The rating of winter tires

Winter tires — the main component of a good bond cars on icy or snowy road. In the cold of Russia, this segment of sales is 60% (in Europe to 8%). It is therefore very important to choose from the variety of products of the best winter tyres in which you are confident. This will help you and our ranking of winter tires.

1 Continental

This is the perfect winter tire for the city. Studded model WinterViking 1 during the test showed the fastest acceleration on the winter road. Very well they behave in the winter the pavement in the city, among the liquid slush.

The manufacturer is constantly upgrading ContiVikingContact 3, improving technology and materials. They have no spikes, but the tires are excellent brakes and behave confidently on the icy turns. Drivers report that in the snow the car goes like on rails, not reacting to the track.

But on asphalt they are not equal, especially in emergency braking. Even the increased volume cannot belittle the merit of the winner of rating of the best winter tires.

2 Nokian

Nokian WR showed the shortest stopping distance among non-studded tires on the pavement. They are designed for mild winters and the acceleration is two times more than the studded winter tires competitors. Snow-water slush with a thickness up to 4 cm indicators of aquaplaning was just amazing.

Studded tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSi 4 and managed to reach a maximum speed when driving on icy road with winding turns. It is a good choice for those who spends all winter on snowy and icy roads.

On groomed snow track zpracovanim Nokian Hakkapeliitta 4 was above and beyond thanks to the studs of square shape. On the turn there is an easy tendency to drift, which, however, facilitates the entry into the turn.

3 Dunlop

Good and durable tyre suitable for city and highway. Winter Maxx SJ8 is a broad rubber, behaves on the road very confidently. Handling and braking are balanced, the machine is very easy to manage.

Erased the tire slowly, even at -25 without losing its qualities. Ice Touch quiet enough for studded tires, but they have a short braking distance. To manage them easily.

The only thing on the ice and the ice turns at sharp maneuvers the car blows even at low speed. But slush is removed for special slats.

4 Pirelli

Only recently has a worthy competitor Scandinavians with great performance on the ice. Studded Winter Carving suitable for snowy country roads and city. The tires never lose their grip properties, but in the snow occasionally appear a protracted slide.

The tyre very well resist aquaplaning allowing you to clearly carry out the maneuver if necessary.

The Pirelli tyres are quite loud.

5 Goodyear

On the asphalt reveal all the best qualities of this American brand. Ultra Grip 500 one of the shortest braking paths on a slippery road is 37.5 m (for comparison, in a conventional tire 140 meters). However, they still are the quietest studded tires. But on the ice elastomer behaves worse — fueling on the turns, you can lose traction.

Snow Goodyear also behave unstable, easily breaks into a skid, and immediately restoring the grip.

6 Michelin

Mark always takes the leading position, trailing the competitors. In the Michelin stable good performance: the average noise level, good handling and excellent in handling response. Studded Ivalo demonstrate excellent grip of the road, and other winter figures in their height. But at extreme speeds, everything changes for the worse.

Model X-Ice with innovative rubber compound that becomes softer when meeting with the roughness, increasing grip. But these tires the driver still have to get used to.

7 Hankook

Korean tyres are noticeably lagging behind the European leaders. W404 tires on the ice, shows good coupling properties, which have little effect on the handling car — the driver is difficult to guess which the first axis will begin to slide. Snow tires are also very easily start to go skid, creating unpredictable riding with a bad understeer.

IceBear W604 not suitable for ice cover, only for snow. On the ice they immediately stalled, bad brakes and can’t accelerate. The snow machine can be controlled, but if you got a big snow drift, and to deduce from it the car is simply unrealistic. And on the pavement they have long braking distances and high noise level.

8 Kumho

These Korean tires, though much cheaper than European competitors have a right to exist only on the city pavement. The tires I zen Stud KW11 non-directional tread pattern showed the stopping distance, which was around 10 meters longer than the Nokian. The poor performance of control on ice a little better on the asphalt road and slush.

9 Bridgestone

In selling, you can often find model Blizzak WS-50, the novelty of this decade with patch sipes that improve traction. But the tires long braking distance (compared to competitors) and a sharp slide on the ice road. On the pavement indicators are improving — very quiet tires and brakes on wet pavement well. But when other sharp maneuvers the car slip much and is not clear reactions.

10 Toyo

In Japan, the spikes on the tyres is forbidden, therefore, all studded model «mildly» flawed. They are not recommended for inexperienced drivers on a country road, as they are easily broken in a slide and have poor coupling performance.

Machine disgusting helm on Packed snow, but on wet city pavement it rides much better. While in the Observe G1S is a very good stopping distance on the asphalt.

All studded Toyo models constantly require flanking rudder.

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