The rating wobblers

Every fisherman knows that the most effective bait for fishing – Wobbler. Today on the market of goods for fishing are many types of lures, and even experienced fishermen sometimes very difficult to make the right choice. Your attention is invited to the rating of the lure, drawn up on the reviews of experienced fishermen.

1st place — Ima Flit 120

Ima Flit 120

The best bait for pike. It has 3 hooks, deepens by about 2 meters. Thanks to the excellent aerodynamic properties provided by the excellent range. During the flight, there is no big tumbling. Bait irreplaceable at hunting in the reed area. Except she hangs in the water column, and for the animation, use the twitching. This bait is versatile, besides it can be used by both professional fishermen and beginners in this business. Wobbler is available in different colors, each in its catchability. However, experienced anglers prefer the colors gold flash.

2nd place — Megabass Lates 120

Megabass Lates 120

Today, the lure recognized as the best shallow crankbait-minnow.

Bruskova and slightly flattened laterally body shape of the bait resembles a minnow. It has a small zaglubljaja blade and three triple hooks. The elements of the crank – jerk animation, because it is only when aggressive twiching appear.

Used for trout fishing, perch, pike, Zander and large ASP.

3 — Rapala X – 120

Megabass X – 120

The unique aerodynamics of the crank due to the thin body, which positively affects the accuracy and distance casting. This lure is suitable for hunting fish at depths to 1 meter. Due to the streamlined shape possible rhythmic twitching. Wobbler glides in water, it doesn’t matter with the longitudinal or lateral direction will attack the predator. Pike caught on this bait just fine!

4th place — Cultiva minnow Sashimi n 112 SP

To Rip-n-minnow 112 SP

Wobbler minnow class, which has a neutral buoyancy. This lure has a clearly defined long-range quality, they are provided with steel balls. It is suitable for big fishing the waters of any body of water.

Acting Wobbler in the range of 1.5-2 meters, there are several options twiching: jerk and even with stops. Due to the fact that the lure is equipped with sharp treble hooks and sharpening, and also has a holographic coating, it can be used for fishing in reservoirs with fresh water and salt water. The «live» three-dimensional eye immediately begins to attack nearby predators.

5th place — Zip Baits Orbit 110 SP

Zip baits Orbit 110 SP

This attractive lure to have a system of balancing: tungsten sinker with the magnet is moved along the rod that is within the bulk of the lure, this is due to concentration of center of gravity only in the main part. Actively pecking the nose of the lure is similar to feeding the fry. With such a system throw over large distances is more accurate. This lure can catch fish of different sizes.

So, with the top five we have already seen, but I would like to pay attention to several other less effective baits.

6 position of the lure is a Megabass Vision Oneten 110. Exclusive property of bait is a slow ascent to the surface. Coordination of the crank by two tungsten moving balls inside. To lure can as rapidly and stops. It is intended for catching of fry and giants.

Megabass Vision 110 Oneten

On the 7th position in our ranking of lures have been Lucky Craft Pointer 100 SP. This lure catching capacity is distinctive in that it is immersed to a depth of five feet. Thanks to the rapid response to jerks is maintained rhythm. This is the best kind of lure for lovers of active fishing.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100 SP

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