The rating of traumatic pistols

Each of us has the right to life, so now the question «to Wear or not a gun?» is not even discussed. Travmatika (with rubber bullets or gas) refers to the so-called «non-lethal» weapon and is the best in the current laws that can be used for self-defense. Offer to meet with the rating of traumatic pistols for self-defense.

1 Pistol «Grand Power T12»

Large Capacity

Powerful ten double row the Slovak analogue combat «K100». It can be considered the winner of the rating of traumatic pistols. He has a removable front sight, and extra options — light, unit guidance and laser target designator.

Disadvantages — not for concealed carry, and periodically there are distortions of the cartridge.

2 Pistol «The Storm»

The storm

Analogue combat pistol «Fort». The range of the weapon consists of four models, and the last two (04 and 05) are of interest as a weapon for sport shooting because of the elongated barrel. And the models 02 and 03 is made entirely of metal, which gives the opportunity to use them at impact.

Steel 15-round pistol can shoot 9mm rubber bullets, and cartridges with irritating gas. He adjustable scope and high reliability.

Requires a holster.

3 the Gun «Fort-12rm»


Russia produces a large range of modifications of the Czech guns. There is even a lightweight female version (Fort 10P), in pink color. This gun can fire both independently and with preliminary raising. But the distance at which it acts, not more than 5 meters, depending on the time of year.

«Fort» all steel except for the handle (it is rubber).

4 a Pistol of IZH-79-9T


«Makarych», the prototype of the famous standard-issue police Makarova, kept many useful qualities. This calibre 9 mm bullets, and the illusion shot from a real combat pistol with pain impact, bleeding and penetrating injury. Besides, had store in seconds ready to fight, for rapid-fire shooting. A gun made entirely of metal, so the lack of patrons it is easy to use as hitting, crushing.

And disadvantages include enough dimensions that bothers to carry it concealed. Being steel, the barrel requires constant care, as the bullet can get stuck in the barrel through microscopic residues of rubber.

5 Tubeless pistol «OCA» PB-4-1 (2)ML


On the market of civilian weapons for a long time already (since 1999), so managed to gain popularity among the population. The lack of barrel provides compactness and obscurity (even in summer clothes). But such a small gun is not very convenient for large male hands.

Only four charges, but the balls are fairly large caliber and weight (11, 6 C and below) even without the penetrating effect of creating a powerful impetus and heavy bleeding.

Modifications of the «Wasp» a lot — there is a variant with a built-in laser sight (which does not work in bright sunlight). But the reload (like the shotgun, with refraction) in critical situations is simply unreal, which greatly reduces its effectiveness.

6 Tubeless gun Strazhnik MP-461


Modernized «OSA», with the ability to quickly reload when the cartridge is easy to remove. The gun is lightweight, since made of plastic, but of good quality. In addition to rubber, you can use noise, lighting and signal cartridges. And ignited charge from a standard battery, transmit an electrical impulse.

His cartridge magazine only two charges.

7 Tubeless gun «Terminator»


This traumatic weapons with high efficiency. 4 charging the gun is made on the basis of the Italian shotgun that can fire gas cartridges, rubber bullets.

Cropped sleeve 12 gauge greatly increases the trauma, and with it you can protect yourself completely. But «Terminator» is not for wearing, but rather to protect the house or car.

Requires manual reloading after each shot.

8 Gun Walther P-22T


The second name «Escort». The gun is beautiful and comfortable, in addition to it you can buy a laser pointer, so such weapons are more expensive «Makaritch». Samozaryadnyj store works only with rubber bullets, but when combat strikes, it will simply collapse.

Short barrel is useful only at close contact. The weapon is not metal, but made of a special alloy so it can be found unflattering reviews as not very reliable.

9 The Revolver «Viking»


Its main advantage in comparison with the gun — the ability to do almost immediately a second shot at a possible bug.

Weapons made of a special alloy that prevents firing live ammunition. Therefore, it is guaranteed that only a certain number of shots does not give a full training to learn to shoot. As with any fall of a revolver is easy to damage, and extraction of the cartridges difficult.

10 Revolver «Safegom»


French weapons manufacturer with silumin housing (the main drawback of this gun), a steel mechanism and comfortable rubber grip. Drum with 6 stacks changes the following bullet for a few seconds. But the next batch of cartridges you can replace only the replacement of the entire drum (although pretty cheap).

Traumatic pistol, skilled in hand — quite a formidable weapon, but always remember the Golden rule — the better the conflict, which was extinguished before the fire.

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