The scariest rides in the world

Some people will not be forced to look at the beauty of city from height of the fifth floor, while others seek the frantic adrenaline, going on various rides. And specially for fans of extreme sports today offers a huge selection of scariest rides in the world that are simply amazing and make people to show different emotions. But fans of such entertainment is ready for much more of an experience, so are the rides, more difficult and frightening in their design. What are the scariest rides in the world exist than they are so attractive to fans of extreme sports. Note that we’re not going to rank the presented theme, because the fears of each person are different – one is a very scary attraction, the other seems a simple idea. What is really scary – let everyone decides personally.

Stratosphere (USA)

Carousel Insanity in Las Vegas

This attraction is located on the roof of the hotel «stratosphere» (Las Vegas) can be undoubtedly called one of the worst in the world. He presented three rides: Big Shot catapult, merry-go-round Insanity and speed slide X-Scream. You can call these rides quite familiar to many, but the fact that they are located incredibly high, making them very scary.

Insanity is the world’s tallest carousel, rotation of which takes place in 300-meter height. From the edge of the building the attraction is retreating by 20 metres. The thrill also gives great height and design of the passenger cabins, which are open. Want to get a rush of adrenaline circling face down, while experiencing severe overload.

Fast slide X-Scream in Las Vegas

Those who dare to sit in the open trailer, X-Scream, waiting for the full horror attraction. Many have the impression that the car at full speed over a cliff – when the tracks end, the carriage stops, and then abruptly goes down. The feeling of speed falling into the abyss hell awaits the participants of the attraction repeatedly.

Catapult Big Shot in Las Vegas

And the scariest ride in the world, a catapult Big Shot, first at a speed of 70 km/h raises the wish to obtain adrenaline on 329-meter meters, and then allows them to get the feeling of free flight.

Colossus (England)

The ride Colossus in England

This attraction from the discharge roller coaster, that you can visit in the Park Thorpe Park (Chertsey), reaches a height of 30 meters, and its length is 850 meters. The trip in wagons, which move at the speed of 65 km/h, turning upside down, observing the surrounding world from an incredible height – so you can characterize this the scariest ride in the world that offers an incredible feeling and adrenaline.

The Flying Dutchman

Catapult Flying Dutchman

This attraction is a catapult, though, and has a height of 35 meters, is still very beloved by fans incredible experiences around the world. After the cables are stretched to the maximum, brave «starts to fly» at 35 meters, and then even faster starts to move down. To jump the Braves have a few times – then the parties to this action argue that each jump is unique and brings an incredible experience.

St. Petersburg Catapult

St. Petersburg Catapult

This attraction is in the St. Petersburg Park «Divo Ostrov». This catapult is higher than the previous – its height is 54 meters. It is presented in three columns the same height, to which is securely attached the same number of cables. After tensioning one of the cables, the capsule with the passengers is sent into the sky on a 54-meter height, and then makes a sharp drop down. The participant of the ride moves up and down as long as traffic will not stop on their own. Capsule in the air, «prescribes various pirouettes» swinging around the axis, fueled the already acute feeling of wanting to jump high.

White Cyclone (Japan)

Japanese coaster White Cyclone

The scariest ride in the world belongs to the category of roller coasters, equal with the length of 1.7 km, the maximum height of the track is 42 meters. For fans of extreme sports who wish to visit extremely high-speed slides, this option will be most appropriate, because the trailers are capable of speeds of 100 km/h.

Kingga Ka (USA)

American attraction Kingga Ka

This attraction in the form of slides, called «machine fear» is recognized as the second speed – wagons, in which passengers sitting can accelerate over 200 km/h. The highest point of this mountain is located on the 139-metre height. The length of this slide is nearly a kilometer, and the cars then dive down, then rise rapidly for a kind of loops – in this way, a sea of revelry and adrenaline just provided.

Steel Dragon (Japan)

Japanese slide Steel Dragon

This slide created by G. Nagashima (2000), reminiscent of the crest of the dragon. The highest mark is 100 meters altitude (just imagine how much a 30-storey building – this is in the height of the slide). Track length is about 2.5 km from the Cabins carry passengers at speeds of 150 km/h. The highlight of the attraction is the fulfillment of a sharp drop after lifting the car to a height equal to 93 meters.

Takabisha (Japan)

Japanese Takabisha attraction

The speed of the carriages 100 km/h, a huge angle of descent, seven dead loops and the length of the track 1 kilometer – all this, of course, can be very act on the nerves of even avid fans of scary rides. Such feelings gives this attraction, in Japanese means «headstrong». A little passengers the opportunity to feel like real astronauts, because on a plot leaves a few seconds of absolute weightlessness.

Formula Rossa (UAE)

Hill Formula Rossa in UAE

The attraction is located in Abu Dhabi, is an absolute copy of the track for racing Monza. The track is represented by a large number of climbs and descents. Here visitors simply «fly» at a speed of 240 km/h, and therefore must wear glasses that will secure eye protection from the oncoming wind.

Tower of Terror (Australia)

Australian ride Tower of Terror

Decided to ride this ride again rise abruptly to a 115 metres up, and then, after a slowdown at the top, make a sharp downward movement at speed is 160 km/h. Weightlessness with a sharp downward movement is provided. Then everything repeated again, and then the van returns to the place whence came the start.

Silver Star (Germany)

Slide the Silver Star in Germany

In the height of this mountain, which is located in the «EuropaPark», is 74 meters, and the speed of the carriages may be at least 100 km/h. Track length is 1.5 km. On this hill the passengers of the cabins can feel like pilots who fly a fast fighter.

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