Moscow Attractions

The sights of Moscow on the map

Every tourist who goes to Russia necessarily visit Moscow. It’s not just the Russian capital. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which collected a large number of attractions. Moreover, to all them to visit, you need more than one day. Of course, you can explore them with a guide during the tour. But much more interesting to do it yourself, enjoying the beauty of Russian architecture and art.

Tretyakov gallery

In the Tretyakov gallery city guests and Muscovites themselves often get on the subway. From the station to the Tretyakov gallery to walk a few minutes. You can go through the Horde get stalled, or Great Horde street. Both paths lead to the Tretyakov gallery in the Park Shmelev. After whom is named the square, it is not clear as in the center stands a strange sculpture, bright and shiny, Ivan Sergeevich Shmelev, Russian writer and publicist, it is not similar. The kids love to climb on it. Bust Orthodox thinker is hiding, probably somewhere in the bushes.

Tretyakov galleryTretyakov gallery

Tretyakov gallery

Next is the complex of buildings of the Tretyakov gallery. To get to the main exhibition, where the most committed and move forward a bit more Lavrushinsky lane. Past the entrance it is impossible to pass. For the wrought-iron fence, a monument to Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov, behind him the tower, look at that recall Pushkin’s fairy tales. This is the way a fairytale Kingdom pictures-worlds that Pavel’ve got a lifetime of patronizing their creators. On weekends and holidays through the alley to the gate winds a long line. By the way, if you go from the metro station further along Klimentovsky lane to the side of Pyatnitskaya street, there are pubs enough for any taste and budget.

State Museum of fine arts

All the treasures of this Museum for a long time and not once described in the most vivid terms. You can see them in numerous publications (books, magazines or Newspapers). Even have the opportunity to walk through the halls of the virtual, because the Internet has such resources. But the old truth that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, here is supplemented by the fact that to see it you have to at least once, but with my own eyes. Because the difference is huge and cannot be described in words.

State Museum of fine artsState Museum of fine arts

State Museum of A. S. Pushkin

Because then you and the paintings and sculptures of famous artists and sculptors. Touching beautiful, urgent to forget still does not work. The exhibition is very big. And even just all of it to go around, not stopping something completely is quite tedious. Quite prosaic want to relax and eat. And if the nearby restaurants and bars seem a little expensive, the crown of fast food affordable to all.

Street «Bolshaya Ordynka»

Many tourists share one aim of the journey is to get to the Moscow Operetta. The way there lies through Red square. And the red square is a straight road on the Big Ordynka in Moskvoretsky bridge. This street is quite familiar. The song «On Ordynka» and on the tip of my tongue. However, in the part through which the path of the fountains there. But it is rich in architectural monuments, as well as all old Moscow.

The house No. 17 is famous because in it, the writer Ardova, stayed Anna Akhmatova. Though she’s been here several times, arriving in Moscow. And even met with Marina Tsvetaeva. The names of these poets are known even to uneducated individuals. When I read a memorial plaque, visited an indescribable feeling of touching history. And in the yard of this house is a monument to Anna Akhmatova.

Street Street «Bolshaya Ordynka»


Moskvoretsky bridge

Bolshaya Ordynka rests on Small Moskvoretsky bridge and smoothly into the Large. Passing dull the Discharge channel, go out to the expanse of the Moscow river. Beautiful views of the Kremlin.

So it turns out that the Kremlin ensemble we see often already square, Vasilevsky descent and the attention immediately is the St. Basil’s Cathedral. From the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge is opened for a look more full and large-scale painting. Breathtaking from the majestic beauty of the Kremlin. Opens in all its glory the Grand Kremlin Palace, waving the flag of Russia. Shine in gold domes of the churches. Assumption Cathedral, Archangel Cathedral, Belfry of Ivan the Great. Reliable sentries are on duty Kremlin tower, Beklemishevskaya starting with the closest, which seems very high from this angle. Passing by endless ships.

Moskvoretsky bridge

Moskvoretsky bridge long while coming, behold-love enough. Is it in Soviet times, landed German bombers Mathias rust and rolled down on Vasilevsky descent, got right on the plane to St. Basil’s Cathedral. The same way anyone can get to Red square and much less extreme way – on foot.

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is the main spiritual and political center of Russia. Every year, it attracts over 1 million tourists. It is located in the heart of the Russian capital. Powerful walls and towers, it seems, will stay in this form for several centuries. But they have withstood 5 centuries. However, during this time, several times reconstructed. The walls and towers erected in the 16th century. The length of all the walls is 2235 meters. Their height is different and varies from 5 to 19 meters.

The Kremlin

With height it is seen that the walls form an irregular triangle. Along which are located towers totaling 20 units. Three round towers and the other 17 – square. The Supreme is the Trinity tower which is 80 metres in length. On site there are small temples with Golden roofs, and graceful palaces. All these structures form a beautiful ensemble.

Red square

Every time I come to Moscow and visiting the main square of the country, I find it kind of neoplasm. The ice rink, the suitcase, a field of flowers. And this majestic, ancient, a terrible but wonderful place in recent years more and more becoming like a popular prints. Perhaps the heart of the country should call the guests and the owners admiration and reverence, and is often surprised and sometimes ashamed. This is a digression.

Red squareRed square

Red square

Actually St. Basil’s Cathedral and Spasskaya tower with the famous astronomical clock, even the Kremlin wall with huge curved teeth worth to see them close up. Leaving Red square through the archway of resurrection gate, pass by the Historical Museum on the right and the Kazan Cathedral on the left.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Having been in Moscow, you can not go past St. Basil’s Cathedral. After all, this Temple is one of the most famous monuments of architecture in Russia. Seeing the Cathedral with domes, one prettier than the other, each visiting foreigner enthusiastically exclaims: «how beautiful!». It’s so big and beautiful and majestic standing on the red square and catches the eye. The temple survived even in the Soviet period when most churches were destroyed.

The Cathedral Of Basil The Blessed

There is even a historic bike. It is believed that Kaganovich, restoring a Red square, presented a project according to which it was necessary to demolish the Temple. But Stalin replied sternly to him: «Put that down!». It is not known whether it was actually, however, the Cathedral survived in the 20th century, and even he has been repeatedly renovated. The process of worship was restored in 1990. Therefore, it is possible not only to admire the beauty of the building, but also to listen to the magical sound of bells.

The Cathedral of the assumption

This is one of the main shrines in Russia. Located in the center of Moscow, in the Kremlin. Previously, the assumption Cathedral was the spiritual and political center of Russia was crowned Emperor, crowned princes to reign. Was built in 1326 St. Peter. But in 1472, Ivan III decided to reconstruct it. The temple was dismantled to its Foundation and built anew. This time the construction took place under the guidance of Italian architect Aristotle Fioravanti. During the war with the French in 1812, the Cathedral was looted. In the Soviet period the Cathedral was turned into a Museum, and divine services were resumed only in 1990.

The Cathedral of the assumptionThe Cathedral of the assumption

The Cathedral of the assumption

Cathedral of the Archangel

The Archangel Cathedral is located in the Kremlin was being built for 4 years (1505-1508). Earlier in his place stood a white stone Church that has suffered greatly in 1450 due to lightning. Ivan III had hired an Italian architect to build him a new temple. Until the end of construction the Prince did not live, so was buried in the territory under construction of the building. It is expected that some fragments of the old house was saved.

Cathedral of the ArchangelCathedral of the Archangel

Cathedral of the Archangel

In 1812, when Moscow was burning, the Cathedral was badly damaged. Some destruction occurred during the bombardment of the Kremlin in 1917. After a year it was closed, like other sacred buildings. In 1950, the Church became a Museum, but its restoration began only 20 years later. Currently, the Archangel Cathedral remains a Museum, but on certain holidays it to hold services.

Ivan The Great Bell Tower

The Church was built in 1508 in the memory of the deceased Tsar Ivan III. In 1532 to the bell-tower and in 1600 additional cylindrical layer. At that time the bell tower was the highest construction in Russia, reaching 81 meters height. In 1812, the two outbuildings were destroyed. Only the belfry survived, but it was removed from the cross, which was not found until now. The building now serves as a Museum.

Ivan The Great Bell TowerIvan The Great Bell Tower

Ivan The Great Bell Tower


Included in the complex of the Grand Kremlin Palace. Built in 1851. Here you can see precious items, which for centuries was kept in the Royal Treasury. Some of them were created by the Kremlin masters, others donated from other States.

The Museum: ceremonial and Royal clothing, armor hierarchs of Orthodox churches, silverware, carriages, weapons. Totally there are about 4,000 works of art from Russia and other countries. Therefore, the Armory became world famous.




The name «Gory» came from the fact that this territory was owned by pop a Sparrow. Then they passed into the possession of Duchess Sophia Vitovtovna. Since then, the Park became a favorite place of Russian tsars and princes. In the Soviet period the Sparrow hills were called Lenin. Since 1953, the access to the Park is open to all people.

To better see the beauty of hills, the walk should start from building of Moscow state University. Through the alley of scientists you will reach the observation deck. It offers views of the Moscow river, the Luzhniki stadium. Especially nice is the capital in the evening, so it’s best to walk in the night.



«Okhotny Ryad»

Before us is a Manezhnaya square with the dome of the underground shopping center «Okhotny Ryad». Its content may be of interest to those visitors and guests who feel a bit of a Shopaholic. After all, it houses shops and boutiques of many well-known manufacturers. But the area that surrounds a transparent dome underground structures, interesting to stroll for adults and children.

Ohotnij a number

After seeing the fountains and sculptures Manezh square, turn onto the street Okhotny Ryad. The path runs between the monumental and the famous houses. The right half of the building of the former hotel «Moscow». As before, and now, from the Windows of this magnificent building, which was completed in 1935godu, stunning views of Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral. Only now, these types of admire the Hotel «Four Seasons Hotel Moscow» and the visitors of the shopping gallery «Fashion season».

The building of unions House

The left draws attention to the building of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Heavy Imperial style, burdened by the presence of the authorities, then gives way to more light and elegant House of unions. It has a rich history. Previously, there was a Noble collection. It was built in the late XVIII century, being at the time a two-story. In 1812, the building was set on fire by the French, and subsequently he was repeatedly restored. Here was the balls, which took young virgins. Noble collection attracted Pushkin and Lermontov. Provide your interiors recognized figures of culture and art.

The building of the state Duma of the Russian Federation

The phrase «hall of columns» POPs up in the memory of many Russians. Here it is, originally named Big. 28 Corinthian columns, and between them hung large crystal chandeliers have not prevented remarkable acoustics. It was estimated by Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Rachmaninoff and Scriabin. Sounded a unique singing V. F. Chaliapin. The house stands on the corner of «Okhotny Ryad» and «Bolshaya Dmitrovka», turning left along it.

Novodevichy convent

Built in 1524 by Prince Volodymyr the Great. This is a women’s monastery, the monastery of the virgin «Hodegetria». Previously, he was considered the most noble and richest monastery in all of Russia. Came here for rich women that when Luke sacrificed different jewelry. It is located three kilometers from the Kremlin. It offers an incredible view of the Moscow river.

In 1812 he was close. However, kindled by the retreating French fire managed to extinguish it. Since 1922 there is a Museum that works so far.

Novodevichy convent

Patriarch’s Ponds

It is a favorite place for walks of the majority of tourists and residents of the capital. It was here that Berlioz and Ivan Homeless was met by Woland in the Bulgakov’s novel «Master and Margarita». In the area of the Patriarchal ponds lived Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lyudmila Gurchenko. Until the 20th century the territory was inhabited by people, and people called it «the Goat’s swamp.» In 2003, the reconstruction of the Patriarchal ponds. The pond is cleaned by running a fish in it, planted new trees. Currently, the territory is the cultural heritage of the country.

Patriarch's ponds


Now «Bolshaya Dmitrovka» is a pedestrian street with a number of benches in the middle. To the right is the entrance to the metro Theatre. Further, in a number of different shops, can be difficult to catch a glimpse of the posters of the theatre, the RAMT (Russian Academic Youth Theatre). It grew out of the Moscow theatre for children, which in 1921 was organized by Natalia Satz, later it was reorganized into the Central children’s theatre. Among the employees in this theatre actors family Veselkina led by Alexei, Elena galibina, Vyacheslav Grishechkin, Yuri Grigoryev, Pyotr Krasilov, Alexander Ragulin, Anna Taratorkin, Nelly Uvarova.

Theatre Ramtha

New stage of the Bolshoi theatre

Bolshaya Dmitrovka, d. 4/2 is a New stage of the Bolshoi theater, located in the building of the former in the early twentieth century apartment house. At the end of the same century began the redevelopment of old buildings with communal apartments, and already the beginning of the new XXI century was marked by the premiere performance of the Opera «the snow maiden» by Rimsky-Korsakov on the New stage.

Nova stage of a Great theater

On the right, after the House Unions, through the narrow St George’s lane offered to view exhibitions of different directions in the New arena. Beginning of exhibition activities of the former building of the St. George power plant was laid in December 1908, where in the «Second Assembly of the electrical» sensation was wireless telegraphy Popov, on which a lot of people came to watch. Since these facilities are increasingly used as garages. But at the end of XX century it returned the status of the exhibition hall.

The Building Of The Moscow Operetta

After seeing the announcements coming, and are preparing to display exhibits, the gaze is directed on the opposite side of the street, and immediately appears before him the building of the Moscow Operetta. At various times it has played and sang such famous artists as Tatiana sniffing, Taisia Sanina, S. M. Anikeev, G. M. Yaron. And now you can enjoy the performances, which for many years going with the same success. The premiere of the operetta «Silva» took place, for example, in 1941. The audience is waiting for «Fanfan La TULIPE» and «Mister X», «Bat» and «Cinderella.» In addition, there with great success at the time, took the musical «Notre Dame de Paris» and «Romeo and Juliet».

The building of the Moscow operetta

And now, the same performers present was a triumph of «Monte Cristo,» and go on with great success, «Graf Orlov». These musicals invented and staged in Russia, with their own forces and their own talent. «The Moscow operetta» offers to see and hear classical performances, and works of talented modern Russian composers and performers.

So, Moscow is not worth a visit «travel». Need to stay here for at least a few days to enjoy the beauty of the city. Moreover, not only beautiful monuments, but also the whole of the capital as a whole.

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