The rating simulators for PC

Today already two-year-old child shows interest in games. Many people conduct with them all my free time. Sometimes very hard to break away from the virtual world. This is especially true of games stimulators, which really reflect any activity. While playing, you can imagine yourself an experienced fisherman or to build a successful family. The proposed ranking of the most popular simulators for PC.

10. Hunting Unlimited

A game for those who loves animals, but want to try yourself in the role of hunter. The player will be faced with great graphics, interesting stories. You can use it to just practice shooting.

9. F1

Fans of sports games will not go past the application, which is dedicated to Formula1. You are waiting for different tracks, teams and the opportunity to feel like a participant in the competition. Speed fans will appreciate the game appreciated.

8. Russian Fishing

Of course, the game will not replace real fishing. But, you will be able to process and feel at the lake. A great option for those who love fishing, but for some reason can’t her to leave.


Another sports game that can be considered a pioneer among similar programs. Regularly there are new versions with improved graphics. As a result, the player is a real participant of the events.

6. Trainz Simulator

You always loved the sound of the wheels, then try yourself in the role of machinist. To control the train, control the work of large locomotives and to build your road, can be taking part in this game.

5. Silent Hunter

To control the submarine can be, becoming participants of this game. Interesting tasks and battle will be for the captain of the ship. Fulfilling the mission simulator, you will visit the most mysterious corners of the underwater world.

4. Police Force

What boy in the childhood did not dream to catch the most notorious criminals? With the game you can feel like a tough COP who saves the city. On your way you will come across the robbers, armed criminals. The game allows you to enjoy all the delights of police life.

3. The Sims

Create a virtual family at first glance looks ridiculous. But, this simulator has for many years considered the most popular. The game allows you to realize the hidden talents and possibilities, to try new things. Great graphics adds to her realism. And those who want to play online, you can find interesting RPG games here

2. SimCity

Build your metropolis is pretty interesting. Only you decide what buildings should be in your city. The game allows to feel the owner of a large and successful world.

1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour

The Golf simulator was first created more than 12 years ago. During this time he gained great popularity. Game that allows you to join the lovers of the aristocratic sport.

The genre of simulators the most exciting and spectacular because it has good graphics and delights with its realism. Enrich your collection with favourite games, examining our rating.

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