The richest country

On our planet, there are more than two hundred countries. There are many parameters by which they differ from each other, but perhaps the main difference is those people were actually components of that state. Their number and income level are of particular interest for economic researchers. For example, the authoritative edition of Forbes in 2014 identified the Arab Emirate of Qatar as the richest country in the world.


Whence wealth?

Qatar is a tiny country-a Peninsula located in the Arabian Peninsula in the North-Eastern part. On three sides it is washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf, on the South side of Qatar has a rather fuzzy border with Saudi Arabia.

Until the beginning of xx century Europeans knew nothing about the existence of this country. In 1916, Qatar was under the control of the British Empire, and survived mostly by fishing for pearls. The independence of the country was in 1971, and after 40 years, thanks to the active development of deposits of oil discovered in Qatar the Peninsula, Qatar has transformed from a backward British colony into a successful and richest country in the world.


That is the development, production and sale of energy Qatar owes its prosperity. The natural resources of this small country are really impressive: the total amount of natural gas reserves allows it to take 3rd place in the world for this position. In addition, Qatar is one of the largest exporters of oil (21). In General, the oil and gas production is 50% of the country’s GDP. Still accounted for 85% of the export of energy resources, 75% industry, 25% services. And only agriculture provides the state only 0.1% of GDP, which is easily explained by the geographical situation – a Peninsula is a desert.

However, Qatar is a small country with population of only 1.9 million. Comparing the two parameters that determine the yield of the population. According to 2014 per person in Qatar had 88222 thousand dollars. For comparison, in the poorest country on the profitability of the population does not exceed 300 dollars per person.


To date, the government of Qatar is trying to develop other sectors of the economy, in particular tourism and metallurgy. To attract investors reduced the tax to 10% from 35%.

How to live and what the residents of Qatar?


Care of the monarch (Amir) about the welfare of its indigenous population did the Qataris are very wealthy people. Many dollars are spent on social programs, but to use them can only real indigenous inhabitants, which are actually in the country only 20%. The rest of the population is the profit here to work Indians, Arabs from other countries, Filipinos, Europeans and a few Americans. The bulk of the funds earned here workers send to their families outside of Qatar. If the money remained within the country, Qatar would have been even richer.


Almost 90% of the population lives in the Qatari capital city of Doha. Talk to residents mainly in Arabic, but at a premium and English, which, in particular, a great deal the children of Qataris, whose education was attended by invitees from abroad as a governess. Practiced by the inhabitants of Qatar in the vast majority of Islam, adhere to the traditions of Sharia.

For the rest of the world Qatar – it is open Arab country. The famous channel al Jazeera broadcasts from Qatar.

Interesting is the fact that on the territory of this state there is practically no public transport. No subway, buses run irregularly and not often, citizens move exclusively by car. The alternative is a taxi. But, for example, tourists can completely safe and walk around without fearing for their safety. Qatar is the most peaceful of all Arab countries.


In 2022, it will host the world Cup. Perhaps this event will make Qatar more attractive in the eyes of tourists, what hope and power.

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