The safest form of transport

The upcoming trip to another city or travel on the sea make people think about what mode of transportation you prefer. And here some will choose the train, believing that it is safer and the other on an aeroplane, spending on the move in less time. And what type of transport is actually considered to be the most secure?

Public opinion

Opinion polls conducted over the past few years, as a rule, show the same results. Of all types of transport the safest passengers believe train.


Among the most dangerous is credited to the plane. Opinions on car trips were divided equally. Regarding Maritime transport, the public is inclined to attribute it rather to a safe way to travel. But this is only the opinion of passengers who are unlikely to study statistics on accidents, catastrophes and fatalities associated with them.

What are the statistics?

If people are tied for first place as the most dangerous way to travel, statistics show quite the opposite. Statistics develop in such a way that on the basis of the mortality (number of dead people), 160 000000 km of distance traveled. So when flying this parameter is only of 0.6-0.7 of a person. Railway transport plays the second place of safety – mortality 000000 160 km is 0.9 person. The number of deaths in road traffic accidents amounts to 1.6 people. Therefore, we can conclude that the plane is the safest form of transport, and is recognized as the most dangerous road.

The plane

If you still doubt that flying is less dangerous than riding a car, here are some more facts In 2014 the world had a few crashes that took 884 human life. And only in our country in the first six months of 2014 killed more than 10,000 people in car accidents. So what transport will be safe? The answer is still obvious. So before the trip, it is necessary to weigh all «for» and «against», giving preference to one or another form of transport. And to get rid of fear of flying (if anyone have), here are some air the facts.

Interesting air facts

1) In the world every three seconds of landing aircraft.

2) donkeys kill more people than airplane crashes.

3) If the chance daily catastrophe will amount to at least 0.01 per cent, then the day should fall at least 13 aircraft.

4) the plane Crash may not be accidental – it is always a combination of some factors.

5) Before each flight, the aircraft undergoes a rigorous inspection and a complex inspection of the technical condition.

6) More than 80 percent of the people on our planet are afraid to fly on airplanes, and 5 percent generally flatly refuse to do it, preferring trains or ships.

7) the Plane cannot fall from a height of 10,000 km, as feared by many. Under the wings of the aircraft a lot of pressure, so it stays on the air the same way that a car on the pavement.

8) Russian pilots are not drink at the wheel – an invention of those people who are very afraid of flying.

The pilots of the aircraft

Reading these facts may be, will contribute to the reduction of flying. However, it is unlikely they will be able to help the five percent of people who are generally not willing to come on Board under any pretext.

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