The road is under water

Rarely have to see the motorway, which lie under the waters of the sea. However, there is a «Road under water». Take the famous highway Passage du gois, which refers to mainland France, however, clearly lies at the bottom of the Gulf. The objective of the report is to link the mainland with the island of Noirmoutier, but this does not always work. Because twice a day the tide opens the way under the water, and then it flooded again the water at a hell of a distance to a depth of 4m.

In this case traffic signs, plating and all other attributes, inherent in the road, near a Passage. Since this is only one possible way of communication between the sea and France on land, which was founded at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries, to refuse it is impossible. In 1840 it was even strengthened, vymushiv stones. However, the problem of flooding is not solved, so first horse-drawn carriages, and now cars are forced to find a time to get through the crossing.

What is the length of the route?

Not so much, only 4.5 km of motorway risky, which occasionally go under water. However, this is enough to the uninitiated driver caught by surprise. Therefore, at the beginning of the plot on either side is a row of warning signs. Even listed the schedule of the tides. But still, some travelers manage to fall into the trap. Caring, the French government built them the likeness of the rescue checkpoints, where the people themselves can climb to the top bunk and wait it out. But with auto prideta to leave.

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