The Saga of true friendship

So we waited for the continuation of bright and touching story about friendship of a young boy named Hiccup and the dragon, nicknamed Toothless. Their relationship became an example for all the inhabitants of the island of Berk, and now after five years of brutal Vikings scratched his huge winged Pets tummies and understand their sentences. But as it turned out, not everyone is ready to maintain this world, to forgive the past pain and resentment. Treacherous Drago Bloodiest finds a way to subjugate the reasonable and good dragons, and using their lawlessness. Our heroes are forced to come to the defense of winged friends.

Tribal leader Stoick believes that only military action can solve the problem with Drago. But Hiccup disagrees, and seeks a peaceful way out. After another argument the guy during the flight, with one Toothless is captured by the unknown, who transported him to the distant and beautiful island, inhabited by some dragons. Here our hero finds his mother who disappeared twenty years ago. She cares about the winged giants and did not know about the changes in his native village.

In search of his son here gets the father of Hiccup with a military detachment. As it turned out, it was followed by the terrible Bloodfest, who with his army attacked the island. No amount of persuasion and offers of peace from the Hiccup it does not apply, he believes that with the dragons there is only one way of communicating power. The invader achieves the goals and subjugates all the winged inhabitants of the beautiful Islands, adding them to his army. It would seem that a peaceful way out of this situation, no. But Hiccup and his friends give up and continue to believe that no power can force their dragons to forget about love and friendship. And you are right. After watching the cartoon «How to train your dragon 2» with good quality you will see this.

This cartoon was nominated for an Oscar. In a colorful and touching story entered eternal themes of good and evil, forgiveness, mercy and the search for understanding in conflict. Before the audience the question arises, what means are permissible to protect themselves and their families. After all, as my mother said of Hiccup, «Good dragons in subjection to evil people doing terrible things.» The main characters found a suitable solution, keeping in his heart the love of unconsciously betrayed their friends. Thereby were able to defeat a serious threat, leaving the person hardened soul and turned into a cruel tyrant because they have experienced troubles. You will enjoy appreciating the beauty and the plot of this cartoon.

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