you can admire only some of its fragments.

St. Nicholas CathedralSt. Nicholas Cathedral

Antoniev monastery

Being in the city of Veliky Novgorod, is to visit another ancient Shrine – Antoniev monastery. This magnificent temple is striking with its magnificent architecture, which has survived until today in excellent condition. The monastery is associated with many amazing stories and legends. It is believed that the man who founded this place, was a native of Rome. It in the XII century a strange way in the Russian city decided to build the monastery. For many centuries in the sanctuary, there have been numerous renovation work, so it has expanded considerably. Today the monastery is organized by the Museum-reserve.

Antoniev monasteryAntoniev monastery

Holy spirit monastery

In the city tourists should visit another ancient relic – the Holy spirit monastery. The history of this temple is full of periods of decline and prosperity. Based on the chronicle records that the monastery already existed in the XII century. Originally all the buildings of the Shrine were built of wood. Only in the XIV century, the temples were built of stone. The area occupied by the monastery for centuries has increased considerably. In the XVII century the building was badly damaged during the fighting with the Swedes.They managed to recover. The Church operated until 1920, and then was cancelled. Before our time in the monastery, if some churches and commercial buildings.

Holy spirit monasteryHoly spirit monastery

Kremlin Park

Walking you can go in Veliky Novgorod in the Kremlin Park. It is situated near the Novgorod Kremlin. The Park was founded in the early nineteenth century. At that time it was decided to level the fortifications around the walls and create in their place a Summer garden. After the October revolution part of the Park has been allocated for a sports field. During the great Patriotic war, the Kremlin, the Park was almost completely destroyed. Its territory was covered with craters from bomb explosions, and the trees cut by the German occupiers for home heating. In 1946, restored after the war, the Park became known as the Kremlin. Now in its territory there are fountains, sculptures and monuments.

Kremlin ParkKremlin Park

Znamensky Cathedral

At the end of the XVII century in Veliky Novgorod at the direction of Metropolitan Cornelius was built the Cathedral of the sign, which is now included in the list of ancient shrines of the city. The temple was built of wood and already 9 years after the consecration was badly damaged by fire. Soon it was reconstructed by making some improvements. The facade of the building was decorated with various decorative elements and the interior decoration appeared frescoes. Again to rebuild the temple had in the XVIII century after a fire, and in the XIX century, it has made another reconstruction on the initiative of Countess Orlova-Chesmenskaya, who sacrificed for works a significant amount of money.

Znamensky CathedralZnamensky Cathedral

Stele «City of military glory»

The construction of the memorial stele celebrated a very important event for the city Veliky Novgorod was awarded the title «City of military glory». The design of the monument began in 2008. Also, the city began to think about the allocation, which is dominated by the Victory monument. In 2009, the city planning Committee, it was decided to place the stele in the square near the Cinema center. On the construction of the monument took only 3 months and on the eve of the Victory day it was opened. After 2 years around the monument mounted with a commemorative bas-reliefs, paintings and inscriptions.

Stele Stele «City of military glory»

Zwerin-Pokrovsky monastery

Guests of Veliky Novgorod is to visit another ancient Shrine of the city – Severin-Pokrovsky monastery. The temple was built near the protected forest Menagerie to the XII century, mentioned in the annals preserved. By the decree of Emperor Peter I in the XVIII century the monastery was closed, but after 6 years, resumed its activity. Once the abolition of the monastery took place in 1920. The nuns continued to live in the temple, making every effort to restore the activities of the Shrine. But in 1930 the Church was closed. Today, it is a service for parishioners. The monastery has been preserved in excellent condition so is a popular attraction among tourists.

Zwerin-Pokrovsky monasteryZwerin-Pokrovsky monastery

The Church of St. George on the marketplace

On the Yaroslav courtyard you can admire the historical landmark of the city – the Church of St. George on the marketplace. The exact date of the construction of the temple could not figure out. The study of the ancient Chronicles have shown that in the XIV century Shrine is already in effect. Initially the Church was wooden, but then it was replaced by a stone building. In the middle of the XVIII century because of the frequent fires in the vaults of the Cathedral collapsed. After 3 years the Church was restored and had already taken his parishioners. Until now it has been preserved in excellent condition.

The Church of St. George on the marketplaceThe Church of St. George on the marketplace

Academic theatre. F. M. Dostoevsky

Guests of Veliky Novgorod should visit the academic drama theatre, built in the city in 1987. The building was designed by the famous architect Somov. The theatre has also built a column height of 42 meters, which was the addition of the ensemble. In 2007, a question was raised about the demolition of the column with her jumping people who wish to commit suicide. After 2 years, the column was dismantled.

Academic theatre. F. M. DostoevskyAcademic theatre. F. M. Dostoevsky

Novgorod contemporary art center

To get acquainted with the works of talented artists that are worth a visit Novgorod center for contemporary art. First, it was organized a temporary exhibition. Over time, the city authorities decided to build in the center of the permanent exhibition. Today, Nova has a well-equipped halls with a huge number of artists and sculptors. In the centre were also organized for all interested educational program.

Novgorod contemporary art center

Desyatinny monastery

In Veliky Novgorod preserved a great number of temples, which are extremely interesting for tourists. Quite often visitors and residents of the city visit of the tithe monastery. For the first time the Church is mentioned in the Chronicles, created in the XIV century. Since its Foundation until the times of the Soviet power on the territory of the Shrine was erected many temples and business premises. The buildings were demolished after the October revolution, and some buildings were damaged during the fighting with the German invaders. Several buildings of the monastery managed to recover. They now a Museum and Union of artists of Russia.

Desyatinniy MonastirDesyatinny monastery


Tourists in Veliky Novgorod will be interesting to see the Usually which once was located on the edge of town from St. Petersburg. In this house were sentries guarding the entry road. At first it was built 2 buildings, which were not architectural features. In 1834, they rebuilt and decorated in a classic style. Up to the present time has survived only one Usually.


The Novgorod regional Philharmonic hall

Visitors to the city should visit the city Philharmonic. She started working in the city in 1959. After 28 years the Philharmonic was given the building, which previously housed the drama theatre. Availability for rehearsals allowed urban music groups to greatly expand your repertoire. The Philharmonic often organize festivals of various subjects. These often come with tours of famous Russian and foreign bands. Visiting the Philharmonic, not only can enjoy high art, but also to admire the beautiful architecture of the building.

The Novgorod regional Philharmonic hallThe Novgorod regional Philharmonic hall

The Monument «Millennium Of Russia»

Veliky Novgorod is famous for another attraction which is well worth a visit guests of the city. This is a commemorative monument, erected in 1862. It coincided with the millennial anniversary of Russia. On the creation of the project of the monument worked with the most famous Russian architects. The monument was designed in neo-Byzantine style. It consists of 3 tiers decorated with figures of 128 people who made a huge contribution to the development of the country.

The Monument The Monument «Millennium Of Russia»


To get acquainted with the folk wooden architecture, tourists who are in the city of Veliky Novgorod, is to go to the Vitoslavlitsy Museum, located near the city. Here is a collection of monuments of ancient architecture protected by the state. This Museum was founded in 1967. Since here deliver to residential houses, industrial buildings and temples created in the past centuries. All found monuments of antiquity, first disassembled, transported to the Museum and are reproduced in the original form.


Travel Palace

The historic monuments of Veliky Novgorod is true Palace, built on the territory of Yaroslav’s court in the late eighteenth century. It is located on the road connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which determined its name. A few decades after the construction of the Palace was abandoned. In 1825, work began on its reconstruction. Architectural features the buildings created at that time, preserved up to the present. Today in the EN-route Palace the hotel is located.

Travel PalaceTravel Palace

The Rurik Gorodische

The oldest monument in Veliky Novgorod is the Rurik Settlement. Based on the records in the ancient Chronicles, scientists have concluded that the residence of the princes of Ancient Rus was created in the IX century. The monument is located at the headwaters of the Volkhov river. Today you can see the ruins of the Church of the Annunciation, which lasted over a thousand years and was destroyed during the great Patriotic war. In the Ryurik ancient settlement there are houses.

Rurikovo GorodischeThe Rurik Gorodische

The Church Of Paraskeva

On the Yaroslav courtyard you can visit the Church of St. Paraskeva Friday. The first building was built in the XII century. After 50 years in its place was erected a temple of stone. Despite the fact that for many centuries the Shrine was reconstructed many times, it still kept the shape of its original form. Today the Church is a Museum under the protection of the state.

The Church Of ParaskevaThe Church Of Paraskeva

Kokuy Tower

Connoisseurs of historic attractions worth a visit Kokuy tower, which is located in the South-West of the Novgorod Kremlin. Its construction was carried out in the XVII century. The building project was designed by the architect S. L. Efremov. During the great Patriotic war the upper part of the tower was badly damaged during the air strikes. Reconstruction of the historical monument began in 1960. After the end of reconstruction Kokuy tower’s original appearance.

The Kokuy TowerKokuy Tower

Fountain «Sadko»

In the centre of Veliky Novgorod you can admire another remarkable attraction is the Fountain «Sadko and Princess volkhova». It was built in 1978 by architect E. N. Kuryleva. For 30 years the fountain in tatters. In 2009 was carried out reconstruction work, during which were replaced by internal communication and restored the lost fragments of mosaic patterns. The fountain is also equipped with lighting.

Fountain Fountain «Sadko»

The Catholic Church of saints Peter and Paul

In the late nineteenth century in Veliky Novgorod was built the Church of the apostles Peter and Paul, which is the main Catholic temple of the city. In 1907 the Church was sheltering homeless children. Under the Soviet regime were taken from the Church all the values. In 1933 the Church was closed. More than 60 years, the mission of the Shrine was occupied by different organizations. Only in 1996 the Church was returned to the Catholic Church. At the present time, it is services and organ concerts.

The Catholic Church of saints Peter and PaulThe Catholic Church of saints Peter and Paul

The butterfly garden

Lovers of wildlife should take the time to visit the butterfly garden in Veliky Novgorod. This place will be interesting for children and adults, so it is often visited by the whole family. In the garden you can see many rare species of butterflies, and even to witness the emergence of them into the light. In this amazing place you can admire and other rare animals. In the terrarium garden live chameleons, some species of spiders. Here you can see even small birds.

The butterfly gardenThe butterfly garden

Museum of fine arts

Popular tourist place in Veliky Novgorod is the Museum of fine arts, which today is located in a restored noble residence. Gallery collection began to take shape after the October revolution. From estates left for the border representatives of the local nobility at the Museum was delivered to found artwork. At the present time the gallery has a large collection of paintings by Russian and foreign artists.

Museum of fine artsMuseum of fine arts

The center of musical antiquities V. I. Povetkin

To get acquainted with ancient Russian musical instruments in the center of musical antiquities V. I. Povetkin. Here engaged in the reconstruction of tools found by archaeologists during excavations that were created in the X-XV centuries. In the center you can hear old songs and see the historical costumes, to participate in various training programmes. Here you can see the popular in Ancient Rus ‘ crafts.

The center of musical antiquities V. I. PovetkinThe center of musical antiquities V. I. Povetkin

From the article you can read only a small part of the monuments of Veliky Novgorod and see their photo description. Here to explore all the interesting places, you need to spend more than one day. In this ancient town can keep historical values and create modern attractions that attract the attention of tourists.

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