The role of medical drugs in the process of losing weight

The human body is a very complex system that consumes and spends the received energy. Depending on how many calories a person consumes from food and expends in the process of life, a person’s weight can increase or decrease.

If the number of calories consumed is more than amount spent, the body accumulates energy «in reserve» that apparently is reflected in the increase in the fat layer and, as a consequence, body mass.

Pharmacy remedies for weight loss

Losing weight is an inverse process, i.e. the amount of energy consumed should be less than the amount consumed to force the body to work with its own reserves, burning the excess fats. To control the amount of incoming energy by using proper nutrition, and out – using sports. But the body usually makes stocks, not so-that simply allows these stocks to spend. Therefore, weight loss does not always occur at the pace in which we would like. Thus, more and more people in the process of losing weight starting to turn to a special medicines, allowing you to quickly reduce weight without much effort from the person.

Types of medical drugs for weight loss

Today, pharmacies can offer a wide range of drugs for weight loss a variety of forms: tablets, capsules, powders, drops, plasters, teas, coffee and even chocolate. These forms often depends on how soft will act in a particular drug on the body.

Diet pills and weight correction

According to the method of exposure there are several types of medications for weight loss.

Some drugs affect the satiety center in the brain that allows a person to feel hunger. The active substance in these drugs is sibutramine hydrochloride. In this group the most popular tablets are «useless» and «Goldline».

The next group of drugs prevents the fats from food are absorbed into the bloodstream. The active ingredient orlistat blocks the production of the enzyme, which is involved in the process of absorption of nutrients into the blood. Thus, calories in the body do, but not absorbed. This group of drugs include «xenical» and «Orsten».

To reduce weight can not only help get rid of excess fats but also by excretion of excess water. Basically, these drugs are diuretic in nature, including, for example, teas. Leaders in this group of domestic products brand «Turboslim.»

How to lose weight with pills

There is still a group of drugs, which consist mainly of cellulose, which usually need to drink plenty of water. Once in the body, these drugs swell in water, filling the stomach and then the intestines, which prevents feelings of hunger. These include, for example, tablets under the name «ICC».

There is a variety of drugs, mainly nutritional SUPPLEMENTS that have a General tonic effect on the body and accelerate metabolism. This happens due to the increase in body temperature to permissible values, and, as you know, the more heat, the faster the exchange of substance, consequently, the easier it is to spend those extra fats.

Not recommended drugs for weight loss

A separate category of drugs include the so-called «Thai pills» that affect mental health. They cause panic and stress, thereby distracting the attention of the person from feeling hungry. Such drugs is forbidden in Russia, but some of them are still sometimes able to slip through to the domestic market.

What are the methods to lose weight

All of these tools, like any medication, have side effects and contraindications, so before taking obligatory consultation of the doctor. In addition, these drugs are prescribed only to overweight people, if it exceeds the normal by more than 30 kg.

In any case, sports and proper nutrition have on the body are much more beneficial effect than any pills.

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