The Sights Of Kaliningrad

In the westernmost part of Russia is the historic city of Kaliningrad, which has an extremely rich history that draws many tourists. Founded in 1255, he was for many centuries bore the name of Koenigsberg and was under the rule of Germany. During the Second world war the historical centre was heavily damaged by bombing. No less a contribution to the destruction of cultural property made a rule of the Soviet Union after the region passed into the possession of Russia. Historic castle in the centre of the city was destroyed and built new buildings. Today architects are making every effort to restore the greatness of Kaliningrad. Many unique buildings were restored and now they can enjoy the residents and guests of the city. Over time, new sights of Kaliningrad, which are also of interest to fans of unique and exciting places.

The Sights Of Kaliningrad


One of the most popular attractions of Kaliningrad is the Cathedral, built in 1333. This building holds the secrets of the middle Ages, is located on Kant island. Despite serious damage during the great Patriotic war, the Cathedral was restored, recreating its magnificent view. The most talented architects for nearly 30 years carried out the restoration work, paying attention to every detail. In the Cathedral to this day services are held. In the towers of the buildings you can admire the Lutheran and Orthodox chapels that impress a rich finish.


Church of the Holy family

It is striking architecture, the Church of the Holy family, which is now converted into a regional Philharmonic hall, Kaliningrad. Its Creator is the architect Friedrich Heitman. Talented artist wanted to build a temple, which would have been nice to visit the whole family. The project was realized in 1907. Before the war, the Church organized a school, which taught the finer points of organ playing. All students had to go to the front, and the school was closed. During the war the Church was badly damaged in the fighting. Only in the 1970’s, the architects managed to achieve the consent of the authorities for the restoration of the historical monument. Today the restored building for the International festival of organ music, which has already become traditional.

Church of the Holy familyChurch of the Holy family

Sackheim gate

In ancient times Kaliningrad was a large castle, which from all sides was fortified by ramparts and sturdy stone walls. The evidence for this is the old Sackheim gate, built in the XVII century. They have long protected the city from enemies, but at the end of the centuries has become the symbolic arch on the road that connected Berlin with königsberg. After the war, the walls of the ancient buildings had a lot to see here was equipped with a storage room, a Playground for basketball. Sackheim gate was even used as a place for discos. Today the building is a cultural and educational center which hosts various art exhibitions and educational programs.

Sackheim gateSackheim gate

Brandenburg gate

Fans of Gothic architecture will appreciate another ancient sight of the city – the Brandenburg gate. Their construction dates back to 1657 year. They have served the city for about a century, after which king Frederick II decided to build a more sturdy protection. The gate was abandoned and for a long time was just destroyed. Only in the nineteenth century, city planners decided to restore the historical value. During restoration work the upper part of the gate was equipped with turrets, adorned with flowers. Here you can admire the coats of arms, with medallions and portraits of the glorious military.

Brandenburg gateBrandenburg gate

King’s gate

The most popular sights of Kaliningrad include the king’s gate. They were built in the XIX century to protect the city. This majestic building, designed in pseudo-Gothic style, decorated with three reliefs of the people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the city. In the postwar years the building was neglected. Only in the beginning 2000-x years the architects have started their recovery. The gates were open to the public in 2005. Now in their walls, you can visit the Museum of the World ocean.

King's gateKing’s gate

Holy cross Cathedral

To admire the architecture in Kaliningrad, it is worth to visit the Cathedral, which used to be called the Church of the Holy cross. It was built by the project of the German master Arthur Ciccone. Its construction began in 1930 and lasted about 3 years. A notable feature of the building is its facade, designed in the shape of a Greek cross. The side towers have domed end, and a niche between them are decorated with magnificent majolica kadinskiy, which depicts the cross. The Cathedral has long stood empty, and only in 1986 it repairs the Ministers of the Orthodox Church.

Holy cross CathedralHoly cross Cathedral

Fridlandskie Vorota

Near the Park South is another historic monument of Kaliningrad – fridlandskie Vorota. They were built in the XIX century and has long served to protect the city walls. In the early twentieth century they were transferred to the city, because it has lost its protective function. For many years the empty net. In 1956, there began to emerge the Museum: this brought a variety of Antiques, found in the ancient structures and at the bottom of ponds. In 2002, the exhibition gained official status.

Fridlandskie VorotaFridlandskie Vorota

The Museum «Fort №5»

Visitors to the Museum «Fort №5» the opportunity not only to admire the exhibits of the historical Museum, but to see a real military structure, built to protect the city in the mid-nineteenth century. The walls of the Fort, the thickness of which is equal to 5 m, save the damage done during the battles of the great Patriotic war. Here at open site presents samples of military equipment. Local residents near the walls of the Fort carried out the reconstruction of historical events.

The Museum The Museum «Fort №5»

Friedrichsburg gate

Visiting the sights of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region, is to pay attention Fredriksbergs goal. This building in former times protected the entrance to the fortress. During world war II the gate was badly damaged and was in ruins for many years. Since 1960-ies, the building tried to restore it, but the use of modern materials and masonry techniques strongly contrasted with the surviving fragments of the gate. City planners decided to recreate the original appearance of historical monument in the neogothic style. The best architects of Russia coped with the challenge and fully restored the gate. Here today exhibition organized by the Museum of the World ocean.

Friedrichsburg gateFriedrichsburg gate

Svyato-Nikolsky temple

One of the most ancient buildings of Kaliningrad is the St. Nicholas Church, formerly known as the Juditten Church. For the first time the building was mentioned in the records of 1288. Its construction involved the servants of the Teutonic Order. We admire the nave of the temple, made of carefully selected boulders, it does not give processing. The Church in the postwar years were heavily damaged. Only in 1980 with the efforts of the clergy and laity of the Orthodox Church began restoration work in the temple. Thanks to the efforts of craftsmen, the building has acquired original appearance.

Svyato-Nikolsky templeSvyato-Nikolsky temple

Center for contemporary art

By visiting the Center for contemporary art, guests and residents of Kaliningrad will be able to admire the magnificent architecture of the ancient towers and exhibits many of the exhibits. Long barracks «crown Prince» was used as a school and dormitories. The entrepreneurs were also arranged in the building of warehouses and shops. In 2003 part of the building was used for exhibitions of works of art. At the present time the tower is recognized as a monument of military-engineering architecture and protected by the state.

Center for contemporary artCenter for contemporary art

Museum of history and art

To know the history of Kaliningrad and its surrounding regions, tourists should visit Museum of history and art of the city. Here is preserved a great number of exhibits that were presented in the destroyed during the war of the Prussian Museum. Within the Museum there are 5 exposures, each of which tells the story of this amazing region. Most popular hall of archaeology, which presents artifacts from ancient times.

Museum of history and artMuseum of history and art

The Museum Of The World Ocean

Extremely interesting exhibits will impress each visitor of the Museum of the World ocean, was built in Kaliningrad in 1990. In the centre are various exhibits ranging from marine flora and fauna, and ending with the development of navigation. Within the tour you can visit the ship, equipped under the museums and even a submarine. There are constantly held a variety of interesting activities, which will be equally interesting to people of any age.

The Museum Of The World OceanThe Museum Of The World Ocean

Astronomical Bastion

In Kaliningrad it is possible to admire another defensive structure – the Astronomical Bastion. Its name he received because of the proximity to the Observatory of the Albertina, which was destroyed in 1944. Part of the Bastion was demolished in 1910, and in its place was built a railway. Today part of the structure is of historical value, protected by the state. While it is possible to admire its appearance, since the interior of the building in need of restoration.

Astronomical BastionAstronomical Bastion

Appelscha gate

Among all the ancient gates, which is located in Kaliningrad only Appelscha was pedestrian, as evidenced by relatively narrow passages. They have a very interesting structure: they are built inside an earth embankment. The passage led to narrow stairs that have survived to the present time. This monument of defensive architecture was long used as a warehouse, the shelter, and even the collector for wastewater. In the 1990-ies its roof adorned the chapel of St. George. Since 2003 Appelscha gates recognized the historical value. After the restoration of the premises will be placed in this Museum.

Appelscha gateAppelscha gate

The upper pond

One of the oldest buildings of Kaliningrad is the Upper pond, created in 1270. Over the arrangement of this artificial reservoir, worked the Teutonic knights. The lake was planned to be used for breeding fish. In ancient times, the pond was outside of the city. At the present time it is surrounded by houses have unusual architecture. The embankments of lake superior – a favorite place for rest of inhabitants of Kaliningrad.

The upper pondThe upper pond

The amber Museum

On the banks of the Upper pond you can see another attraction of the city – the Dohna tower, which is an interesting Museum of amber. It includes the amazing stones of different sizes. The Museum is situated in 28 halls. Here you can admire the natural stones and various objects made from precious mineral. In the courtyard of the building there are different art decorations, which attract the attention of visitors. Here you can buy jewelry made of amber in the gift shop.

The Museum bursztynuThe amber Museum

The Wrangel Tower

Almost a mirror reflection of the Dohna tower is the Bastion of the Wrangell, located near the Upper pond. When his erection was calculated that the roof will be used for the deployment of artillery. To deliver heavy weapons on the roof, the architects decided to create with the city a special ledge that served as a winch. Tower practically has not suffered in the battle, so is in excellent condition. Within its walls is now operating a restaurant.

Bastion WrangelBastion Wrangel

Rossgarten gate

The most popular among tourists are Rossgarten gate that was close to the tower of the don. They were less damaged during the Second world war and has retained its beautiful view to the present time. The building has a Gothic shape, designed by master Wilhelm Ludwig Storeroom. The facade of the gate has seven holes, 6 of which are designed for pedestrians and one for vehicles. Today, the building is a restaurant. Rossgarten gate are of historical value and is under protection of the state.

Rossgarten gateRossgarten gate

Park Youth

One of the often visited destinations in Kaliningrad there is the Park of Youth. Everything here contributes to a pleasant stroll. But most often refer to the unique place in the Park – upside-down house. It’s a local coffee shop with a beautifully decorated exterior and interior. Inside upside down house is a feeling that you really are in the rooms where the floor with all items located above your head.

Park YouthPark Youth

Sculpture Park

Fascinating in Kaliningrad will walk one of the scenic places sculpture. It is located on Kant island near the Cathedral. Walking through its territory you can admire the wonderful works of the sculptors, made of valuable materials. All work, of which there are 23, are United in the exhibition «Man and peace». The pride of the Park are rare species of plants collected from all over Europe and other regions.

Park sculptureSculpture Park

The Bunker Of Lasch

While in Kaliningrad, it is worth to visit another interesting place – the Museum-dugout. Exposure of the bunker tells about the battles during the great Patriotic war. The place is famous because it was built specifically for the German command. The walls of this Museum was declared the capitulation of Germany. The documents were signed by the commandant of the city O Lasch, whose name was given to the Museum. In the room managed to keep the design of the rooms in their original form.

The Bunker Of LaschThe Bunker Of Lasch

Fishing village

Often tourists are advised to visit in Kaliningrad Fishing village. This is an amazing area which consists of places of entertainment, shops and tourist centres. Start of construction of the buildings in the area dates back to 2006. Over 10 years in the Fishing village has grown to 14 buildings, German style. Even the lights, benches and other elements of the design here is decorated in old style. The fishing village love to walk, not only guests, but also its inhabitants.

RIBA villageFishing village


In Kaliningrad still in possession of evidence that the city in earlier times belonged to Germany. To verify this, just go through the Ratshof district. Here the houses have German numbering, which sometimes introduces confusion of the arriving tourists to the city. In the area of the original house, which belonged to before the war to the Germans. On some structures, there are elements of ancient architecture.

District RatshofDistrict Ratshof


Another area of Kaliningrad, preserved signs of German origin, it will be interesting to visit the guests of the city. In Amalienau their house built by the rich, as evidenced by the unique architecture of the buildings. Here you can see the magnificent mansions built in art Nouveau, classical and Renaissance style. Amalienau, is one of the most picturesque areas of the city.

District AmalienauDistrict Amalienau

Art gallery

Art lovers should visit Kaliningrad art gallery, where the works of local talented artists and sculptors, and the works of world famous masters. The gallery has numerous exhibits which tell about the development of crafts in Russia, will showcase the work of local artists pottery and art glass. There is also often hosts temporary exhibitions on various subjects.

Hudaina galleryArt gallery

Victory Square

Almost every tourist who arrived in Kaliningrad, heading to the main square of the historical centre of the city – Victory square. The name she received after the end of world war II. On the square often hosts working, which this place has greatly improved. There was arranged the fountains and the majestic triumphal column. On the square are mostly office buildings and shopping centers.

Ploshcha PeremogiVictory Square

Drama theatre

The beautiful architecture is striking in the Drama theatre in Kaliningrad. Within its walls there are two rooms in which to enjoy productions by local playwrights and visiting teams. Its doors to visitors, the theater opened in 1947 and since then is one of the best stages in Russia. It often hosts various international festivals. The repertoire is very rich, allowing fun to spend time admirers of dramatic art in Kaliningrad.

Drama theatreDrama theatre


Warmly welcomes its guests to the zoo. Here are many different types of animals live in comfortable cages upgraded. In the zoo you can admire the local fauna and exotic animals. Attraction of this place is considered a relict tree, located at the entrance. His age is estimated for centuries.

Kaliningrad zooKaliningrad zoo

Monument Munchausen

Many lovers of literature known resourceful and resilient Baron Munchausen. The man who became the prototype of the hero of his time, visited Kaliningrad. To commemorate this event, the city erected a monument to the famous hero. Love him to visit not only tourists but also locals. This is the most popular place where guests love to be photographed of the city.

Monument MunchausenMonument Munchausen

Kaliningrad can impress even the experienced traveler the many attractions, photos with title and description which you can see in this article. And this is not all the interesting places that are worth visiting, staying in the beautiful historic town. In addition, there is constantly restaurerede many historical sites in the near future that will be open to the public. Many developed new projects to create unique places that are the modern decoration of Kaliningrad.

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