The secret to a perfect coffee in Turku

A Cup of delicious and self-made coffee in the morning, invigorates, improves mood and adjusts to the job. Next, we consider how to prepare the perfect coffee in the Turk.

Coffee in Turku

Rules for the use of water

To brew coffee, use chilled bottled water or filtered. During the slow heating of this water can soak beans for maximum flavor and taste. Boiled water or the one that you took straight from the tap, not suitable.

Storing grains

If you grind the grains immediately before brewing, the coffee will turn out rich and flavorful. In the case when you buy a pack of ground coffee and keep it open, its fragrance after a few days will disappear.

Coffee natural

Aroma and flavour of coffee depend on which country produced the product. The degree of roasting affect the strength and bitterness of coffee. We recommend that you focus on 3-4 types and methods of roasting to by a combination to make a mixture that would fit to your taste.

In the case when you purchased large volumes of grain, I suggest you divide them into as many parts as you consume in one week. The first part of the pour into a tightly sealable glass jar and store in a dark place, and the rest in opaque bags that you want to put in the freezer. This will allow the beans to retain their flavor and taste for up to 60 days. Refrigerator for this purpose are not suitable, because in this grain absorb odors of other foods and gets soggy.

Coffee medium grind

Every batch of coffee to warm up to room temperature before brewing the beverage.


To brew coffee in Turku suitable grind, and looks like flour. Larger particles are suitable to make espresso using coffee maker. The coarse grind needed for French press, medium for geyser coffee makers.

Aroma and taste of coffee vary with the degree of grinding, so don’t be afraid to experiment and combine.

Zernovi kawi

The choice of the Turks

Best coffee to use in Turku. They are different: with 1-2 nozzles designed for volumes of a few cups of different material (steel, copper, ceramics), different shapes (cone, cylinder, rectangle). It is best to use the Turks in the form of cones, as they are very comfortable: narrow throat prevents the evaporation of the fragrance, while the bottom heats faster coffee. So the foam didn’t run Turk must have a larger volume than coffee.

The use of spices

To enhance the taste and aroma of coffee, add a couple of large salt crystals. To improve taste you can add ground ginger, filling it to the beans to fill the tank with water. Good options are a bit of orange or lemon, cinnamon, pepper. Lemon and orange should be used, adding a Cup of already brewed coffee.

Coffee in Turku


If you don’t like strong coffee, add a little unrefined cane sugar (to taste), Turku them falling asleep during beverage preparation.

Method of preparation

So, to make coffee, you need to take 8 grams of this drink 100 ml of water. After you molochite grain fill Turku and add the necessary spices to taste. To the level where the Turk narrowed, fill it with cold water and place on low heat. Drink are delicious and rich, if you are going to cook slowly.

When the beverage will rise, raise Turku over the fire for half a minute and lower back. Repeat this a couple more times. Coffee should not boil, because if he escapes he won’t be so fragrant.

Finally, remove the cezve from the heat and leave for half a minute to infuse. Enjoy!

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