The richest man in the world

People who have condition is more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, called the billionaires. A list of the most wealthy citizens of the world can change. In addition, as a rule, the rating does not include people with questionable income Finance dictators, etc. the first billionaire on earth was John D. Rockefeller who founded the Standard oil. 2010 introduced the world to a 1200 with millions of States. The amount of income amounted to 4.5 trillion dollars. Who is now the richest man in the world?

Bill Gates

The General opinion of experts such person is a citizen of the United States of America bill gates. This is a public figure and entrepreneur, philanthropist, a major shareholder. In a minute he receives income of $ 6659. The second position is Carlos slim from Mexico, in third place the Spaniard Amancio Ortega.

Childhood and adolescence

In his childhood bill gates was engaged in a prestigious institution. The boy was able to develop his programming skills on a miniature computers that were used in a privileged school in the classroom. At the age of 13 he wrote his first own program. It’s a game of TIC-TAC-toe.

Later, he continued studying at Harvard University. Here he met Steve Ballmer, who later became his trusted companion. The Geis had to survive the period of expulsion from the University. But already at this time he began to work on unique software. After 2 years bill was the founder of Microsoft, which is now known worldwide under the name Microsoft Corporation.

Bill Gates

Personal qualities

In everyday life, appearance and everyday situations think bill is a very modest citizen. But in his private dwelling, which has cost a total of $ 125 million, there are a lot of modern electronic elements and a variety of techniques. It’s nice to play bridge, gladly quoted phrase French novelists.

Bill Gates

In the mid 90-ies of the gates has written an interesting book. Its name – «the Road ahead». The author presents his own reflections on the direction of mankind in the future, on the role and development of information technologies. When Microsoft switched to Internet technology, bill book, made the appropriate adjustments. Later there were other works that trigger the interest of readers, translated into many languages of the world, they enjoy reading and studying different categories of readership in all States.

The Era Of Windows

Life reduced bill with many outstanding people and partners. He had many useful meetings and disappointments. Not once he was subject to judgment and outright gossip, been the victim of extortion, for various reasons, got under the arrests and participated in court proceedings, became a member of other unpleasant situations and unfortunate circumstances. But, finally, came the long-awaited era of Windows. This unique operating system, gates became famous throughout the planet. She made him not only famous and popular, but also incredibly rich. And now experts and researchers is confirmed by the fact that it is the richest man in the world.


Bill is one of the most famous Champions, who gave to charity a large amount of own financial means. For example, G. G. science 1994 till 2010 was marked by his donations, which amounted to over 28 billion dollars. In addition, the presidential campaign in the 2004 owes much to the dedicated money of bill gates.

Bill Gates

Since the beginning of 2009 bill gates publishes his letters, which tells about the success of the charity Fund of his family, accomplishments and plans. 2010, gates became another turning point. He took the initiative and invited the billionaire to transfer part of the acquired state to various charities.

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