The secrets of fresh breath

Since childhood we know that after a meal you need to brush your teeth to avoid unpleasant mouth odor. Of course, we listened to our mothers, and follow their advice so far, but if everything was resolved… so just a Cause of bad breath may not be a disregard for the rules of hygiene, and the real disease.

Problems with the breath

Breath could fatally affect your life. Communicating with people becomes more difficult: they have avoided, and you’re beginning to get a complex. From the past self-confidence does not leave any traces. But the reason for this may be a trivial deviation in the functioning of your body.

Bad breath that refuses to go away, in medicine is called a complex term «halitosis». It’s difficult to pinpoint how many people are carriers of this sad disease, but doctors suggest half the population of the globe.


To get rid of this little problem, which creates serious problems in life, you need to start with finding out the root of all evil.

An unpleasant smell can occur for many reasons:

  • Eating onions or garlic.
  • Eating disorder.
  • The use of alcohol.
  • Smoking.
  • Antidepressants.
  • The tranquilizers.
  • Diuretics.
  • Diseases of the throat.
  • Other diseases (sinusitis to cancer).

Also bad breath can be caused by non-observance of hygiene of the oral cavity. According to statistics, every tenth person who suffers from bad breath, cleans teeth wrong, not the time change toothbrushes buying poor quality toothpaste or just rarely brushes his teeth. If the problem of unpleasant bad breath lies precisely in this, visit the dentist, and he will give you advice on how to rectify the situation.

Bad breath

Sometimes the unpleasant odor is due to pain. This problem is much more serious than the previous one, and we will consider it in more detail. This disease can occur in the body due to improper nutrition. And disadvantages of the diet can be different: vegetarianism, a large number of meat-eating, overeating, abundance in the diet of heavy foods drugan certain food components. Also the cause of the pain can serve as improper chewing of food. Doctors believe that one portion of food should be chewed about thirty times.

Some people suffer from indigestion every day, in others it appears every few months.

Doctors have found that consuming foods containing protein, provokes the bacteria in the mouth, on the production of substances having an unpleasant smell. Protein is found in many favorite and essential body products: bread, nuts, seeds, cheese, milk, legumes, olives, meat, fish, eggs, yeast, avocado. Therefore, using these products in our food, we unwittingly contribute to the reproduction of bacteria that secrete the stench.

Bad breath

But to eliminate from your diet all foods which contain protein, it is impossible in any case. For children this will result in slow development and growth, and adult will receive the violation of hormonal balance, decreased immunity, impaired functioning body systems, as well as fatigue and feelings of fatigue. Therefore, some protein must be present in your daily menu.

Be sure to brush your teeth correctly and on time, do not forget about dental floss and toothpicks, as well as numerous means for rinsing the mouth. Some people enjoy chewing gum, lozenges or spray. You must drink plenty of water to rinse her mouth, to eat food that promotes salivation. Watch your diet; you can try to go on a diet.

One kind of diet is a food combining diet. Should not be used at the same time foods that negatively interact with each other. So your intestines will be free from all unnecessary and harmful substances.

How to remove bad breath

Coffee is better replaced by tea, which is less harmful to the body in General and for your breathing, in particular.

Eat as much fruits, vegetables, which contain useful fiber: they stimulate the flow of saliva and removes food debris from the oral cavity and bacteria with them. In the fruit, including carrots and apples. And citrus does will kill all the negative bacteria that reside in your mouth.

If your plans is to lose weight through diet, drink more water and spend more time with oral hygiene. In addition, you can help decoctions of chamomile, mint, Hypericum and calendula.

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