The scariest horror book by Stephen king

There is no better way that allows you to get into the mysterious worlds of mystical than the book. Read every word compels the imagination to draw amazing pictures, especially if we are talking about scary stories. In real life, unlikely to meet, monsters, ghosts or other creatures that on the back begin to run down my spine. Only the most terrible book with a chilling plot is forced to relive the thrill, plunge into a world where unusual paranormal phenomena happen at every step.

The most terrible books

The worst Stephen king book

Fans of «horror movies» are perfectly familiar with the work of American writer Stephen king. This talented man is able perfectly to describe the truly terrible history, which is able to tickle the nerves. One of the best works of this master of words is considered a novel «pet Cemetery». It tells about a family who moved to a small town from Chicago. Here with them starting to happen, strange and terrible things related to the mystic forces that live in the graves of the Indians.

Pet cemetery

Especially popular among fans of the «horror stories» is a novel by Stephen king «It». It tells how a supernatural monstrosity in the most horrific ways of killing children. Losing hope for help from adults, children are trying on their own to defend themselves. They manage for some time to get rid of the monster. Inspired by the victory of guys swear that if «It» returns, they will forever done with him. After 27 years, the destroyer of children’s souls again begins to kill. Adults friends returned to his hometown, to get rid of the monster. They have to face great difficulties and loss of loved ones.


The scariest horror book by Bram Stoker

Fans of scary stories will like the works of Irish writer Bram Stoker. He was the author of world famous novel «Dracula», a story about the Earl who became a vampire. Fascinating story takes the reader into dark Transylvania, where people try to get rid of immortal monsters.


Equally interesting for fans of horror stories will be the novel of Stoker’s «lair of the white worm.» The story of awakening the dragon who is out for blood, captures an interesting plot. It is difficult to predict the further development of the terrible events that happen in old England.

Lair of the white worm

Terrible stories of William Peter Blatty

The real horrors are hiding in the pages of the novel «the exorcist». The work was written by American writer, Blatty, who in his youth had heard stories about exorcists. The novel tells readers how the demons possessed the man forced his victim to do terrible things, and as servants of God struggle with the dark forces.


«Horror» By Edgar Allan PoE

Story hidden on the pages of the works of American writer Edgar Allan PoE. About the horrible behavior of the alcoholic, catching up the real horror, you can learn from the pages of the story «the Black cat». It is talking about a man who after consuming large amounts of alcohol suffered bouts of rage. They hurt his pet – the cat is black. Feeling a sense of remorse, the main character is brought to yourself like an animal. Soon he noticed with horror that a new cat is very similar to the old one. Feeling the anger, the master of the house decides to kill the animal. I prevented him from his dark schemes of a spouse is killed by his hands. The police failed to punish the criminal for the crime if they did not help the animal.

Black cat

Another spine-tingling story was described by the author in the poem «the Raven». It tells of the suffering of the unfortunate lover, who lost his bride, and of his meeting with had flown into the house of the Raven could speak.


A real masterpiece for fans of scary books a novel by English writer Mary Shelley «Frankenstein». It describes how a talented scientist decides to fight death. To do this, he creates a man from parts of dead people. But the revived monster makes his escape. After a while the scientist finds out that his cousin was killed. After returning to Geneva, where the monster was created, the life of the protagonist turns into a nightmare. Dear people killed by the monster he created. The main character is going to take revenge on the monster and starts looking for him. I experienced a lot of grief, he dies and the monster is sent to the North to kill himself.


«Mountains of madness»

Full horror novel by American science fiction writer HP Lovecraft. It describes the terrible adventures of the voyages of discovery that took place in Antarctica. Scientists have been able to deal with the strange graves, which was discovered strange creatures. After the first group of researchers not contacted their temporary camp arrived the other scientists. They were shocked to see the scene: the bodies of men brutally mauled, and all dogs killed. The researchers decide to find the cause of such terrible events, but they almost die when meeting with staff.

Mountains of madness

«The haunting»

Stories that speak of ghosts always frighten people. But Shirley Jackson has managed to create a piece that makes the experience real horror from the events that happened to the main characters. The writer has created a novel which tells about the doctor who decided to learn more about the paranormal. He brings to the haunted house people who suffer from insomnia. He manages to convince patients that he is conducting a study of the causes of sleep disturbance. The events in a mysterious house, be a surprise even for the doctor.

Ghost house on the hill

«Hammer of witches»

The creators of the medieval treatise was not trying to come up with a mystical horror story. Representatives of the infamous Inquisition Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer have established protocols that specify how to detect a witch. Inhuman abuse had to endure thousands of women who have been horrible tortures described in the treatise. This is the worst thing in the world a collection of rules and guidelines.

Hammer of witches


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