The rating of travel agencies

To compose the rating of travel agencies, it is necessary to consider a number of criteria that affect the reliability and position in the market of tourist services. Why is it done? In order that the travelers were highly protected from various troubles, including the bankruptcy of some companies. So, let’s start.

Coral Travel

Coral Travel

The company operates more than twenty years and is representative of the largest, spread around the world, the structure of OTI Holding. Coral Travel offers to its clients a great vacation in almost thirty countries around the world. On arrival you will check into the best hotels in the famous resorts. Moreover, the company is not standing still and is constantly expanding the front of its activities. Tourism organization will help to organize individual travel and group tours.

This company is rightly considered a reliable and high quality. Taking on more responsibility, employees travel regularly improved. This helps them to use the latest technologies, continuous quality control. In total the company employs about five thousand people.



For more than 40 years the company operates in the field of tourism. During this time, the sphere of influence spread to 180 countries, only in Europe there are more than three thousand travel agencies. Employees in the company more than 50 thousand people.

This will help you to relax in comfort. Are you looking for romance of the Mediterranean, Austria classic or exotic of Thailand is waiting for you at the TUI. Significant experience in the field of tourist travel allows you to work only with trusted airlines. And developments in popular areas will allow you each time to re-open, seemed to have plagued places.



An international company founded at the end of the last century, and organizes tours for the residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union, Russia and Eastern Europe. The most popular destinations is not a problem for this nominee of the rating agencies of Russia.

On arrival you will find highly qualified staff, which worked for a long time for confirmation of hotel rooms responsible service of booking transfers and excursions– operations Department, that you always feel as comfortable as possible – the staff of the guest relation Department. Teamwork allows the Agency to make the stay of tourists high-quality and comfortable.

TEZ TOUR is not in vain got this reputation: on the domestic tourism market is one of the most high-tech companies. The whole process is automated. Contacting the company, you will be protected against loss of information – and this means that thousands of tourists will receive a quality service.

PEGAS Touristik

Pegas Touristik

The rating agencies would be incomplete if we did not remember this company. This is one of the leaders in today’s travel market. Starting its countdown in the last century, PEGAS Touristik has grown into a modern travel company that offers a wide range of services.

To book a tour, book tickets at any time of day, seven days a week. More than 250 Russian cities are representative of this tour operator. PEGAS Touristik offers both individual and corporate tours. The possibility of sports and VIP-tours.



For the Mediterranean countries, South-East Asia and America, you can take a trip with this company. This tour operator has 19 years and is ready to offer direct flights from more than twenty Russian cities. Among the most popular suggestions – a beach holiday, combined tours, excursions, shop tours, ski vacation.

NTK Intourist

NTK Intourist

Open joint-stock company «foreign economic joint stock company on tourism and investment «Intourist» was established in the late twentieth decade of the last century. In a few years, the company does not have its own material base, has at its disposal several hotels, restaurants and fleet of vehicles. Several decades have passed and now the share of tour operator accounts for 10% of the market of inbound tourism. In the year the company serves more than four hundred thousand tourists. Nowadays, the company owns several subsidiaries located in the United States, Poland, the UK, Canada and Sweden.

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