The rating of tour operators

Who among us does not dream about the rest? Even if you do not get to go on vacation in the summer season, do not worry in advance, because today there are many more interesting suggestions that tour operators advertise daily. Many have, unfortunately, faced with not honest companies, that is why it is so important to know the most reliable of them. For reliable company reputation is very important, so they have to go all out, if only the customers are satisfied. All of these companies are included in the rating of tour operators, which was compiled on the basis of feedback about the quality of services provided, and, of course, their reliability.

10. Natalie tours

Natalie tours

«Natalie tours» — a diversified tour operator. Despite the fact that the main specialization of the company is a massive vacation, they don’t forget to take into account the individual needs of tourists. Tour operator – repeated the leader in sending Russian tourists to Europe.



In 2013 the company won the prestigious international prize in the nomination «Best tour operator». Profit travel company is the biggest in the world. In 2013 its turnover amounted to 15 billion pounds, and profit from operations held – 589 million.

8. Maze


Is a diversified Russian tour operator, which organises leisure travelers to Europe, Asia and even Africa. Founding of the company happened in 1995, she organized the first tourist vacation in neighboring countries. Today you can offer a trip to Zanzibar, Finland, India, Spain, Sri Lanka, France or Mauritius.

7. NTK Intourist

NTK Intourist

The tour operator large network of holiday destinations ranging from Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, and ending with Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Italy and the Czech Republic, France, Austria and other countries. Tourist company «Intourist» carries out its activities not only in Russia but also abroad. Offices were opened in Turkey and Egypt, and it once again proves the serious intentions in the tourism business.

6. Anex Tour

Anex Tour

This brand has more than 50 tourist companies in the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Kazakhstan and Thailand and the UAE, Austria and Egypt.



The first tourist company in Russia that has chosen a major economical activities and burning stages. It is part of the large international structure OTI HOLDING.

4. Tez tour

Tez tour

This is one of the leading companies of Russia, the leader in organising tours to the countries of Eastern Europe and the defunct USSR. The establishment of the holding began in 1994, at present, it consists of dozens of international companies.

3.Biblio Globus

Biblio Globus

A leading tour operator in the following areas: the Mediterranean (Cyprus, Tunisia, Greece), America (Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic, Cuba) and Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia). The company offers tours in addition to beach vacations and even sightseeing tours, exotic tours (in the Maldives), health tours (Israel) and even shopping (UAE).



The company took second place in the rating of tour operators. All this thanks to 20 years of experience in tourism and more than 35 offices not only in CIS, but also abroad.



The leader of our rating recognized leading Russian tour operator, a major international travel company. The company can offer travel services for all categories of customers.

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