The safest place on Earth

Today the question of the security of living in a particular place on our planet comes to the fore. People trying to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for accommodation, choose a place to live well. And where is the safest place on Earth? To answer this question, you can refer to the predictions of great men, and the information that was formerly kept secret, but today the veil of secrets a little ajar.

The increase in the number of natural disasters: creating safe places on the planet

Mount Buhari in France

Recently a noticeable trend of a significant increase in natural disasters and catastrophes that claim many lives. On our planet there are many places where to live is quite dangerous – where are the water element, some districts are characterized by raging forest fires, etc. And in 2012, many people were preparing for the End of the world, because he was trying to save his life. They were looking for the safest place on Earth, which will allow them to overcome all the difficulties of the upcoming cataclysm and survive to continue his race. For example, in France such a place recognized mount Bugara, which is beginning to gather a huge number of people. Followers of the theory of the End of the world the Holy believe that on this mountain mankind will be given a huge helping hand from members of an alien – allegedly all of the righteous, the alien ship will be transported to a new and happy life. In the end, pulled together to the mountain sects and preachers, who never doubted for a second that the light comes salvation. And it became a headache for local authorities. Why do people decided that the mountain Buhari will be a salvation in a future Apocalypse? And because so many people understood the Mayan prophecy.

The Cha Creek in Belize

The second most secure place on Earth for salvation from the coming Apocalypse of 2012 was recognized by the Cha Creek in Belize. However, it’s become more entertaining colouring – in tourists and believers in the miraculous salvation was just trying to make money.

The predictions of the prophets

The Territory Of Eastern Siberia

On the safest places to stay on the Ground even point is the famous prophets. For example, Nostradamus predicted that this place will become the territory of Eastern Siberia. And it is well known that in this area magnetic field may approach the maximum.

Israel as the safest place, was named Jewish leader Yitzhak Kaduri . In this city Kaduri was told to gather the Jewish nation to be saved from natural disasters.


The prophet, a native of America Edgar Cayce said that a big impact natural disasters have on the East and West North America. In his opinion, no damage will not yield Chicago, as well as safe to stay will and those areas that are adjacent to. The safety of these places, likely caused by the presence of a strong magnetic anomaly. But how true of divination – it can only show time.

Pennsylvania underground data center

Pennsylvania underground data center Iron Mountain

Has long ceased to be a secret that in Western Pennsylvania created an underground city that goes underground to a depth of seventy meters. It is a data center and archive documentation of the company «Iron Mountain». To be on campus, it is necessary to overcome the entrance in the rock that is also under heavy guard. This town is recognized today the most safe place on Earth.

The entrance to the underground city of Iron Mountain

Behind a door of solid metal is a repository of information, among which there are information about state secrets, the secrets of the largest corporations in the world, millions of negatives of images and a collection of the most famous musical hits. This place provided excellent protection from all natural disasters, technological disasters and theft attempts.

The information store in the underground city of Iron Mountain

It provides everything you need to stay in this area during global catastrophes (there are water purification systems, electricity, clean air and even the fire brigade). In vain underground city and nuclear explosions. Made him even during the conduct of the cold war with the USSR, for this reason, one of its functions is to serve as bomb shelters. For data storage it provides twenty thousand servers, working in an underground facility about 3,000 people.

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