The richest cities of Russia

The welfare and development of a Russian city allow you to judge the various indicators. So, in 35 cities of our country, the population of which exceeds half a million people, experts have conducted special studies, which calculated the index of poverty and identified the poorest and richest cities in Russia. In the end, the cities with the highest level of well-being was Vladivostok, Moscow and Yekaterinburg, which have occupied the three leading positions, respectively. Another study, in which were analyzed the statistical data of a larger number of Russian cities, helped to identify the richest cities of Russia according to the ratio given wages (the ratio of average earnings of urban residents to the average subsistence level in the region). Note that this figure is the average in our country is equal to 3.9. So what of the city entered the list of most wealthy?

1 of Primorsk (Leningrad oblast)

Primorsk (Leningrad oblast)

The richest city of Russia was recognized as the small town of Primorsk of the Leningrad region, which acts as a leaf node in the Baltic pipeline system (North-Western region of our country is the largest port of transshipment of oil products and oil). The number of inhabitants here is 5782. A leader in well-being it was due to the fact that the coefficient of wages is given here of 8.86 (meaning that the average income of residents is sufficient to cover the subsistence level of 8.86). Make sure that this figure is high, comparing it with that in the capital of our country – here it is 4,57.

2 Lobnya (Moscow oblast)

Lobnya (Moscow oblast)

Second place went to the city Lobnya, which is located fifteen kilometers from Moscow. The population of Lobnya is equal to just over 84000 people. Here are 60 companies in various industries. Average earnings of residents enough to cover the 7.2 living wage.

3 Nadym (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug)

Nadym (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug)

Next in the ranking of the richest cities of Russia is third in population city in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district. The number of inhabitants of the city is 45792. It is in the Nadym produces roughly 11 percent of all Russian gas (doing this local company «Gazprom dobycha Nadym»). The coefficient of adjusted earnings is equal to 6.73. And since clearly that in the Nadym increased birth rate, this fact only confirms the high level of life in the city.

4 Polyarnye Zori (Murmansk oblast)

Polyarnye Zori (Murmansk oblast)

Fourth place among the richest Russian cities is the city of Polyarnye Zori, is 224 km from Murmansk. The number of people living here is 14936. Located near the town of Kola nuclear power plant is the main enterprise, which employs about 2,000 people. In polyarnyye Zori average earnings of 6.72 it is possible to cover the subsistence minimum.

5 Sosnovy Bor (Leningrad oblast)

Sosnovy Bor (Leningrad oblast)

The middle of the richest cities of our country takes over the city from Leningrad region – the Pine forest. It is included in the list of 33 Russian cities, which are prohibited for visits by foreign citizens (this requires a special pass). All this is due to the location in the city THREAD them..P.Alexandrov, military units and border zone. A number of the cash population equal 67079 people. Coefficient given wages here was 6.5.

6 Mirny (Yakutia)

Mirny (Yakutia)

In sixth place – the Yakut city Mirny is located in the Western part of Yakutia and is considered the diamond capital» of Russia. The number of population living here is 34354. The values of the coefficient given wages equal of 6.42.

7 Yubileyny (Moscow oblast)

Yubileyny (Moscow oblast)

Former to 2014 separate town in the Moscow region and is now included in the city’s Queen’s Jubilee is the seventh the richest cities of Russia. It is home to 32737. Jubilee is located ten kilometers from MKAD. The coefficient of adjusted earnings here made up 6.39.

8 Novyy Urengoy (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug)

Novyy Urengoy (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug)

Eighth place is New Urengoy, which is the first in the County on the number of living population, which is 115753. The city is considered a «gas-producing capital of our country. Of the total amount of gas produced in Russia, the share of local gas producing companies accounted for 74 per cent. In Novy Urengoy the ratio given wages amounted to 6.27.

9 Vysotsk (Leningrad oblast)

Vysotsk (Leningrad oblast)

And again in the rating of a city that is located in the Leningrad region, Vysotsk, is a port city. He is recognized as one of the most sparsely populated in the country – the population is 1,155 people. Here the ratio given earnings made up 6.24.

10 Lyantor (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug)

Lyantor (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug)

Completes the list of the richest settlements of the Russian city of Surgut district, KHMAO. In landore operate oil and gas producing and gas processing plants. The population of 40,000 people. In this city the average earnings of the residents of 6.21 it is possible to cover the subsistence minimum.

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