The richest country in the world

A small and beautiful country, whose inhabitants do not know what unemployment is in the North-East of the Arabian Peninsula. The richest country in the world is ranked third in the world rankings for reserves of natural gas. At the end of 2013, GDP per capita is 93 of 714 thousand us dollars, 06 cents. For comparison, one of the world’s poorest countries, Burundi, the figure is 177 USD.

Those who are familiar with the geography, probably, have already guessed what country it is. Qatar is the richest country in the world. When this small country was under British control, but in the autumn of 1971, Qatar gained independence.


This country is of great interest to historians – the first mention of Qatar have at the beginning of the IV century. Herodotus wrote about experienced sailors Kanadskih tribes living in Qatar.

The standard of living in Qatar

It is difficult to find a state in the modern world, where crime would be so low. This is why Qatar has secured a place among the safest countries in the world. Education and medicine in the country is officially free, the level of welfare of the richest countries in the world is constantly growing. The basis for this is the active establishment of trade relations with other countries.

The Capital Of Qatar


Doha has established itself as a traditional Arab city. Here you can relax from the usual pace of life, eat out, enjoy the camel races and bargain on the market. Fortunately, markets for every taste and budget there is a sufficient number.

If you want to buy gold jewelry, check out the market «Sak Gould». On minimarkets you can purchase spices, Arabic perfumes, kitchen utensils. «The bird market» will allow you to purchase even an exotic pet. Bargaining here has a positive attitude.

If you visit the market you don’t like the look in a shopping center, «Hyatt Plaza» and «landmark». Here you can not only buy clothes of famous brands, but also to eat and be entertained in the cinema. If you want to pass a free evening, visit the «city Center Doha» — a huge center. Here you will find bowling, skating rinks, a ballroom, a Spa, water Park and much more. By the way, for women have some limitations – skating for the ladies only Monday and Wednesday.



The climate of the richest countries in the world dry tropical. In summer, get ready for frozen on the figure 50 marker thermometer. In the winter, and here too, the temperature does not drop below 7 degrees above zero. The optimum time to travel to Qatar – spring-autumn. The ambient temperature of about 20°C.


The richest country in the world belongs to Arab world, therefore, does not require you to produce pork. But in the restaurants serves of any other type of meat, vegetables and fruits. On the table there will be spices and aromatic herbs.


A noteworthy place is Qatar national Museum, housed in the Palace. You will see the overwhelming size of a two-level aquarium. The first floor of the water reservoir will allow you to observe life of the underwater world of the Bay, and the upper representatives of the local marine fauna.

Men will be interesting excursion to the arms Museum, which is on public display exhibited personal collection of Sheikh. Interesting will be the jeep Safari, the program for which includes the stop in a Bedouin camp. In moderate weather, you’ll be able to watch falconry and camel races.

Children will have fun at Palm island, Doha Zoo and the Aladdin’s Kingdom.

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