The richest company in the world

The success of the enterprise in the market determines its price. Moreover, if the profit of one man can hide (for example, putting them on the nominees), the income of the organization is always clear and depend on the value of the shares, valued at the stock exchange.



The richest company in the world in 2015 continues to be the American Corporation Apple, which tops this field for several years. The maximum record of its market value was 705 billion at end-2014 — 663,5 billion. The history of the world only 4 of the holding company could reach a trillion dollars.

In April of this year, Apple announced record profits for the second quarter of 2015, 58 billion dollars, which confirms its high profitability and the likelihood of further leading in the top richest companies in the world.

The concern is Apple, the manufacturer of information technology and electronics, was founded in 1976 by the legendary Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The last two weeks decided not to risk his property and sold the partners share. Wayne today can lay claim to being one of the greatest losers in history that refused to 10 parts of the company for a total of just over $ 2000 (which at the moment would bring him a profit of $ 70 billion).


Started the company, like most famous brands, from parents ‘ garage Steve jobs. Over the years, improving its products and software, Apple became a symbol of high quality and the latest developments. Today only a little child is not familiar with the logo of the company (the most valuable brand in the world) — bitten Apple, named by analogy with the words byte/bite (byte/bite).


This company produced the first mass personal computer Apple II, which became available to millions around the world. Steve jobs saw great potential in a graphical interface, controlled with the mouse on the computer, which led to massive sales and commercial success. Every year concern Apple continues to amaze the world, increasing the army of people who will give everything for the new model.

    The main products of Apple

  • Macs, the best PCs in the world
  • iPhone – the latest development in the world of mobile devices, touchscreen smartphone
  • iPod what caused the revolution in digital music
  • iTunes – the online supermarket
  • iPad tablet touch screen
  • Watch personal device on hand
  • Yabloko

    The number of Apple employees today is worldwide more than 80 thousand people, slightly more than residents of Cupertino, town in California, where the headquarters of the organization. And the number of patents – more than 5,5 thousand.

    Steve Jobs


    Shocking, penetrating and emphatically, he became that person, without which a good computer, invented by Wozniak, would have continued to gather dust in the stores of specialized equipment. With the filing of Steve jobs Apple products has become a kind of cult among consumers – remember the recent boom in connection with the release of the 6th model of the iPhone. The products under the «Apple» logo today is an integral part of the rich and business man, symbol of prosperity and success. The main idea of Apple products are special and it is the gadgets of the future, which are sold at the present time.

    However, not everything always went smoothly. In 1985 jobs due to disagreements with the leadership was forced to leave the company. Back in 1996, when there was a question on bankruptcy of the concern, jobs contributed to the production of innovative housing for the iMAC G3. A futuristic device similar to a Lollipop, immediately became fashionable, popular, has brought the company from the crisis and strengthened the position of the founder of Apple.


    As hard Steve jobs, the group known for its aggressive marketing when, for example, on iPone load all new applications and the user has to remove unnecessary previously acquainted with them. A former CEO of Pepsi, Steve jobs lured to his textbook with the words: «You’re all my life to sell soda or we will change the world together?»

    Interestingly, the company finds ideas in all sorts of ways. In 1988 students of the University of Illinois was invited to work on the theme «Computer 2000». The result was the idea of the tablet, successfully implemented in over 30 years.


    In addition to conventional retail, Apple successfully sells its products through online shops, taking in this segment is consistently second in the world (after the Amazon).

    Apple is known for its developments that reduced harm products to the environment. Constantly being improved and phased out the details that have a negative impact on the environment.


    If your dream is to make his firm the richest company in the world, remember – in the top of the best continue to be resource and technological concerns. After all, it is what drives our planet forward, and therefore, the products will be in demand always.

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