The richest man in Tajikistan

In almost every country from time to time create rankings of people with the most capital. But in some States the financial condition of the citizens, especially the officials is confidential information that does not identify a rich person. This situation is observed in Tajikistan. Many journalists do not stop to try to make a rating of the richest people in this country. But in spite of all the attempts we can only guess who the richest man in Tajikistan.

the richest man in Tajikistan

The problem with the ratings

Staff of the Tajik information Agency «Avesta» tried to create a ranking of the richest people in the country. In 2008 they published a list of citizens of Tajikistan, who possess enormous capital. But at the same time came out another article in which it was stated that the ratings are not accurate, and is built on scanty data on the financial status mentioned in it.

A new list of the richest citizens of Tajikistan appeared in 2011. It was created by the independent news company «Asia-Plus». Its employees, adopting the methods of financial-economic magazine Forbes, created the your rating rich Tajikistan. They relied on the following data:

  • the value of the property, which is owned by the potential leaders of the rating;
  • the number of cars;
  • presentable visited places;
  • the scope of their activities;
  • went to the people rumors.

problems with rating

Despite all the efforts of employees received rating they have not shown credible state of things, and we can only guess who in Tajikistan has the greatest capital.

If you believe the rumors

Many in Tajikistan believe that the richest man of the country Emomali Rahmon.

Emomali Rahmon

He has more than 20 years he has served as head of state. This man has enormous power, often in countries far from transparent financial policies directly proportional to the amount of income. Almost each sphere of activity of the country is under the influence of Emomali Rahmon. Moreover, among the alleged richest people in Tajikistan have relatives of head of state.

The official data contained in the media of Tajikistan, do not confirm the version about the leadership of Emomali Rahmon among the rich of this country. But in fact the income of the President is much higher than given in the information sources data. The real income of Tajik officials are not advertised, which allows them to perform various financial fraud without fear of being convicted of dishonest conduct of Affairs.

Officials, businessmen and drug lords?

In Tajikistan, there are many contenders for first place in the ranking of the richest people in the country. According to some officials. Because of their power, they hide the amount of revenues received and successfully multiply their capital. With the wealthiest in Tajikistan can be not only the existing government officials but former officials, who for his time in the service has managed to accumulate a respectful capital.

Officials, businessmen and drug lords

A huge amount of cash owned by the business in this country. The heads of the largest companies in Tajikistan, and various financial institutions not only have significant capital, but can influence the government. The income of businessmen is also not publicized.

Significant amounts of money are the drug lords of the country. When the valuation of the property, which they own, we can safely assume that they can be among the richest people in Tajikistan. To know the real financial condition of these people is not possible, and we can only speculate.

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