The safest car is not safe

samyiy-bezopasnyiy-the car is not safe

Was the second fatality of road accident with participation of the electric car Tesla.

In the Netherlands the driver, managing the car, died after the collision with the tree. Fear, shocks, firefighters were able to retrieve the body of the deceased from the cabin only a few hours after the accident.

The cause that provoked the fatal accident is still not known, as it is not clear whether at the moment of collision involved a system of Autonomous driving.

Earlier, was the first recorded case of driving Tesla that led to the death of the driver. In Florida (USA) system-pilot was unable to assess the degree of safety and sent the vehicle right under the wheels of the tractor.

With slight shock and scratches off with a Tesla owner who is from China, when his car, under the control of the autopilot rammed a parked car.

Currently, the electric car Tesla is leading in the ratings NHTSA and EuroNCAP for all types of tests, including safety vehicles.

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