The salty ocean

Each of the four oceans, presented on our planet, has its distinctive features, which are always subject to scrutiny. What is the salty ocean? This is the Atlantic ocean, which is also recognized as one of the oldest, since his name got in the days of ancient myths.

Atlantici ocean

Named in honor of Atlanta

According to legend, under the water of this ocean disappeared Atlantis, where lived the God Poseidon with his wife and a son named Atlas, holding on his shoulders the vault of heaven. It was in honor of this strong man and got its name from the Atlantic ocean. There is also a version that the ocean is named after Atlas mountains are in Northwest Africa.

The size of the ocean

The Atlantic ocean is the second largest available on Earth. Its area is 106.5 million km2. Its average depth is 3600 m. the deepest point of this ocean is the Puerto Rican trench, the depth of which is equal 8742 m.

Depression in Puerto Rico

Almost equally salty everywhere

The water of this ocean is 25 percent of all the waters of the World ocean. Most salt it is considered to be contrary to what collects a lot of fresh water with sushi, which he washes. The ocean contains in its waters for 35.4 % of salt is much greater than in other oceans. And salinity throughout the ocean is uniform – if we compare the salt content in any place, you get almost the same percentage. There is no such in the Indian ocean, where there are places with a much higher percentage of salinity. However, this is only on some parts of the Indian ocean, and therefore the title of the salt was rated the Atlantic.

Views of the ocean Atlantycki

What explains the high salinity?

The high salinity of the water is due to many reasons. Most increased salinity observed in the North Atlantic and tropical latitudes. All this is due to the fact that a lot of water evaporates and falls too low rainfall. Also everything can be explained by the fact that ocean water is almost not replenished with fresh water. Temperate latitudes are slightly reduced salt content due to the influence of the North Atlantic current.

Despite the fact that ocean water characterized by high salinity, it was found underground freshwater sources. That is, this water comes from the depths of the ocean upward. And this is again an indication of how many mysterious phenomena in nature.

Great importance for mankind

Himself the Atlantic ocean carries a lot of mysteries. Loss of many ships, including the world-famous «Titanic» sank Atlantis, the mystery of the «Bermuda triangle» – has acquired a variety of speculation and legends, which do not give rest to scientists trying to unravel the mysteries of the Atlantic ocean.

The Bermuda triangle

But despite many of his secrets, he is considered the most studied of all four oceans. About 40 percent of oceanic industrial fisheries catch is accounted for by the waters of the ocean. Besides, he has for all mankind great importance, because it is through his waters are connective ways to ensure the livelihoods of people around the world.

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