The sequels that has benefited from the change of Director

To make a good sequel is not so easy as you might think. The continuation should not be a copy of the original, but the original imposes certain limits. Usually successfully come out the sequels, which are taken by the same Directors, for example, it’s good «the Godfather», «Terminator». Still, not to mention the cases when change of Director’s good impact on the quality of the sequel, meet them in our article.

«Goldfinger/ Goldfinger», 1964

More than 50 years of movies about James bond pleasing the fans, but the story of «James bond» is not as rosy as it seems. A series of films about agent 007 stands out the film directed by guy Hamilton «, Goldfinger». Although we can not say that the first films of Terence young’s bad, but still that bond the audience learned thanks to «Goldfinger». It is from here went persistent Association when mentioning about the agent 007 – luxury cars, elegant beauty, elegant replica of the characters, making spy series of the cult.

«2 French connection/ French Connection II, 1975

Naturally, the sequel «French Connection» no one for a long time did not dare to remove, because the Friedkin film earned five Oscars. But still John Frankenheimer took a chance and took a picture with a more dramatic slant. Although American critics, the painting was ignored, the audience appreciated the work of another Director highly.

«Star wars. Episode V», 1980

Only a desperate man would risk to remove the sequel to the acclaimed «Wars» after they worked with George Lucas, which is the ancestor of the space Saga. But this desperate found, his name is Irvin Kershner, and he is the Director of the best picture of the «Star wars». It has all that is like the audience: dramatic moments, surreal battles, twists and turns, and the end of the film forced the fans to tremble and continue to wait.

«The color of money/ The Color of Money», 1986

A very large time gap between «Pool» and its sequel, to be compared with each other. We can say only one thing: the release of this film is the rare case when the sequel is filmed with rare master of his craft, Martin Scorsese. Although the picture is not so complacently accepted by critics, it still is the highlight of the 80s, was nominated for various awards and the audience loved.

«Strangers/ Aliens», 1986

Sequel from James Cameron is one of the best. And for good reason. Cameron was able to show the main characters from the other side and enter a new, film more dynamic and exciting picture, turning it into a fascinating technological action, which in many respects surpassed the original version.

«Die hard 3», 1995

To discuss the first two parts silly, because the first is a Thriller, which has no equal to this day, and the second managed to attract the audience only by its name. Fortunately, for filming of the third part took John McTiernan and not lost. The film is a twisted detective story and great acting of the main characters, so the action failed. Sorry, the ending had to be changed at the request of a film Studio that might have ruined the picture, but the audience was satisfied.

«Blade 2/ Blade II», 2002

Movie buffs will remember the first part of «blade», released by Stephen Norrington. «Blade 2», a Gothic action game about vampires, inspired by Mexican Director Guillermo del Toro (incidentally,this was his first English-language work) to further exploits: in the second part, one can notice the emergence of «Hellboy» and «pan’s Labyrinth». The original film gave room for imagination, and this took Guillermo, successfully releasing a picture of a vampire from which the blood run cold, creepy and gripping.

«Casino Royale/ Casino Royale», 2006

This movie is barely even a sequel, rather it’s a reboot, «Casino Royale is very different from other parts of «Bondiana». Played the role of everything with the change of the main actor, ending with a new time with the other needs of the audience. Removing the «Casino», Martin Campbell took a big risk, but coped brilliantly with this task and gave the world an entirely new agent 007.

«Iron man 3», 2013

The movie not only had to deal with the previous parts, but also with competing tapes released by Marvel studios. The victory was for the third «Iron man», which Director Shane black, a former successful screenwriter, added a depth of emotion and candor to the audience, leaving the ribbon, bright special effects and brilliant sense of humor of the protagonist Tony stark. The sequel is quite successful, and left the viewer to be hopeful about the continuation.

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