The role of credit history for the loan

Credit history (CI) is a profile of the borrower, based on which banks decide whether to grant the loan or not. You can distinguish three types of CI that can be the citizen of the Russian Federation:

  • Positive. This means that people are regularly borrowed and returned them without violating fiscal discipline. Such a borrower glad of any Bank MFIs.
  • Neutral. This situation is inherent in the citizens who do not use credits. So borrowers banks issue money with caution, but not denied.
  • Negative. This means that the person has violated the terms of use of loan funds (arrears, nonpayment, etc.). Likely man in the Bank will get rejected.

That includes credit history?

The dossier consists of three main parts:

  1. General information about the borrower, including name, passport number, registration address and other information.
  2. The main part that contains information on the amounts and terms of the financial obligations of the subject (each duty is logged separately), the information on the refinancing, the stock pledge agreements or guarantee, etc. simply put, the main part of CI is comprehensive information on financial obligations of the subject, including past due and impaired.
  3. The closed part is technical information that is not issued on request and stored in the system. This part contains information about the providers of information on this KEY, the number of requests for credit history on the borrower, and other information.

Where is credit history and how to recognize it?

KI is stored in the Central catalogue of credit histories, is an online database that administreres Bureau of credit histories Russia and controlled by the Central Bank. To obtain information about specific persons have the right to:

  • The subjects – by issuing a corresponding request credit bureaus (you can request via electronic channels).
  • Representatives of the financial and non-financial organizations that plan to conduct business with the entity. For them, history does not open completely, without the closed part. Thus, potential lenders see the amount, timing and degree of observance of financial discipline, but do not see the specific details of the debt.

How to improve credit history?

That credit history was good, necessary to fulfill all financial obligations. If you have a bad KEY, there are several ways to improve it:

  • To repay all existing debts and close all the fines.
  • To issue multiple credit cards and banks actively use them.
  • Often to take microloans in small amounts and quickly repay (for example, you can take a loan online here).
  • Perfectly fulfill any financial obligations.

When writing the article were used materials:

  • How to improve credit history
  • Money with bad credit history
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