The shortest river in the world

The longest river in the world is considered to be Amazon. On Amazon heard a lot of people. Its area is equal to the area of Australia. But on earth there is also the shortest river. Despite its modest size, the river of this category are very clean and almost never dry up due to groundwater sources.

The shortest river in the world

American record holder

Dee River. Located in the U.S. state of Oregon. The length of the river Dee, the river is 37 meters. Despite its length Dee river plays an important role, connecting Devils lake with the Pacific waters and is located within the same city – Lincoln city. The government of this state, the United States recognized the river Dee river the shortest river in the world. By the way, thought of the authority of Oregon. Up to 90 years, this river was the record holder of the Guinness Book of records (again marked as the shortest river in the world).

River Dee River

In Montana, flows, row river, according to unconfirmed reports, one of its arms is only 17 metres in length. This river flows into the flowing Missouri.

Rivers Of Europe

Cavassila. The length of the river is 20 meters. There is a river in Norway (on the island of hitra). The length of this river depends on the tides.

Aril. The length of this river is 175 meters. The river is powered by a powerful underground springs. Aril is considered the most a small and shallow river of Italy. However, despite its length, the area of the river there are several mills. Through the river itself runs three bridge.

River Aril

Bane. Located in England. The length of the river nearly 4 meters. Bain – the shortest river of Albion. In 2011 it built a hydroelectric power station. The station serves about 40 homes.

River Bale

Hour. Serbian river with a length of 365 meters. The locals call the Hours a «river in a single year.» And all because its length is equal to the number of days in one year. This river was also honored to be included in the Guinness book of records. An Hour passes three bridges. The air in the area fresh and clean even in hot weather. The river usually does not change. Little river is decorated with the waterfall, located at the end. Near the waterfall is also a cozy restaurant.

River Ombla

Ombla. The river is located in Croatia. The length of the Ombla just 30 metres away. At the same time Ombla performs the honors. This river supplies the nearest city with drinking water. In the future they plan to build a hydroelectric power plant.

The absolute record holder

Reproa. On this river I wanted to talk more. It was her first lead as an example during the talk on the shortest rivers in the world. Consider some of the features of this river.

River Rarua is located in Gagra. This resort town of Abkhazia is annually visited by thousands of tourists. This influx of visitors is very strange. Gagra is famous for its wildlife, a perfect climate, seas and beaches. In other words, tourists are there, what to see and where to relax. It is in this region in two kilometers from the city limits has been leaking Reproa.

River Reproa

To date, failed to determine the exact length of this small river. According to some sources, the Abkhazian book of the length of the river about 18 meters. How short this river can be illustrated by the following example. Length of a standard swimming pool – 25 m Length, Reproa – 18. It turns out that this rivulet in short a very simple pool. The name of the river has several meanings. One of them is «submarine water.»

River in Abkhazia

The legend of the Abkhazian river

The shortest river in the world has its own history, which is shrouded in great mystery. Unfortunately, this river is little known. The first mention in scientific journals about this river relates to early 20th century, a time when was opened a climate station in Gagra. Still not managed to find out who discovered this river, and when it happened. But the name of the river made this a fabulous story.

Underground cave

According to legend, in the distant past, the Black sea lived underground spirit. He had three daughters and one son. The spirit was engaged in forging the special magic swords. Each sword had magical powers. Warriors with swords defended the city and Gargan passage from enemies. Fought the son by the spirit. Soon, however, the spirit died. Swords ceased to be hammered, and the city was captured by enemies. Son of spirit was killed, and his daughters decided to destroy the cave. The entrance to the cave blocked by rocks, and the girls are unable to get out. Sitting in the cave, and they wept bitterly. Their tears formed a river Reproa.

We only know that, Reproa stems from the deepest caves. So the river is quite cold. Temperature her equal to spring water. However, the stones located near the Delta of the river, overgrown with moss. In the cave the water comes from melting snow in the mountains. Despite its modest size, Repra provides residents of Gagra potable, clean water.

Mountain river, Reproa

After careful research, experts have assigned a high degree of purity of this river. But in the book of Guinness world records, Rapra has not yet been submitted. Perhaps in the near future, this omission will be corrected.

In a world of many short rivers. As can be seen, each of them beautiful in its own way and brings benefits in due measure to their country and society.

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