The scariest picture in the world

Everyone has things in life are afraid – floods, disease, shame, war… Most of these fears are strongly associated with death. Some artists have the talent to carry human fears onto the canvas – and such images while browsing the cause a tingling and unpleasant feelings. Now we will tell you about the worst paintings in the world.

«The crying boy» Bruno Amadio

frustrated, the boy

Let’s start with the seemingly simple, yet so catchy pictures – it belongs to the hand Bruno Amadio. According to one legend, the boy depicted in the picture, was the son of the artist. But the father could not achieve, the baby began to cry. Realizing that persuasion would accomplish nothing, Bruno lit the face of the boy matches. Desperate child, once in the hearts shouted to the father: «I’m burned!». Anyway, the artist was finished, and two weeks later, the young sitter died of pneumonia, and after two weeks burned the house of the artist, which burned himself, and nearly all of his work – only one left – the worst picture in the world – the «Crying boy». According to the second legend, the boy was an orphan – parents died in the war, and he lived in an orphanage. When he finished his work, the artist left the orphanage burned to the ground.

The truth about the appearance of the picture we are unlikely to know, but the obvious fact – the «Crying boy» was a huge success. Was made several hundred prints, which are successfully sold around the country. And then, a wave of fires – houses, burnt carried with them the lives of their owners. Very often among the smoldering embers were found surviving reproduction. People wrote letters to the newspaper, which told terrible stories about accidents, death, fire, and everywhere appeared the picture that hangs on the wall in the living room. In the end, the authorities announced through one of the publications that the film is not recommended to keep the house and urged residents to get rid of the damn masterpiece.

Until now, residents of the North of England will remember the painting that has a bad reputation. By the way, the original painting had disappeared.

The «hand stretch», bill Stoneham

hands tagnuts

This painting appeared in the 72 year of the last century, it depicts two children and a glass door, which is clearly visible to hundreds of children’s hands that reach out of the darkness. When this terrible picture was presented to the General public, visitors who came to the exhibition, there were hysterics and fainting. This painting, like its predecessor, there is a trail of unhappy stories.

hands tagnuts 2

It all started in that moment when she died her first owner – actor John Marley. Shortly after this event, a terrible picture was found in a landfill. Wife took it for themselves, and put on the wall in the nursery. The first night, to the parents rushed their baby daughter, in tears, she told them, as shown in the picture children fight. After that, the head of the family installed the camera built-in motion sensor is tripped several times, it was enough that they decided to get rid of mystical paintings. So «Hand drawn» appeared on the famous auction.

hands tyanutsya3

By the way, is not the only this painting, the artist turned to the theme of a boy with a doll. And after some time, he had written two more paintings – they are clearly visible to the metamorphosis taking place with the boy is becoming older, and the doll slowly turns into a living girl.

«The revolt of the weavers»

käthe Kollwitz

It’s not one picture, is a series of dedicated workers, mothers with children, people, exhausted by hunger, poverty and war. They all belong to the hand of the German artist – Käthe Kollwitz. Inspired the largest rebellion of the weavers that have occurred in Silesia in the mid-nineteenth century. A mass uprising was brutally suppressed by the police forces – the memory of that period is too harsh and therefore, the powers that were forbidden to even think about it.

«Black Shaq»

black Shaq

This creation of Zdzislaw Vaksince – Polish painter, a favorite theme of which was people deformed, crumbling worlds. Since in England there are a legend about a huge black dog, his flickering red eyes, and he appears only at night. The traveler, being alone at night, first hears the sound of his heavy tread, and then sees two red eyes watching him from the darkness. The dog never attacks, but his appearance is a sign that the days are numbered passerby – he will die within a year.

«Saturn devouring his children»


When the old court painter lost his hearing, he has become even more unsociable. Francisco Goya was the name of an eccentric old man. When he died, in his house, which wasn’t the move anyone during the artist’s lifetime, was discovered the paintings, which the art did not know. The most famous and most feared of these is the «Saturn, who devours his children.»

«King and Queen»

Zdzislaw Beksinski

Polish artist, who painted these pictures, was a very shy small, but quite pleasant. But the creativity of Zdzislaw Beksinski was pretty grim. He never gave titles to his paintings which he painted under the sounds of classical music. He died due to the fact that he refused to lend money to the son of the commandant of the house. The enraged, the young man struck the artist stabbed 17 times – 2 of them cost Zdislava life.

Zdzislaw Beksinski

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