The saltiest lake in the world

Just say which of the lakes, the salt in the world, nobody can. As this task is quite difficult. All lakes differ not only in their concentration of salts and minerals, but also its origin, the footprint, location, and depth. Moreover, some indicators may change over time or depend directly on the time of year. Salt lake is practically on every continent (even Antarctica), many of them very popular (the Dead sea), and some of the world learned not so long ago (lake don Juan was only discovered in 1961). Draw their own conclusions about what the lake can be called the salt, everyone will be able, after reviewing the submitted information.

The dead sea

Martwe sea

Although the official name of this reservoir is called sea, this does not mean that it is. «The sea» styled rather sizes (810 m2), but since it has no direct access to the ocean (the sea output is required!), this means, the Dead sea — the lake. It is located between the countries of Israel and Jordan. Its location is unique, because the coast of the lake is as low as possible in relation to global ocean height.

Martwe sea

The depth and total area of the lake each year is rapidly decreasing due to several reasons, including climate change and the reduction of groundwater level (a consequence of industrial development). Now the depth is about 300 m, and the natural watercourse in the Dead sea is broken.

Martwe sea

Replenishes water reserves of this salt lake, the Jordan river and several, from time to time intermittent streams. The overall composition of the water in the Dead sea differs depending on the remoteness of the area from the confluence of the river and the temperature. So the concentration of salts varies from 28 to 33%.

Such a composition of the water allows living organisms to live in the lake. For a long time it was believed that there really is no life (and therefore Dead), but as it later turned out that some species of bacteria and fungi residing in these waters.

Martwe sea

Water saturated in this amount of salts and minerals, heavy enough to hold even the human body, because there are even diving impossible. Although such a desire, most likely will not appear. But due to the fact that it has healing properties (mud lake), it attracts a large number of people.

Lake Of Uyuni

Lake Of Uyuni

This is a unique reservoir, which is located in Bolivia. Its features is that during a drought it dries up and only the bottom of salt (its thickness about 8 m), and with the advent of the rains, the salt is covered with a relatively thin layer of water and the lake like a huge mirror reflecting the sky. Being in such a place, there is a strange feeling, when heaven and earth are not separated from each other. The local population is from salt that is mined from the lake bottom, making even residential buildings.

Total area is more than this strange lake-mirror 10 is 588 km2. And the total amount of salt of about 10 billion tons. These figures and indicators are just hard to perceive and correctly to estimate.

The largest salt lake in Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation, a sufficiently large number of salt lakes, but salt is in the territory of Volgograd region. Lake Elton is one of the natural resources of our country. Due to the fact that its waters and mud have healing properties, the banks were built sanatoriums and health resorts. They are very popular among the population.

Lake Elton

A feature of lake El’ton, is its picturesqueness for the color of the water, as it shimmers from gold to pink. Also it is worth mentioning that the water level in the lake varies considerably with the change of seasons. In the spring the depth of the lake is about 1.5 meters, and autumn due to drying is reduced to 7 inches. The level of salt in the water of this lake is higher than the Dead sea.

Another salt lake Bulukhta located between lake Elton and the river Volga. Located in a very swampy and difficult terrain, therefore, the influx of tourists, it is not that big. Although anyone to visit this place, of course, exist. The lake is shallow, the composition of the water has salts and minerals.

lake Bulukhta

Salt lakes of the Altai territory

In the Kulunda steppe of the Altai territory is lake spring. In its region is the deepest pond (7-8 meters) and the lowest point of the region.

Just like other salt lakes, it is not devoid of attention from those wishing to improve their health with its water and mud. Also in this region there are salt lakes like Raspberry (the name comes from the color of the water in early spring at dawn) and Kulungile.

lake Arowe

Salt lake Antarctica

Not to mention the cool and salty lake don Juan. This small pond (gradually reduced) located in the ice of Antarctica on the Victoria land. Found it accidentally flew the helicopter pilots (I saw that water at very low temperatures do not freeze).

lake don Juan

It is a modest size and very rapidly decreases as feed him only groundwater. Now the depth does not exceed 10 cm and a length of 300 m. the Concentration of salt in water more than 40%.

Another feature of the lake — it doesn’t freeze. The landscape around it is so unique that nothing like that exists on Earth.

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