The relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law in different countries

Young girls are sometimes very hard to find a common language with the husband’s mother. That’s why many people will be interested to know about the relationship mother-in-law and sister-in-law in different countries.

1. In India the word mother-in-law is honoured and considered by law. Every girl becoming a married woman, he realizes that he has to obey the second of the mother and to fulfill all its instructions. According to Indian traditions the bride’s parents have to give dowry for his daughter the groom’s family, but today it is banned in the country. Those mother-in-law, who, because of lack of dowry be deprived of the lives of their daughters-in-law fall into a special prison. However, the girls found a way out. The response was the formation of the Union of mothers-in-law, the purpose of which is to protect their own rights.


2. In Korea interesting and unique is the tradition in which the eldest son with his family left to live in the parental home. It is not strange, but this custom now exists in many families. Most young girls don’t want to become a woman of the eldest son, because then none of what autonomy can not be considered. During the technical development and moral prosperity of many Nations, the Koreans remain true to the ancient traditions, which for centuries was passed down from parents to children. That is why every mother-in-law believes that the daughter-in-law is obliged implicitly to obey her. Against this background, there is an obvious conflict of generations, when today’s young people do not want to live by the old rules and tries to keep his honor and dignity.


3. You should know that the special relations of Mexican women. Here the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, as not strange, are true friends and support for each other. In Mexico pronounced female solidarity and respect for family connections. Mother son tries to help a young family in the event of any everyday problems. Daughter-in-law often sees the image of mother-in-law of a man who will listen and give advice.


4. Obedience is the law for all girls in Tajikistan. The childhood and youthful years of every female are among the worldview that evolved over the years. Young girls know that they must obey not only her husband but also his mother. Accordingly, the mother-in-law has every right to give directions, instructions, daughter-in-law and wait for their immediate execution. In conflict situations people almost always supports her own mother.


5. Young families of Italy the important role played by mother-in-law, because educated sons because of the great love to mother all my life listen to her. Intrusive recommendations are addressed to the daughter-in-law, even if the couple are living separately. Mother Italian husband has the right to advise how to properly maintain a home life style clothing and makeup to choose and what furniture to give preference to. Excessive maternal care makes it almost impossible to gainsay mother-in-law.


6. In families of Norway thrives neutrality between husband’s mother and his wife. Young people from an early age accustomed to independence. That is why in this country, each person solves the problem. In General it can be noted that in many Western countries the problem of relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law is a traditional subject in the work of psychologists. And if earlier the issues related to this problem, sounded directly in the office of a psychologist or psychoanalyst, today, in the event of such psychological difficulties, many people seek advice from a psychologist online. Mother-in-law with daughter-in-law are rare, because each family is considered a separate structure.


7. Long since wise people living in the Solomon Islands, not to sow discord between the female share of the labour duties. Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law clearly know their job. The result is peace and understanding.

Solomon Islands

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