The real names of your favorite Disney characters

You can sincerely rejoice in the fact that our childhood did not know of the Internet and Wikipedia. Otherwise we would have a very different look at your favorite disney series… well, we were deceived, and not a few, and the names of the characters should sound completely different. Apparently, Soviet censors tried. And well, who knows how our generation grew up with if their favorite characters wore such odd, sometimes scary names. Ready to know the truth?

Cartoon «Duck tales»


Brothers Huey, Dewey, and Louie turned out to be… attention… Huey, Dewey and l’yui! Interpreters can be understood, moreover, that these names are quite dissonant, and some Huey…

Zigzag Mac Crack, conqueror of the air spaces were Maccraken, but the name Zigzag was invented by the Soviet censorship. Original name Launchpad McQuack, if translated, our Zigzag should be the Launch pad by Micracom? And already, thank God, thank you for not translated literally!

Webbigail (not lucky with the name) immediately caused some suspicion. And for good reason, because it is not Webby, Webbigail «Webby» Vanderquack, try to read – Webbigail «Webby» Vanderquack!

Mrs. Claudio was loved by all, or rather, her name for sure! But the disney animators called her Mrs. Bentina Beakley (Mrs. Bentina bikli). Have you noticed almost all the heroes of the cartoon «speaking» names? But, for some reason, Webby for a couple with Mrs. Claudia in the original, not translated. Although, maybe it was in an unfamiliar phonetics or in isolation from the original culture.

Screw, Rasatala American peers knew as Gyro Gearloose. That’s what gave me the translator — gyro gear loose. Hmm, wow name…

Gavs brothers friends overseas kids as The Beagle Boys, apparently, with a hint of a British breed of dog.

Cartoon «Chip and Dale rescue Rangers»


Beautiful mouse in the whole universe, «at birth» was named Gadget Hackwrench, we knew it as a gadget. Trying to say it failed miserably. A translation of «gave» is an incredible name – Thing is Islamoglu. Fell in love would the Soviet boys in character with that name? It is difficult to imagine! Just imagine: «God, I love the Thing…»!

But what about rocky? He even real? And here and there, he — Monterey Jack named after the cheese, hardly known to the inhabitants of the Soviet Union. «Roquefort» we as a closer, so magical cheese boy we have nicknamed rocky.

Whack as a result, the zipper, which translates as «lightning».

Cat-not fat loss. At first it was called Fat Cat.

Cartoon «Miracles on bends»


Balu, thank God, lucky, and he retained his good name.

But Keith Carminative, in my opinion, got more euphonious name. After all, the ocean called him Kit Cloudkicker, that is, Keith Oblucheniem? Or Oblagodetel?

Trouble-maker, inventor on the verge of madness, in the English version sounds like a Wildcat, Wild cat. A bit boring, agree.

Cartoon «Black cloak»


The main character in the original sounds like Darkwing Duck. Adapted was not only the name, but the cry of the protagonist «From the screw!». In the original Black raincoat was invited to «make it dangerous» shout «let’s get dangerous!».

Goosen, sweetheart, despite the unbalance, duck, famous guys, I watched the original cartoon as Gosalyn Mallard. Well, what to say, that’s pretty close, if translated literally, would be Goose Mallard. Although the «Goosen» sounds much softer.

Antipas, which acts as the main enemy of Darkwing Duck and vicious villain, originally boasted the name of Negaduck!

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