The richest athletes in the world

In sports lot of money at stake – it’s easy to understand, drawing attention at least to the fact that the hundred most highly paid athletes received in 2014 to 2.75 billion dollars. Incomes continue to grow, largely due to the fact that increased payments for broadcast television companies. It is noteworthy that among wealthy athletes absent players. So, let’s start in order – the richest athletes in the world.

Floyd Maywether


With a secured athlete, a famous boxer who does not receive income from sponsors. All the profit comes from his fights in the ring. For the year 37-year-old boxer earned $ 105 million. Before him such astronomical figures have been achieved only golfer Tiger woods. It is noteworthy that he received this money after just two fights.

Cristiano Ronaldo


The second place is the Portuguese football star, one of the best players in the world. In one year he managed to get $ 80 million.With real Madrid he signed a contract for five years. The success of Ronaldo in the financial plan can largely be explained by the fact that he cooperates with well – known sponsors- Nike and TagHeuer. He had the greatest number of fans in social networks – Ronaldo support 83 million Facebook fans and 26 million Twitter. Note – Ronaldo willingly cooperates with Russian companies, in the spring of 2014 signed a contract with the Bank «Opening».

LeBron James


This man is one of the most famous basketball. Many call him the king of the NBA. The athlete has the biggest sponsorship deals in this Association – cooperated with Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and many others. Sneakers and t-shirts of his name instantly become bestsellers. He for the year was $ 72.3 million.

Lionel Messi


This famous Argentinian footballer managed to obtain during the year 64.7 million dollars. This player has only recently lost the title of best player in the world Ronaldo. It cooperates with such famous brand as Adidas, which recently released sneakers with his signature. Not so long ago, football player once again signed a contract with Barcelona, this time until 2019.

Kobe Bryant


Another player in the top – during the year its profit amounted to 61.5 million dollars. However, he has the highest salary in the Association, and this despite the fact that in 2013-2014 he appeared on the site only a few times and broke my left knee. His shirts sold very well, and he has many major sponsors – Lenovo, Nike, etc.

Tiger Woods


The first golfer among the richest athletes in the world, the man, the legend, tiger woods not so long ago were operated on because of what he had to miss a part in a big tournament The Masters. His income fell dramatically in 2013, just after Electronic Arts discontinued its series of video games named after this player. Each project gave him about $ 800 million. But the contract was signed by Nike, which led to sales growth of products for golfers. Note that woods is the owner of the company that develops the design field for the game of Golf. For the year, woods received 62,2 million dollars.

Roger Federer


Federer – famous tennis player, the champion, the winner of 17 Grand slam tournaments. The main income comes from sponsors – each year it comes from them more than $ 40 million with a total income of 56.2 million Among its sponsors – such major companies as Nike and Rolex.

Phil Mickelson


Another golfer, but with an annual income of 53.2 million dollars. In 2010, he was found to have psoriatic arthritis, and he took advantage of it by starting to promote appropriate medication. It is worth noting that he managed to gain 42 victory in the tournaments of the Professional golfers Association.

Rafael Nadal


Spanish tennis player receives annually to 44.5 million dollars, the best player of 2013, his success on the court has brought the partnership with well-known company Nike. During the year from June 2013 to June 2014 he was in position of number one tennis player in the world.

Matt Ryan


This American football player his skill brings 43.8 million dollars a year. Now he is the NFL player with the highest salary, while his annual income is constantly increasing. In addition, it is engaged in production of various Souvenirs from big-name sponsors.

Manny Pacquiao

Pak Yao

Manny’s income for the year was 41.8 million dollars, almost all of this amount is his salary. Earlier, the sponsors loved him, but after a recent knockout their interest markedly podugas, so now in the sport he has to earn money with his fists.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


The Swedish player who has 40.4 million. Ibrahimovic stands for French club «Paris Saint-Germain» and brings him great success. While shooting a commercial recently lit up in the video of the Volvo. The video received 4.7 million hits.

Derrick Rose


In the last three seasons, rose has not taken due to injuries, but he’s in a whisker does not blow – he signed a contract for five years with the Chicago Bulls, so that the player continues to 36.6 million dollars profit per year. It is worth noting that in 2011, he was the most valuable player of the Association.

Garret Bale


$ 36 million a year – the income of the Welsh footballer. Interestingly, in addition to their main occupation, the athlete is going to earn a commentator, after signing a contract with channel BT Sport.

Radamel Falcao


The last person in the list of the richest athletes in the world – the Colombian footballer who gets 35.4 million dollars a year. Falcao plays for club Monaco, owned by billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, and he signed a contract with Gillette.

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